Idlemaine cattery was registered in 1990 after showing cats in Premiership (neuter/spay classes) for several years. We show exclusively in the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and are breeder members of the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association(MCBFA) . We have a small cattery with only a few litters a year. Our kittens mainly come in brown tabby and white, black and white, silver tabby and white, and sometimes a rainbow of other colors. We focus on good health and the "sweeter" look with the personalities to match. Occasionally we have retired breeding/show cats for adoption to the right homes. Refer to Fanciers Breeder Referral List (link below) under Retired Friends to see if any are available.

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Photo of Willie
GC Magicoons Song & Dance of Idlemaine,DM (Willie)

Willie has produced 7 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers, 3 Regional Winners, and is the grandmother of two National Winners. Pictured below are some of her offspring.

Photo of MacGP/RW Idlemaine Dream Maker (Mac)

Mac is a black and white neutered male. He was Best Maine Coon in Premiership nationally and Third Best cat regionally for the 1997/1998 show season.

Photo of ButlerMac's littermate,

GC/RW Idlemaine Butler of Texas Belle

Butler is a black and white male. He was 12th Best regionally and national second Best of Color for the 1997/1998 season. He is owned by:

Elizabeth (Betsy) Gaither of Bellville,TX. (409)865-9938 or email:

click here for email

Photo of BriaGC Texas Belle Bria of Idlemaine at 5 months. Bria and her brother GP Texas Belle Goerge Bushy comprise Butler's first litter.

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Photo of SundaeLittermate of Mac and Butler

GC Idlemaine Sundae Dream'n of Kankoonkats, DM (Sundae)

Sundae is a black and white female and was the third in the litter to Grand. She is number 6 for mom, Willie. Sundae currently has produced 5 grand champions, one of which is
GC/NW Kankoonkats Leviticus


Levi is a brown mackeral tabby and white. He was 14th Best Cat nationally and 2nd Best Cat regionally for the 1997-98 season. He is a product of Sundae's first litter, he has two littermates that are also Grands. Sundae and Levi are owned by:

Larry and Debra Taylor of Wichita, KS. (316)744-1761 or email: kankoonkats@attglobal.netclick here for email

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