William Blake Hinson
September 29, 1972 - August 9, 1996
Our son and brother William Blake Hinson was taken from us at the young age of 23 in an automobile accident while on his way to see his x-roommate graduate from basic training in the Marines. Blake, a Brookwood High School graduate, was a senior at Clemson University lacking only 18 credits to graduate. Clemson did award his degree posthumously. While at Brookwook he was in the band for four years, and was president of the band his senior year. Blake, also was an Eagle Scout of which we were very proud.   Blake loved water skiing, the outdoors, Labrador retrievers, hunting and shooting (mostly sporting clays). He was on the Clemson Water Ski Team. Not only did he love to compete in the tournaments, he was working to be a judge and he loved working with and teaching the young skiers. His favorite way to spend a day was in the boat on the lake with his friends and his black lab Storm. Also, Blake enjoyed working with young people. He was a counselor with the YMCA for two summers.   While talking to a fellow band member we asked her who Blake hung out with in the band. Her reply "Blake hung out with everyone. He was a friend to us all." In all the letter we received from his friends, two things stood out constantly. One was his incredible smile. The other was what a good friend he was. He was always willing to lend a helping hand, always willing to listen, and always someone you could count on.   Blake was not only our son and brother, but he was our best friend. We love and miss him so very much. There is a great void in our lives and we hope that he has found a place in heaven where he can do the things he so enjoyed here in his short life and that he was so good at.     Blake, we miss and love you!!! Love, Mom, Dad, and Lyn  

ACHIEVEMENTS He received Eagle Scout at age 15. Above is a copy of his Diploma from Clemson University. Although this is something he had wanted since childhood he never got to have the satisfaction that he received it. At left is a badge he brought back from Philmont Scout Ranch. This was a great experience for him and his fellow scouts.



Blake relaxing with his Lab Storm

Blake turning the 6 ball

Blake and Storm 2 weeks before accident 

Dad, Cousin Robert, Uncle Tim, Blake  

Blake rounding the one ball

Blake, Family, and Friends tail gating Clemson Style


Muriel at Clemson Y-Beach painted by Clemson YMCA lifeguards honoring memory of Blake 



Blake and the Clemson Water Ski Team Hamming it up at tournament


Blake and Jennifer taking a break on Lake Hartwell

Blake and Jennifer at a friends Wedding



Blake and Heather after Peachtree Road Race


Blake and some of his buddies

Blake and Angie on a family Camping Trip


Blake and Keri

Blake & Kelli

Blake and Beth

Blake and Shannon




Our Family at Lyn's Wedding

BLAKE, my 

Beloved brother who 
Loved the lake, how I 
Ache and always 
Keep you in my thoughts 
Eventually we will be together again.  My sweet, sweet BLAKE!



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