"Beyond the Reef"


Philipp Kuntz and his wife, Eva Elisabetha Bintz, came to the United States
with their six oldest children - Henry, Alice, Carolina,
Philipp Jr. (my grandfather) , Frederick and Louis.
They left from the village of Nothweiler in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz (Palatinate), Germany.
They traveled on the ship "S.S. Westernland" from Antwerp, Belgium,
and arrived in November of 1892 in New York City.
(Passenger Manifest)

Following is brief description and history of the S.S. Westernland:

The "Westernland" of 1888 was built by Laird Bros. at Birkenhead in 1883
and was actually built in a drydock as opposed to a slipway
and was floated out on completion on 8 April 1883.

She had a straight stem, two funnels, four masts, single screw and a speed of 14 knots. She was 5,736 gross tons, length 440 ft x beam 47.2 ft and had accommodation
for 80-1st, 60-2nd, and 1,200-3rd class passengers.

She sailed under the Belgian flag on her maiden voyage from Antwerp to New York on March 11, 1883 and stayed on this service until 1901 when she was transferred to the American Line and altered to carry 170-2nd and 1,200-3rd class passengers.

She sailed on her first trip under the US flag from Liverpool to Philadelphia in May 1901.
In 1906, she resumed service for Red Star Line's Antwerp - New York service for three round trip voyages and then went back to the American Line and made her last trip for them from Liverpool - Philadelphia in September 1908. She was scrapped in 1912.

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