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Mustered in to the U.S. Service, at Gettysburg, Pa., October 16th, 1862, by Isaac D. Sailor, U.S.A.

I hereby certify, that this is a correct Roll of my Company now in camp.
Eben M'Ginley, Captain

January 30, 1863 - Deserted House, near Suffolk.
April 13th and 14th, 1863 - Skirmishes on Jamestown Road, near Suffolk.
April 24, 1863 - White House, near Suffolk.
May 14, 1863 - Beaver Dam, near Franklin.
May 16, 1863 - Carsville.

Capt. Eben M'Ginley

Charles J. Sefton - 1st.
William H. Low - 2nd.

1. Isaac T. Riley
2. David R. Byers
3. Lewis Benchoff
4. John E. Pitzer
5. Finley F. Butt

1. John H. Dubbs
2. John B. Musselman
3. George Boyd
4. Peter Overdeer
5. Jesse Bollinger
6. Simon Halderman
7. Paxton H. Riley
8. Jacob E. Everhart

Field and Staff Officers
Chas. H. Buehler, Colonel, Gettysburg, Pa.
Edw. G. Fahnestock, Lt. Colonel, Gettysburg, Pa.
Nash G. Camp, Major, Butler, Pa.
J. Harvey White, Adjutant, Freedom, Pa.
F. W. Heckel, Surgeon, Phoenixville, Pa.
S. F. Neely, Ass't. Surgeon, L. Chanceford, Pa.
R. A. Wilson, Ass't. Surgeon, Pittsburg, Pa.
E. T. Rinehart, Q.Master, Fairfield, Pa.

Non-Commissioned Officers
Sgt. Maj. Emanuel Myers, Baltimore, Md.
Q.M. Sgt. Lean, Cunningham, Freedom, Pa.
Comm. Sgt. Ephraim Shank, Butler, Pa.
Hosp. Stew'd Wm. H. Bates, Harrisburg, Pa.

Andrew, George

Bigham, James
Bigham, John
Benchoff, Daniel
Bloom, Adam - On detached service
Brooks, Peter E.
Boller, William
Beard, Daniel
Boyd, Herbert S.
Butt, Lewis H.
Brawner, William R.
Bowers, James F.
Brenizer, Washington M.

Cochran, John
Chronister, Joseph

Diehl, Hamilton
Dixon, Ephraim

Eshelman, Hiram
Eizer, George E.

Frey, John
Fraim, George E.
Flenner, James

Green, Elias - Woun'd at Carrsville, May 16, 1862

William H. Hoke - Musician
Houdyshell, Jacob
Hull, George
Hummer, William H.

Jones, William

King, Daniel N.
King, Charles W.
Kauffman, George
Kint, Joseph
Kepperly, John

McIlhenny, James
McGluaghlin, Ezra
McGlaughlin, Herbert
Musselman, John C. - On detached service
Mackley, Joseph
McCleaf, Francis

Newman, James

Overdeer, Henry

Pryor, John W.
Peddicord, John A.
Peters, Henry

Reese, Edward - On provost duty in Suffolk
Reeves, Jacob
Rensel, William
Riley, Edward M.
Roland, Oliver

Sanders, James S.
Smith, John
Smith, William
Smith, Solomon - Woun'd at Carrsville, May 16, 1863
Sell, George
Shingledecker, William
Shingledecker, Madison
Saylor, Westly
Stultz, Thadeus S. T.
Stultz, Granville
Shertzer, John C.
Shingledecker, Jackson
Saylor, Thomas
Sites, Jeremiah B.
Shank, John
Sanders, William
Staumbaugh, Israel

Topper, David
Turbin, Samuel

Woodring, Jacob
Winebrenner, Thomas - Musician

Entered according to an act of Congress in the year 1863 by Whitney & Anderson in Dist. C. of Md.
Lith. by A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore.

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