On May 9, 1995, God blessed me with a beautiful little girl, named Kayla Brianne. I was told I would probably never be able to get pregnant due to a hormone that I did not produce. In July of 1987 just prior to getting out of the U.S. Air Force, my gynecologist told me that the only chance I would have of conceiving would be to have a pump implanted that would give me hormones 24 hours a day. He also added that even with the pump my chances of conceiving were a million to one. At that point I told him that I would have to live with the fact I would never have children. I then got married in February of 1989, and got pregnant within four months. This pregnancy ended with a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I then became pregnant six months later and that one also ended in miscarriage at 10 weeks, but at least I proved the doctors wrong. I might never have children but at least I got PREGNANT.. My marriage also ended. No regrets of this though. I then met a wonderful man, Doug, and almost immediately he started talking marriage. I ended the relationship--I was not ready for anything like marriage. A year later I realized what I was missing with this wonderful man and got back in contact with him. We became engaged on February 14, 1994 and married on April 8,1994. Four months later I was pregnant once again. I did the home pregnancy test on Labor Day of 1994 and it turned BLUE almost immediately!! I expected to miscarry almost immediately but God saw fit to let me carry this miracle to term. Due to family history of birth defects and my age (I was 37 at the time) my doctor suggested amniocentesis, which I had done. On the ultrasound they could not tell the sex because the baby had it's feet curled underneath "her". I told them at that time I knew she was a girl.

On November 30th they called with the results of the test and there were no signs of birth defects. They also accidently told me the sex of the baby which I already had told them. She was a GIRL. Her due date was May 4, 1995. On May 1, 1995 I had a regular OB appointment and my doctor said that we could continue to let Mother Nature take her course or he could induce me on the 9th of May. I told him I wanted her OUT!!!! So he scheduled me for an induction. On May 9,1995, I checked into the hospital at 7:00am. Was just barely dilated and was having an occasional contraction. The nurses started my pitocin at 8:00am and my doctor broke my water at about 8:30am. Around noon I was starting to contract real strong and regular. At 2:00pm I was ready to start pushing. I pushed for almost 1 hour when her heart rate started dropping and the doctor was considering a C-Section. I have prior Labor & Delivery experience from the military so I was greatly concerned about the drop in heart rate and was more than willing for the C-Section. But Dr. Haskins wanted to give me the chance to deliver naturally so he eased Kayla's head from the stuck position she was at with forceps and let me deliver her naturally. She was born at 3:05pm. She had APGAR scores of 9/10!!! She weighed in at 7lbs.1/2oz. She was 19 1/4"

Nine months after she was born, I found myself pregnant again but this one ended with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and I have since loss three more pregnancies. Therefore Kayla is my Precious Gift From God!! And I will always be thankful to Him.


by Valerie Rossetti

There are no more babies in my house,
the crib's been packed away;
The stroller we no longer use
has seen its better day.
The playpen's mess is full of holes,
the bassinet's brand new-
I wonder when the time went by
and when those babies grew
What used to be a nursery
has long since changed its face.
The teddy bears and ABC's
all have been replaced.
The night light glows no longer
in the darkness of the night,
The "blanky" that made things safe
is whisked away from sight.
As I stand here in the doorway
looking at the grown-up bed
I almost wish from deep inside
the crib were there instead.
I miss the little infant things
and realize with a tear,
It makes me sad to think
there are no more babies here.

by Stephanie Costa

Yesterday I felt a small hand touch my knee softly.
Yesterday I looked down into her eyes and smiled.
Yesterday I knelt down and hugged her and she laid her sweet head on my shoulder.
Yesterday I cradled her in my arms.
Yesterday I rocked her in comfort and warmth.
Yesterday I hummed her a lullaby and melted into her gaze that melted into mine.
Yesterday I watched her quiet peace as she slept.
Yesterday I laid a pink blanket around her arms.
Yesterday I saw her grin in her dreams and I touched her fine hair with love.
Today I see her run and play.
Today I listen to her questioning words.
Today we read fairy tales together and draw pictures of our beautiful world.
Today I tell her of things to come.
Today we walk and explore.
Today we smell the color of flowers and watch as the birds fly above.
Today I think of yesterday.
Today I think of tomorrow.
Today I held my daughter's hand and her love inside me forever.

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