Barkerville Cemetery

Barkerville Cemetery

The Barkerville Cemetery is located in a historic gold rush town in the Cariboo Region of B.C. The town was formed in 1862 when gold was discovered by William "Billy" Barker on Williams Creek. Between 1862 and 1870 over 100,000 people travelled the Cariboo Waggon Road converging on the goldfields and the boomtown called Barkerville. In its heyday this was the largest city west of Chicago and north of San Francisco!

" 'One of Cariboo Cameron's men died and they hauled him up the hill side and planted him there...' - Fred Tregillus
And so this historic cemetery came into being with the burial of Peter Gibson 31 years of age on July 24th 1863.. The great and the not so great - from the gold rush era lie in this peaceful setting..
Please respect these consecrated acres with their time-honored tribures to those that forever have a place in Barkerville."

Headboard and Tombstone Inscriptions:

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*Sacred to the memory of Janet ALLEN Beloved wife of William ALLEN. Native of Fifeshire, Scotland. Who departed this life Sept 4, 1870. Aged 42.

Here lies William ALLEN. Passed on July 6, 1870. R.I.P.

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In loving memory of Dr Thomas BELL. Doctor in charge of Royal Cariboo Hospital. Born York, England on June 8, 1822. Died Barkerville B.C. on August 12, 1875

Sacred to the memory of Thomas BELLINGS. Late Surgeon R.H. Cariboo. A native of England. Died at Barkerville B.C. April 3, A.D. 1875. Aged 54 Years.

*In Memory of James BENNETT. A native of the parish of Pont i hyr Fryn, Glamorganshire, Wales, who died August 1, 1868, aged 37 [31?].

James BIBBY. Born Kingston, Ontario. Died December 13, 1922

John BIBBY. Born Kingston, Ontario. Died December 1, 1917.

*In Memory of John BILSLAND. Died Mach [sic]13, 1879. Aged 43.

*James BLAIR. At Rest. Died March 26, 1885. Aged 35.

*In Memory of Margaret Jane BLAIR. Beloved wife of John Pinkerton. died May 30, 1880, aged 21 years 7 months. Also their daughter, died April 19, 1879, aged 10 days.

Oh cruel death, thou waster severe
To snatch so suddenly away
This cherished loved-one in her prime
to mix among the mouldering clay.

To the memory of John Blythe. Native of Fifeshire, Scotland. Aged 47. Died October 28, 1877.

*In Memory of Jas. R. BOVYER. of Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island. Died 31st Janry 1870. Aged 32.

Archie Ray BOWRON. Beloved son of John and Emily Bowron. Died 30 Oct. 1889, aged 7 months. Our Darling.

*Emily BOWRON. Beloved wife of John Bowron GC. Born at Clifton, Michigan, April 25, 1850. Died at Barkerville May 29, 1895.

In Memory of James BOYCE. Died March 11, 1911. Aged 76 years.

*In memory of Chartres BREW. Born at Corsfin, County Clare, Ireland, 31 Dec, 1815. Died Richfield, 31 May 1870. Gold Commissioner and County Court Judge.
"A man imperturable in courage and temper endowed with a great and varied administrative capacity. A most ready wit a most pure integrity."

*In memory of Bill BROWN. Born near Westport, Ontario, Dec. 16, 1839. Died January 19, 1939.

In memory of H.N.BROWN. Born November 12, 1849. Died October 12, 1896. A native of Germany. R.I.P.

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*In loving memory of John A. CAMERON. Died Nov 7, 1888. Aged 68 Years. A native of Glengarry, Ontario.

*In memory of F. CASTAGNETTE, native of Rappalo, Italy. Died July 4, 1882. Aged 44. At Rest.

In memory of W.J. CRAWFORD, of Port Hope, C.W. Died July 22, 1864. Aged about 30 years.

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Sacred to the memory of Samuel DANIELS. Native of Milton Abbot, Devonshire, England. Aged 32 years, who met with his death on the 15th of June 1864 by accident while working in the Prairie Flower Ore Claim.

*Sacred to the memory of Felix DAOUST, native of [indecipherable] Quebec, Canada. Died at Barkerville 8th of August 1872. Rest in Peace.

Sacred to the memory of W.F. Davison. Native of Wales. Died at Barkerville, B.C. September 25, 1864.

*Joseph DENNY. September 5, 1891. Aged 68 years.

In loving memory of George Alfred DOW, beloved husband of Fanny Dow. Born at Walsea Island, Essex, England on May 5, 1842. Died at Barkerville, B.C. January 2 1902. Asleep in Jesus.

*Sacred to the memory of John DUNN, native of Wick, Glamorganshire, South Wales, who died at 1 o'clock a.m. Oct 6, 1863. Aged 24 years. Nghanoel ein bywyd yr ydym mewm angau.

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Sacred to the memory of Donald EASTER. Native of Vanklee -l, C.W. Died 21 Sept 1864. Aged 29 years.

*In Memory of David EDWARDS. Died April 26 1911. Aged 87 years. A native of Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales.

