Descendants of John Harvey

Generation No. 1 JOHN HARVEY was born Abt. 1715 in St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co VA, and died Abt. 1804 in Monroe Co VA. He married MARY MARGARET BURKE in Orange Co VA. Notes for JOHN HARVEY: John's birth was December 11, 1724 according to Children of JOHN HARVEY and MARY BURKE are: i. JOHN HARVEY, b. 1745, St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co VA. 2. ii. BENJAMIN HARVEY, b. 1751, St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co VA; d. 1826, Monroe Co VA (now WV). iii. JOHN E. HARVEY, b. 1753, Orange Co VA; d. 1826, Red Sulpher Springs, Monroe Co VA; m. (1) LUCY ESTES, Apr 19, 1778, Orange Co VA; m. (2) ELIZABETH ____, Jul 21, 1790, Botetourt Co., VA. 3. iv. JOSEPH HARVEY, b. Nov 12, 1754, Monroe Co VA; d. Mar 25, 1828, Barren Co (now Metcalfe Co) KY. v. WILLIAM HARVEY, b. Abt. 1762. Notes for WILLIAM HARVEY: a William Harvey, private, served over 6 months in NC. Volunteered 1776 at Rowan, NC, served under Capt. Eckle, Lt. Butner, Ensign Davis, in the Regt. commanded by Col. Cleveland and Major Smith, Gen. Rutherford. Fought against hostile Indians, discharged. Enlisted again 1780 under Capt. Allen, Major Smith, Regt. of Col. Cleveland, pension granted 4 March 1831, roll of East Tenn. On 18 Jan. 1834, in Roane Co., Tennessee, appeared before Justice of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, William Harvey, resident of Roane Co., Tenn., age 84 years, to make declaration in order to obtain benefits under the Act of June 7, 1832. He stated he has lived in Wilks, NC until 1807, at which time he moved to Roane Co., Tenn., where he has remained ever since. He was born in Orange Co., Virginia in 1749. vi. NICHOLAS HARVEY, b. Dec 1764, Orange Co VA; d. 1826, Monroe Co VA (now WV); m. SARAH ANN SNIDOW. vii. JAMES HARVEY, b. Abt. 1767; m. MARY SNIDOW. viii. ELIZABETH HARVEY, b. 1768, Monroe Co VA; d. 1824, Monroe Co VA; m. JOHN STODGHILL, Orange Co VA. Notes for ELIZABETH HARVEY: this site says she was born 1740, m. 1765 - ix. JOSHUA CALVIN HARVEY, b. Dec 1769, Greenbrier Co VA; d. Jan 1849, Wolf Creek, Monroe Co., VA; m. SARAH ANN SWOPE, Jan 21, 1808, Monroe Co VA (now WV). Generation No. 2 2. BENJAMIN HARVEY was born 1751 in St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co VA, and died 1826 in Monroe Co VA (now WV). He married SUSANNAH BALLARD Feb 23, 1775 in St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co VA, daughter of PHILLIP BALLARD and NANCY JOHNSON. Children of BENJAMIN HARVEY and SUSANNAH BALLARD are: 4. i. MILLIE HARVEY, b. Abt. 1776, Monroe Co VA; d. Indian Creek, Monroe Co VA. ii. NANCY HARVEY, b. Abt. 1777, Greenbriar Co VA; d. 1868, Monroe Co VA; m. ADAM MANN, Dec 12, 1812, Monroe Co VA. iii. JOHN HARVEY, b. Abt. 1778, Indian Creek, Monroe Co VA; m. JANE MANN, Apr 22, 1816, Monroe Co VA. 5. iv. ANKEY HARVEY, b. Abt. 1779, Monroe Co VA. 6. v. THOMAS J. HARVEY, b. 1781, Orange Co VA. vi. WILLIAM HARVEY, b. Abt. 1781, Rockingham Co VA; m. NANCY BALL, Aug 16, 1810, Monroe Co 7. vii. MOLLIE HARVEY, b. 1785, Monroe Co VA; d. Bef. 1880, Crumps Bottom, Summers Co VA. viii. ELIZABETH HARVEY, b. Abt. 1790, Orange Co VA; m. ROBERT CREED, Nov 13, 1804, Monroe Co ix. LUCY HARVEY, b. Abt. 1795, Monroe Co VA; m. JAMES CUMMINGS, Apr 05, 1814. x. SUSANNAH HARVEY, b. 1796, Indian Creek, Monroe Co VA; d. 1845, Van Buren IA; m. MICHAEL HOWARD, 1816, Peterstown, Monroe Co VA. 3. JOSEPH HARVEY was born Nov 12, 1754 in Monroe Co VA, and died Mar 25, 1828 in Barren Co (now Metcalfe Co) KY. He married LUCY JANE BALLARD Apr 12, 1778 in Orange Co VA, daughter of PHILLIP BALLARD and NANCY JOHNSON. Notes for JOSEPH HARVEY: Joseph Harvey, Revolutionary War soldier in the