In Loving Memory

Heidi Lee-Ann Cox

February 5, 1980 - March 14, 1998

Missing You

Though I'm missing you 
I'll find a way to get through
Living without you 
'Cause you were my sister, my strength, and my pride
Only God may know why Still I will get by

No one could know
Why you had to go 
So suddenly, So fast. How could it be
That the sweet memories
Would be all that we'd have left.
Now that you're gone
Everyday I go on 
But life's just not the same. 
I'm so empty inside 
And my tears I can't hide, 
But I'll try to face the pain.


There were so many things
That we could have shared 
If time were on our side. 
But now that you're gone
I can still feel you near,
So I'll smile with every tear I cry.


How sweet were the forces of friends 
But I'll wait for the day , When I see you again.


Dedicated to our beautiful sister with all our love!
From Nicholle and Ricky

Heidi you are the bravest and most righteous person I know. You made sure that no one else went with you in the accident and it very well could have taken your brother and your friends. I wish so badly I had known you were still in the car. But Angie lied and said there were only 4 in the car when she knew all along you were still there and gone. I wanted to be with you so I left to go to the hospital. But when you didn't get there I went to another hospital looking for you. Then when I over heard a cop telling others you did not make it, I about died myself. But I am so very thankfull for all our time we spent together when you were singing and racing your BMX bike all over the USA. Hey girl #1 National Riders do go places as you have been all over and now in heaven. I also want to thank you for keeping me in touch with you through all the different ways we have still been able to share things. How is Andrew (our dog we had since you were born). I have written you a few poems but I want to put in here the one everyone loves the most. 


When you began BMX racing, 
The boys were the ones you were facing,
You knew you would lose,
But we let you choose, 
The decision was yours for the making,
To race or not?
You couldn't just watch, 
Then the tears were the next thing to tumble.
You raced anyhow and found out the WOW! 
Enough is enough and you did it! 
You beat them at last!
"That girl is so fast" 
Was what the boys were all saying.
Finally at last you made it past 
The fears that had brought the tears rolling.
As your parents we knew you could do it
And you are the one who has proved it. 
From State to State and gate to gate
You kept giving your all right on through it.
All the falls you went through
Brought more tears than you knew.
But we felt all along you would do it! 
This is for you! 
The one who Boo-Hooed now the tears are falling as you had.
These tears are of pride as fast as you ride
(She was accually proud of this poem herself)
Love MOM 11-29-92

The trophy's are 6 ft tall and we have many also smaller ones as well. Our walls are full of plaques she recieved for her many years of racing her bike. She was also California State Champ for 3 years and western Gold Cup #1 along with National #7 girl for 2 years overall in the Nation. And she did this for her dad. She knew she would get his undivided attention with her brother and thats what she wanted. She got alot of peoples undvided attention through this. She truely was a amazing child and continues to be in HEAVEN.


Your life was suddenly taken after 18 short years,
Graduation is nearing and you wont be here,
My wedding dress you'll never wear,
No husband to show you that he cares, 
Without a man to love you so much, 
Without a baby for you to touch,
I know this pain won't go away,
It hurts me so badly everyday, 
Empty inside like a piece of me is gone,
Nothing to replace it MAYBE A SONG!, 
A song of you singing as sweet as you do,
Oh how I love just to hear you,
And show others too!,
So proud you had made me, 
So proud you were you!

by Donna Cox (mom) 5-98

Remember singing Me and Little Andy? I still listen to you sing it, you were only 6 at the time but it was oh so touching. We love you with all our hearts and soul but this you have always known. We miss you so much and please your contact with me has been the only thing keeping me together and you left to me your bravery. Thank you so much. 

Love always and a day 


I miss you so much 
I cry everyday 
I dream of your touch
After each night I pray

Our time was so short 
And we shared all we could 
We were there with support
As we said that we would

So young and so free
So beautiful with class 
and careless you see 
will shatter the glass

Not one more chance
To change whats been done
That was the last dance I
will cherrish that SONG!

by mom 9-26-98


Tell  my friends I loved them all
Even those  who made me fall!.
You ask why I am not mad
Because I know they are also sad!
I wish so much that I were still there
I didn't believe at first I was here.
I want so bad to dance again
And race my bike to another win.
I wish I was there to get my diploma
I wish I could smell a roses arrouma.
I miss the gossip you all always told
I miss being able to act so bold!
I tried to fight this with all I had
To get back to you so you weren't sad
Then God told me that couldn't be
Then he showed me another way to see
And even be a part of your everyday lives
Even thou you can't see me with your eye's.
I try everyday to reach you all
If you listen real deep you will hear my call!
And there have been times you knew it was me
Because of the things you have gotten to see!
I am not mad at those certain friends 
Who brought my life to this tragic end.
I wish those friends would just come clean
My mom had told me friends could be mean.
I wished I had listened to what she had said,
Maybe right now I wouldn't be dead!
It would help alot if they would stop lying
Maybe my mom could then stop crying!
Drinking and driving was a big mistake
I never thought my life it would take 
But I would have passed them up you see
If there car had not have ran into me!
I do admit I want to be there
I always said that things were not fair!
Now there is nothing I can do
But to tell you all how much I love you!
I miss you all so much everyday
There are so many things we didn't say.
I loved my life and all my friends
I wish my life didn't have to end!
By Donna And Heidi on 4-11-2002

My Plan For The Next Five Years Of My Life

     Everyone has their own goals in life and maybe some people have the same goals, but for me I’ll say to have a steady job so I can get the things that I want, give my parents the things they want, and to take my friends out on me.
     Everyone has to have a steady job that they like so they can get the things they want like save up money to buy a car you like or the clothes you like and the places you want like to go and have some fun.
     I’m sure that most kids want to give their parents something in return for giving us what we’ve gotten all our lives from them. So maybe if I ever get a large amount of monry I could buy them a house or a car or even refurnish their home so they would know that I thank them for putting up with me


I know you think I am no longer here,
I know my face you can not see
I know my voice you can not here
I want you to know, I will never leave

I'm like the wind when it blows on your face
Thou you don't see it coming through human eyes
At times you can see how it blows in such haste
As it sometimes blows houses into the sky!.

You may not humanly see me anymore
But I am there just like the wind
As it blows up sand from the seashore
And drops it back down again.

God did not come and take me away
I have never left you for even a minute.
For time is not counted in the same way
The air that you breath, We are all in it!

With this change of my being
You think that I'm gone,
You may be surprised at things you'll be seeing,
Trust in God as you have faith in the dawn,
                         Eternal life  As  God has promised
By:Donna Cox1-2002


There is a place in your mind
Where you can alway’s find
Me waiting to visit with you,
I will alway’s be there too!.

It may be a dream, a vision or a thought,
You might be asleep, Or you may not!.
Either way it’s a visit together
Something GOD lets us share forever.

In this special place you see,
  No one can disturb you and me.
This place in your mind
Is easy to find.

Close your eye’s and then you’ll see
Any memories of you and me.
The time will come when your body is freed.
Then you will be here just like me!

When that time comes and your like me,

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