Stranger, respect the memory of Harry EDWARDS, Esq. Age 33. Died August 8, 1873. R.I.P.

*In memory of Rosser EDWARDS, native of Tredegar, Monmouthshire, South Wales, who died 29 Nov. 1867, aged 45 years.

In loving memory of Ener ENERSON. Died Feb. 15, 1903. Aged 38 years.

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In memory of Julius H. FRANKLYN, of the island of Jersey. Died June 13 [15?], 1870. Aged 23 years.

*Sacred to the memory of J.A. FRASER. Late of St Andrew's C.W. Died 20 May 1865. Aged 32 years. May his soul rest in peace.

In loving memory of Maria Catharina FRASER. Nee: M.C. Brown. Born November 27, 1854. Died March 12, 1904. A native of Germany.

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*Sacred to the memory of Peter GIBSON, of Vankleekhill, County of Prescott, Canada West, who died July 24, 1863. Aged 31.

*Sacred to the memory of William GILES, native of Missouri, U.S. Died May 3, 1869. Aged 36 years.

In memory of Lewis GRIFFITH.Native of Pulleg, Breconshire, South Wales, who died 12 April 1867, aged 31 years.

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*In Memory of Marie HAGEMAN. Died July 23, 1888. Aged 59. Native of Germany. Rest in Peace.

Sacred to the memory of Wesley HALL. Son of Hirm & Maria Hall. Born Churchville, Ontario, Canada, on 5 May 1840. Died at Barkerville, B.C., 23 March 1875.

*In memory of Andrew HANSON, native of Sweden. Born in the year of our Lord [date removed]. Died in the R.C. Hospital the 10th of October, 1883 from the effect of a fall in a shaft by which he broke his back and died afterwards within six hours. What I say unto you I say unto all the world. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

Jessica HEATHERINGTON. "Scotch Lassie" Died in Richfield 1863.

In memory of William W. HILL, native of Nottignham, England. Died 23 Oct 1869. Aged 37.

*Sacred to the memory of William HITCHCOCK, late government assayer, Barkerville, Cariboo. born in London, Eng., Jan 15, 1824. Departed this life Sept 9, 1877. May he rest in peace.

*In loving memory of Isabella HODGKINSON, aged 66 years. IHS Died Oct 5, 1911. Sleep, Bella Sleep. In God We Trust.

*Charles Wesley HOUSE, native of Syracuse, New York. Born August 3, 1834. Died May 22, 1913. At Rest.

*Sacred to the memory of Margaret HOUSE. Born Germany, May 30, 1854. Died Dec 12, 1939. At Rest.

*In memory of Wesley Charles HOUSE. Died August 4, 1917. Age 33 years.

*In loving memory of Jeanette HOUSER 1840 - 1933. Mother.

Edward HOUSER. Departed this life. Died June 16, 1926. Age 41.

In memory of William HUGILL. Late of Fullerton, Canada West, who died Aug. 31, 1863, aged 25. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Inscribed as a token of ESTEEM by his Overland companions.

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*To the memory of George ISSAC. Native of Ireland. Died September 16, 1919. Age 86 years.

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*In the memory of George JOHNSTON. Native of Colchester County, N.S. Died May 7, 1865, aged 36 years.

*In memory of W.A. JOHNSTON. Native of Huntington, C.W. Born October 1, 1841. Died R.C. Hospital, September 8, 1904.

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Alexander KELLY. Born March 24, 1878. Died March 26, 1878.

In loving memory of James A. KELLY. Native of Bradford, Mass. Died at Barkerville, April 3, 1904. Aged 33 years.

*Johnny Hastie KELLY, born at Grouse Creek, June 1, 1869. Died March 10, 1875.

In loving memory of William Walter KELLY. Beloved husband of Lottie Kelly. Born Febuary 17, 1876. Died March 6, 1917.

*Sacred to the memory of E.H. KIMBALL. Native of Bradford, Mass. Died 31 January 1874. Aged 38 years.


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In loving memory of John LANYON who died at Barkerville June 18, 1900. Aged 62 years.

*James LINDSAY. Late Qtr. Mastr. Sergeant, Royal Artillery. Died Feb. 17, 1890, aged 82. May his soul rest in peace.

*In memory of Mathew LYNCH. Born March 18, 1832 to burial January 20, 1874. Aged 42 years.

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*In loving memory of Archibald MCINTYRE. Born at Lochaweside, Scotland. Died at Barkerville 20th April 1906, aged 49 years. A faithful friend and a true-hearted Highlander. Erected by his sorrowing sister in Kilchrenan, Argylleshire, Scotland. Ever so dear brother, until the grey shadows fall and the day eternal dawns, they shall be hold the land that is very far off. S fhada an gladeth bho lochodha.

Marie MCINTYRE beloved wife of Duncan McIntyre. Born in Germany, October 14, 1868. Died December 26, 1924.

*In memory of Patrick MCKENNA. Native of Duleck, County Meath, Ireland. Died June 2, 1914. Aged 59.

*Lottie Mabel MCKINNON, August 15, 1883 - March 27, 1956.

