In Loving Memory of

Scott Douglas Wooley

Born 11/03/ heaven 06/15/97


Never more to see a sunrise, never more to see it set.
Never again to hold a memory,or a memory to forget.
Never again to cherish family, never a chance to say good-bye.
Never again to hear, I LOVE YOU, didn't know we had to die.

Five young men, rode in the vehicle, laughing, joking, so carefree,
Thinking thoughts about tomorrow, headed back to family.
Driving back to Fort McMurray, from a night of having fun.
Death, driving in a pick up truck, took all four except Geoff Dunne.

Chris Diachinsky, Stephen Ellis, Scott Wooley and Mike Flynn
As two vehicles came together, with a grinding roaring din.
Four young lives were taken from us, in the early morning light,
And Geoff Dunne, broken, bleeding, his survival was a fight.

Rumors say the other driver, had drifted off to sleep.
Some say she had been drinking, which caused the mangled heap.
Only time will tell the story, because the driver did survive.
The Trial will tell to you and I, why these boys are not alive.

Flowers and a single cross,.stand out, as you drive by
Beside a curve, on 881, it is sure to catch your eye.
It was placed there as a reminder, for people who drive past,
That death is so impartial, most times brutal in its task.

What do you say to a family, at a tragic time like this?
Do you say to Mrs.Diachinsky, it was God that wanted Chris?
Or would you say, Mrs.Ellis, Mrs.Wooley, Mrs.Flynn,
It was destiny that took your boys, my such a terrible sin.

Whatever reason, I don't know, it's hard to understand.
Boys so young, just snatched away, we couldn't raise a hand.
Maybe, on our final journey, and our eyes see only death,
Maybe then, we'll understand it, as we take our final breath.

Never again, to have a birthday, never more to see a cake.
Never will, get old as thirty, just nineteen for Heaven's sake.
Never more to have a future, never again to dream or sigh.
Didn't think that this would happen, didn't really want to die.

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