1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 9th Corps

Company Officers
Charles F. Hinkel - Captain - Promoted from 2nd Lieut. to Captain Nov. 1, 1864
Calvin R. Snyder - 1st Lieut. - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant Feb. 12, 1865
J. Howard Wert - 2nd Lieut. - Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant Feb. 13, 1865

Orderly Sergeant
I. Trimper Riley - Promoted to 1st Sergeant Feb. 14, 1865

Alexander L. C. Woods
Daniel Biesecker
Isaiah E. Mehring - Promoted to Sergeant Jan'y 2, 1865
William B. Meals - Promoted to Sergeant Feb. 14, 1865

Paxton H. Riley
Thomas E. Culbertson
William D. Yingling
George Hull
Robert C. Cobean - Wounded in action March 25, 1865
Lewis H. Butt
Peter Brook - Promoted to Corporal Jan. 2, 1865
David Little - Promoted to Corporal Jan. 22, 1865

Thomas J. Winebrenner
William B. Zercher

Former Officers, Commissioned and Non-Commissioned
Captain George W. Frederick - Promoted to Lieut. Colonel
1st Lieut. William T. King - Resigned Dec. 21, 1864
Corporal William H. Ashbaugh - Discharged for disability Jan. 22, 1865

Aumen, Cornelius - Wounded in action Mar. 25, 1865
Attlesperger, James W. - Wounded in action April 2, 1865

Bollinger, Adam P.
Baugher, Alexander P.
Baugher, Alexander T.
Buehler, Samuel H. - Wounded in action Apr. 2, 1865
Bowling, Joseph
Boller, William
Baker, John W. - Regimental pioneer
Bigham, Andrew A.
Basehoar, Daniel
Bumbaugh, Lewis - Division teamster
Beard, Henry J.

Cress, James - Promoted Surgeon Dec., 1865
Cress, Alfred G.
Cullertson, Washington S.
Carns, Nicholas - Asst. Div. Wagon Master
Coffman, Charles
Ceas, Joshua E.

Eshelman, Hiram
Eyler, Wilson

Feeser, Emanuel
Fink, Emanuel
Forney, John M.

Geiselman, William G.

Holtzworth, Jacob B.
Hoover, Henry C. - Wounded in action April 2, 1865

Jones, Isaac A.
Jacobs, Isaiah E.

Kitzmiller, Jacob
Kint, John A.
Kline, Daniel
Kline, Emanuel
Kumerant, Lewis E. - Discharged for disability March 17, 1865
Klingel, Daniel H. - Discharged for disability March 18, 1865
Kelly, James N.

Lansinger, George W.

McDonnell, Jacob J.
Myers, George W. - Wounded in skirmish Nov. 19, 1864
McCarney, John D.
McLaughlin, William L. - Wounded in action April 2, 1865
McCullough, William W.
Metz, William H.
Mickley, Hiram O.
Moore, John A.
Master, John
Moser, John C.

Ortner, John
Overbaugh, Lewis H. - Wounded in action March 25, 1865

Rose, Joseph
Rowan, J. Wilson

Sopan, Detrick
Shulley, Frederick
Shertzer, John C.
Stonesifer, James S.
Smith, John
Stoops, David H.
Sasely, Adam
Staley, James J.
Sterner, Jonathan
Sellers, Uriah
Simpson, George
Shilt, Jacob H.
Stonesifer, Hanson H.
Snyder, John T.

Tawney, Charles Z.
Turner, William K.
Tate, Alexander J.
Tate, Edward M.

Willard, George
Wilson, James - Discharged for disability Mar. 18, 1865
Winrot, James - Wounded in action March 25, 1865
Waltman, Peter
Walter, Charles H.
Woodring, Daniel
Wilson, Christopher
Waltman, John H.

Zook, Jr., Joseph - Wounded in action April 2, 1865
Ziegler, George W. - Wounded in action April 2, 1865

Field and Staff Officers
Colonel Tobias B. Kaufman - Taken prisoner Nov. 17, 1864
Lieut. Col. George W. Frederick
Major John L. Richey - Wounded April 2, 1865
Surgeon M. F. Bowls
Chaplain J. S. Lemmon
Asst. Surgeon T. R. Van Kirk
Asst. Surgeon J. B. Barclay
Adjutant Andrew R. Davison
Q.M. Edward F. Lytle

Non-Commissioned Staff
Sergt. Major Henry Burn
Drum Major John H. Lush
Q.M. Sergt. Wm. Blany

Organized at Gettysburg, Pa.
September 1, 1864
Mustered into U.S. Service
At Harrisburg, Pa. Sept. 4, 1864.


This Company participated in the skirmishes in front of the defences of Bermuda Hundred on the nights of Nov. 17, 18, 19, 20, and 22, 1864, and in the engagement of March 25, 1865, in the attack made on Fort Steadman, and in the charge, made on the rebel defences and capture of Petersburg, April 2, 1865.

From the Military Register, Lithographed by A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore, Published by Geo. M. Lankton, Washington, D.C.

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