In Loving Memory

Jason Lee Burney

May 29,1979 - March 20,1980

Our son Jason was such a wonderful joy in our lives. The day Jason got sick he was air lifted to the largest hospital that was two hours away. That day I learned that Jason had Reye Syndrome. He had only had the flu. The doctors told us about this Reye Syndrome and said they did not know much about how to treat him because it was so new that there had not been enough research about it. So that day I watched our son go from such a happy little boy to a baby without a life.

Jason has three sisters and only one he ever knew, but the other two sisters have always known Jason through the pictures we have on the wall. Jason has always been part of our life. Even though he is in heaven his memories live on in us. Jason was a special blessing for a short time and loved very much by us all. He has taught us all that life is short so live your life to the fullest and always be there for others who need you.

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