*Sacred to the memory of John MCLAREN of Williams Town, Co of Glengarry, Canada. Died Aug. 7, 1869. Aged 31 years. Friends must part. Erected by his Cariboo friends as a token of their esteem.

*In memory of J.L.B. MCLEAN, (colored) at Richfield. Was laid to rest Febuary 4, 1911. Aged 75 years.

Sacred to the memory of Farquer MCLENNON. A Scottish Gentleman.

Thomas MCLURE. Departed this life April 2, 1873. Age 41. Rest in Peace.

In memory of Duncan MCQUEEN. Native of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Died 21 June, 1866. Aged 38.

*In memory of J.B. MALAMON. Born in France. Died Febuary 1, 1879. Aged 53.


*In loving memory of Joseph MASON, died Dec. 2, 1890, aged 51 years. At rest until the day break and the shadows flee away.

*In memory of Wm. L. MITCHELL, of St. Mary's, C.W. Gone to his reward. Died 24 May 1867. Aged 32.

Sacred to the memory of James H. MITTON. Rest in Peace. Died Dec. 1867.

*Samuel MONTGOMERY. Born Oct. 28, 1814, Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland. June 1, 1904.

In memory of Rd. MORGAN. Died September 1863. Aged 34 years.

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*Sacred to the memory of T.W. NORDBURG, a native of Russia. Died Feb. 1, 1881. Aged 44 years.

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Sacred to the memory of Joseph PARK, barrister-at-law. Native of Lancashire, England. Died 26 Jan. 1877. Aged 49 years.

Sacred to the memory of S.P. PARKER. Native of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England. Died January 31, 1873. Age 37.

*Thomas H. PATULLO, a native of Ontario and an early pioneer of British Columbia. Born Dec. 16, 1837. Died Jan. 3, 1879.

*In memory of William H. PHILLIPS, native of Gwiner, Cornwall, England. Aged 36 years. Died March 2, 1869.

*Mathew PINKERTON. At Rest. Died April 22, 1897. Aged 55.

In memory of John POMEROY. Native of Colyten, England. Born 1833. Died 1913.

*In memory of George POND. Native of Roxborough, Mass. U.S.A. Died May 18, 1883. Aged 51 years.

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*Sacred to the memory of Marcus Pares RESENDOS. Died July 19, 1880. Aged 9 months.

*Ellie RODDICK 1870 - 1948

*John P. RODDICK. 1860 - 1948

*In memory of S.A. ROGERS. Our friend. God touched him and he slept. June 4, 1911. Until the day breaks and the shadows fall away. Song of Songs IV:6.

In memory of W.M. ROGERS. Born at Godstone, Surrey, England. Died September 19th, 1866. Aged 28. Requiescat in Pace.

Sacred to the memory of Roland ROGERS. Native of Carnarvon, Wales. Died 5 August 1872. Age 29.

*In memory of Robt. RUDDELL. Late of Halton Co. Ontario. Died 5 Dec. 1867. Aged 34 years.

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In memory of Samuel SHOEMAKER. A native of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Born 1867 Died October 1, 1896 at Willow River. Aged 29 years.

*In memory of Samuel SIMCOCK. Died June 10, 1907 aged 83 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Wesley STEVENSON. a native of Westfield, New Brunswick. Died Nov 18, 1873. Aged 26 years 6 months.

Sacred to the memory of William STEWART, a native of Scotland. Died Aug. 1, 1884. Aged 56 years. Erected by his friends.

*In memory of Alexander STOBO, native of West Boag, Scotland. Died April 29, 1869. Aged 39 years.

*In memory of James STONE. Born Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England. Febuary 10, 1843. Died October 11, 1910.

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*Sacred to the Memory of Captain O.C. [sic] TRAVAILLOT Late Surveyor - Royal Engineers. Died Royal Cariboo Hospital, Barkerville, B.C. Febuary2, 1879.

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*George J. WALKER Born Barkerville Dec. 31, 1869. Died March 18, 1912.

*In memory of Adam WATSON. Died 10th Oct. 1880. Aged 56 years. A native of Greenock, Scotland.

Sacred to the memory of Mary WEBSTER. Born Worthing, England. Died 29 June 1864. Aged 53 years. May her soul R.I.P.

Sacred to the memory of David WHITEFORD, who departed this life Nov. 10, 1866. Aged 33. Born at Kilwinning, County Ayr, Scotland. By his exemplary character he won esteem and respect of many sincere friends. Erected by his co-partners in the Reid Claim, Conkins Gulch.

*Sacred to the memory of J.B. WILKINSON, M.D. Born in Canada. Died November 3, 1869. Aged 35 years. Erected by his Cariboo friends, Nov. 1880.

*Sacred to the memory of Mary WINTRIP. Beloved wife of Edward Wintrip, who departed this life Sept. 2, 1879. Born Northumberland.
Here perfect bliss can ne'er be found
The honest mind -
Midst changing scenes and dying friends
Be Thou my all in all

In Loving Memory of John C. WINTRIP. 1855 - 1930.

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