Clinton County Genealogical Chapter
P.O. BOX 2062
Clinton, Iowa

Member of the Iowa Genealogical Society


The Clinton County Genealogical Chapter is a not for profit society. Meetings are held the second Saturday of each month. Membership is $8 a year (January-December), due in January. Any person having an interest in genealogy, history or historic preservation is welcome to become a member. Newsletters are published quarterly. For more information, please E-mail one of the members below.

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The Clinton County Genealogical Chapter will do research for a fee. Please send one request per letter with $5 USD check or money order, to cover the one-hour research fee, plus the cost of copying, as well as a SASE. Limit each request letter to one surname or one husband-wife couple. Include as much known data as possible in the letter (names, dates, locations, etc.) in order to initiate a search for the requested data. Send request letters "Attention: Research Committee." Please be patient. Requests are researched on a first-come, first-served basis and are dependent upon available volunteer resources.

Central Community Historical Society

628- 6 th. Ave.

DeWitt, Iowa


Hours: Sunday 1:00 to 4:30 p.m.

April thru November

By Appointment Anytime by calling: Ann at, 319-659-3686

Or E-Mail Ann about Information.

Material that is available for Geneology Reseach at Historical Society :

All Cemetary's in Clinton County

All County History Books

Maps of Clinton County 1868-1997

Thousands of 3 x 5 index Cards with Marriage dates, birth dates, 1 year old Babies, and Anniversarys

Files on Genealogy reseach from over the past 15 years

The Complete set of Books of the Civil War in the State of Iowa

50 plus scrapbooks indexed

Family History's from all over the U.S. which have been donated to the Society

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