Elda's Wheat Craft
Elda Heidemann
Specializing in
Dyed Straw Marquetry
PO Box 195
Gorham, KS 67640-0195
e-mail: eldahh@gorhamtel.com
Elda grew up in Denver, Colorado, but she moved to a farm in Nebraska to raise her own family. She was always attracted to the brilliant flowers that she grew and got into art by doing oil paintings of flower arrangements. When she moved to Kansas she discovered that people used wheat as an art medium and she was attracted to the craft. She enjoyed making complex wheat weaving projects for quite a while and then she found out about straw marquetry. She learned how to split and flatten the wheat, glue it to heavy paper, and form it into beautiful art objects. When she discovered that wheat could be dyed before making marquetry designs she made a full circle and was again creating pictures of flower arrangements in brilliant colors. Elda is a member of the National Association of Wheat Weavers, Kansas Association of Straw Artists, and the California Wheat Weavers Guild.

Each of her designs is unique and original. They are for sale at her studio and also by phone, email, or snail mail. The prices are very reasonable.
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