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This is our supposed coat of arms. Ronzo Roberts sent a request to a company which did some research and this is what they came up with.

Last update 2-28-05

Roberts is old germanic. "Ro" means fame, "bert" means bright. So I guess it means "fame bright", or "shining fame?" Roberts also came from the time of William the Conqueror. It came from a Viking word meaning 'robbers' because the vikings came and plundered England. Eventually the name became 'Roberts/Robards/Robberds'.

The surnames in this file are: Barr, Bedwell, Bell, Bercich, Brewer, Brown, Campbell, Dyrda, Edwards, Falk, Faulman, Flourney, Frye, Gustafson, Hines, Johnson, Locher, Paul, Peterson, Pettus, Roberts, Schach, Shepard, Smelser, Southard, Stone, Taylor, VanEpps, Vaughan, Wright.

The family tree below seems to be accurate. It is listed in the book by Seaver called Roberts Family History. I had to guess that Randall (b. 1704) was the son of Thomas (b. 1674).
Randall Roberts (b. 1704, Brightfieldstown, co Cork, Ireland, m. 1734) per Seaver "Roberts" book.
- m. 1734, Martha Westropp
More details starting with John Roberts.
Olive ("Olly" or "Betty") Elizabeth Roberts (b Sept 12 1861; d July 3 1898. Marr. to Churchill/Churchwell Oglesbye Wright) Per Roberts bible via Shirley Schach at below. Contact Richard Kellogg at

NOTE: The order of the children is not the order they were born yet. I am looking for more information about all of the above families, especially about John Roberts, possible son of William and John's siblings.

Non-Roberts names are in bold, to show other family lines. Thanks.

Parts which don't fit.

- 1829: Jonathan married Susan Carrico (m. Mar 10, 1829, Grayson Co, VA)

- Greene Co, TN 1850 census says: John Roberts (b. 1790, NC) married Rebecca Shinault. He used to live in Grayson Co, VA.

John W. Roberts m. Bency Shinault per book by Earl Roberts and
John married Susan Campbell married John Roberts in 1770 (per Yates file)
John married Lucy Flourney (b. 1788, VA) married John Thomas B. Roberts (b. 1807, VA) in 1871, VA (per Yates file)
John is middle child of Mary Elizabeth Davis. (see below, I have no 'official' proof yet but William is likely John's father.)
John possibly went to Clark Co, TN per Grayson Co, VA merchant collection list.

Elk Creek, Grayson Co, VA is where my grandfather, Ronzo Roberts, was born, and where many Robertses settled.

Much of this research was done by Shirley Schach, of Washington state and Donna Smith Shupe, and Chuck Roberts of Ada, MI.

Cousins I have found on the net:

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