The Adventure Club

The Bible based Flexible, and Fun Club Program for Kids

Kids today grow up faster than they used to.  They're also busier.  Still, you want them to enjoy church and learn about Jesus.  That's why we're so excited about Adventure Club ! It's a unique blend of fun and Bible discovery designed to hold kid's attention, help them develope relationships with caring adults, learn from God's Word, and come to know Jesus in a personal way.

Adventure Club is a program consisting of songfests, Bible discoveries, small groups, games, crafts, and special events.  It's the program where the fun and learning never stop!

What makes Adventure Club different from other kid's club programs? take a look!

1) Non-competitive.  The focus is on cooperation, not one-on-one competition!

2) Affordable.  You won't have to purchase uniforms or awards.

3) Flexible.  Adventure Club is in more than a thousand churces - both large and small!  And no matter how your kids learn best, they'll findlearning through Adventure Club to be recreational, playful, and effective!

4) Fun.  This program is highly imaginative!  Your kids will find lots of humor and lots of creative and active ideas in Adventure Club!

5)  Great for making and developing friendships with other kids!

6) Designed to foster strong and wholesome relationships between adults and kids!

7) Well-organized and balanced.  Its structure is enjoyable for both kids and leaders alike - providing a good mix of large-group and small-group activities!

So make a way to get your kids involved in Adventure Club! They'll have an adventure a week!

All children from 4 years old through and including those in 6th grade are welcome!

Parents!  Bring your children with you for Praise & Worship Wednesday nights at 7:15pm in the Chapel. The children will leave together with their teachers for Adventure Club in the Parish hall after we worship together as a family.

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