In Loving Memory

Darien Brown

July 29, 1993 - April 14, 1997

September 96 came and with it came what would become months of heartache, pain and eventually grief. Darien Brown was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three and it was with that announcement that our world fell apart.

My son meant and still means the world to us and I love him just as much today as if he was here. Darien was a very sweet child and he was very unusual in a very mature way. I think back about his personality and wonder perhaps that is why he was so unusual because of the task he would face. He took the difficult task of dealing with cancer in great strides and never gave up on life. Darien now lives in a place where he shall never be sick again and never have to live in fear of coming out of remission.

I know that one day, I shall see my child again. I receive this promise as a ransom paid for me through the blood of Jesus Christ. Because He lives, I can go on and I can face each day. My world was made brighter because of my son and I really understood life because of what my son represented. He was my pride, joy and happiness. Even today, he still means everything to are loved.

In memory of Darien, who left a legacy of love and joy to all who knew and cherished him, there is a fund for the children at UNC Chapel Hill who are going through life threatening illnesses.

Darien, yes it is true, I was blessed because I was loved by you. I love you sweetheart....have fun in Heaven with the other little angels until we meet you over there...far beyond the skies.


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