The Baer Family Of Somerset County, PA

The Ludwig Bar Family Genealogy

Ludwig Bar was born circa 1745 in Lebanon, Lancaster County, PA. Ludwig was the grandson of Heinrichli Bar, a native of Zurich, Switzerland (according to Janet Evans Best - "Bar Families of Ottenbach, Switzerland"). It is not known who Ludwig's father was but his name may have been Peter or Daniel . Ludwig moved to Brothersvalley Township, Somerset County sometime before 1790. He is listed on the 1790 census for Brothersvalley Township. Ludwig married twice and fathered 19 children. His first wife was Anna Maria Boyd of Brothersvalley. His second wife was Catherine Shallus (daughter of Sebastian Shallus and Maria Christina Graff).

(1) Jochim Bar (b. circa 1558 Ottenbach, Switzerland) and Justina Shock
(2) Hans Aldrich Bar (b. c. 1584) m. Barbel Wylder
(3) Ludwig Bar (b. 1802) m. Veronika Husker
(4) Heinrichli Bar (5) Peter or Daniel Bar (6) Ludwig Bar (1745 d.September 04, 1820 Pine Hill Lutheran Church, Brothersvalley) m. (1) Anna Maria Boyd and (2) Catherine Shallus. (7) John L. Baer ( b. November 12, 1806) m. Susan Hutzell
(8) Peter J. Baer ( b. November 13, 1830 d. 1875) m. Barbara Hostetler and had the following children:

  • Lucinda Baer m. John Burkholder
  • Susan Baer
  • William Henry Baer m. Polly Lowrey
  • Hiram Baer m. Henrietta Grine
  • Cyrus Baer m. Annie Grine
  • Elizabeth Baer
  • John A. Baer m. Margaret Ellen Ross had the following children:
    • Stella Ruth Baer m. ? Reiber
    • Homer Ross Baer m. Valeria Diehl
    • Lewis Emerson Baer m. Mabel May Kennell
    • John A. Baer Jr. m. Halley Ruth ?
  • Charles Peter Baer m. Maggie Lebeknight

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