Letcher County Vital Records


This data was transcribed by me from the microfilmed copies of the original records. Unlike the warnings which you may receive on other websites, you may use this material as you wish. The original material is from public records and I have not added any significant cognative material to it. According to my reading of the copyright laws, this material is not copyright-able. You may included it in a book and sell it for what the market will allow. I understand the necessity of large organizations, which receive donated materials of ambiguous copyright status, to place disclaimers, but I think such disclaimers on many pages defeat the goal of genealogic research. My goal is the make this material available to those who would not otherwise know of its existence, or have access to it.

1853 Letcher County Births

1854 Letcher County Births

1855 Letcher County Births

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