Hi, I'm Brenda. I live in Ontario with my two boys Alex, 16 and Adam 7. I caught the quilting bug about 8 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. I hope you will enjoy browsing my pages to see some of the quilts I have done since I started. I hope you will come back and visit me again soon.

I have to give special thanks to my two wonderful internet friends Alice/QUILTBUG2 and Vicki/Aljobritt. They wanted me to have my own page so much that they got it all started for me and then helped me with everything else once I took over. I could never have done this without all their help and time they have spent building my page.

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Here are Quiltbug2's Quilting page and Aljobritt's Quilt Page . Please take a moment to see all the great quilts they have. This page would not exist without them.

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