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We are two cute kids who live in Western Australia. Brittany goes to school and Nicola is starting pre-primary this year. Our mummy and daddy (Rod & Joy) think we are just gorgeous, and they love us both very much.

 Brittany is the dark haired one, very outgoing and confident.

Nicola is the blonde, a bit more reserved.




We have two Maine Coon cats - Anna-Belle, who has just turned one. She is a blue, cream and white and Black Prinz or Kodii as we call him. He is solid black. Kodii is nearly one. He is a little live wire who loves the water. If you want more information about Maine Coons please email us at wildthingz@onaustralia.com.au OR majesticoon@BigPond.com.au. We also have a tortoise shell cat called Scruffie, she lives outside, because she doesn't like the other cats or people very much.



Nicola and Scruffie sharing a moment after a hard time bouncing on the trampoline.





Our mummy and daddy have been married for eight years, but they have been together for much longer than that.

Our daddy is a rev head who enjoys all sorts of car racing, computers and loud music ( he doesn't care much about the song, just as long as it's LOUD). He is also a volunteer fire fighter.


 Our mummy enjoys our cats, reading and she loves listening to Queen !


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Brittany and Nicola


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