VA regulars, served 2 years. On 23 May 1850, his widow, Lucy Harvey, age 88, of Monroe Co., KY, made declaration that her husband enlisted under Francis Coward in Orange Co., VA in the early part of the war and served to the end of his enlistment, then was drafted in 1781 and served 3 months. She declared that she has remained a widow ever since. On 19 July 1855, five years after Lucy's application for pension, two persons appeared in court in Lucy's behalf to testify to the service of her husband: First was Henry Bushong of Monroe Co., KY, aged past 84 years, who declared he was well acquainted with Joseph Harvey who died in Barren Co. KY about the year 1828. He knew him for many years. He came first from VA. Two of Joseph's sons married two of his daughters. Henry, also from VA, had served in the Army in the Indian Wars and the War of 1812. Second was Ann Harvey, aged past 56 years, of Monroe Co., KY, who appeared and made declaration that she knew Joseph Harvey 10 years and knows he was reputed to be a soldier in the Revolutionary War. She had heard him say he served two years. Her husband, Austin Harvey (now deceased) was a son of said Joseph and his wife. Notes for LUCY JANE BALLARD: this site says Lucy's parents were Thomas & Susanna (Hasson) Ballard; Children of JOSEPH HARVEY and LUCY BALLARD are: 8. i. ELIZABETH "BETSY" HARVEY, b. Oct 11, 1779, Orange Co VA; d. 1850, Monroe Co KY. 9. ii. JOHN HARVEY, b. Sep 30, 1781, Orange Co VA; d. 1824, Barren Co KY. iii. JAMES HARVEY, b. Feb 21, 1784, Surry Co NC; d. Aft. 1855, Moniteau Co MO; m. OLIVE BRYSON, Aug 05, 1814, Surry Co NC. iv. THOMAS J. HARVEY, b. Jan 08, 1787, Surry Co NC; d. Aft. 1851, Monroe Co KY; m. NANCY LAWRENCE, Jan 01, 1811, Barren Co KY. Notes for THOMAS J. HARVEY: 11 Sep 1814 - Thomas Harvey to Zachariah Moss, 200L, 160 acres frmerly belonged to Jesse Johnson, on north Hunting Creek. SS/Thos Harvey. Wit: A. Carmichall, Wm. L. Davis. 10. v. WILSON HARVEY, b. Sep 28, 1789; d. Nov 18, 1834, Cumberland Co KY. 11. vi. MARTIN HARVEY, b. Dec 10, 1792, Surry Co NC; d. Aug 08, 1869, Benton Co MO. vii. WILLIAM HARVEY, b. Sep 20, 1794, Surry Co NC; d. Aft. 1855, Monroe Co KY; m. MARY G. "POLLY" BUSHONG, Dec 23, 1813, Barren Co KY. viii. AUSTIN HARVEY, b. Oct 11, 1797, Surry Co NC; d. Dec 26, 1846, Barren Co KY; m. ANNE BUSHONG, Jan 09, 1818, Barren Co KY. Buried in Singing Pines Cemetery, Metcalfe Co. Ky. 12. ix. ABNER HARVEY, b. Oct 01, 1800, Surry Co., NC; d. Aug 04, 1853, Moniteau Co MO. 13. x. MARTHA "PATSY" HARVEY, b. Nov 26, 1804, VA; d. Mar 30, 1878, Cumberland Co KY. Generation No. 3 4. MILLIE HARVEY was born Abt. 1776 in Monroe Co VA, and died in Indian Creek, Monroe Co VA. She married JOHN MANN Nov 03, 1801 in Monroe Co VA, son of JACOB MANN and MARY KESSINGER. Children of MILLIE HARVEY and JOHN MANN are: i. POLLY MANN. ii. ALEXANDER MANN, b. 1802. iii. WILLIAM MANN, b. 1805. iv. BLUFORD MANN, b. Abt. 1809. 5. ANKEY HARVEY was born Abt. 1779 in Monroe Co VA. She married THOMAS CHAPMAN Jun 02, 1806 in Monroe Co VA. Child of ANKEY HARVEY and THOMAS CHAPMAN is: i. CATHERINE4 CHAPMAN, b. Abt. 1817; d. 1902; m. ANDERSON RAINS. 6. THOMAS J. HARVEY was born 1781 in Orange Co VA. He married MARGARET WALKER. Children of THOMAS HARVEY and MARGARET WALKER are: i. CELIA HARVEY, b. 1824. ii. SUSAN HARVEY, b. 1827; d. Mar 01, 1908, Mercer Co VA; m. JAMES MCCALLISTER, May 25, 1845, Albemarle Co VA. 7. MOLLIE HARVEY was born 1785 in Monroe Co VA, and died Bef. 1880 in Crumps Bottom, Summers Co VA. She married JAMES HOUCHINS 1798 in Monroe Co VA. Children of MOLLIE HARVEY and JAMES HOUCHINS are: i. JOHN HOUCHINS, b. 1799; d. 1855; m. CELIA S. MANN. ii. BENJAMIN HOUCHINS, b. Abt. 1801. iii. ELIZABETH HOUCHINS, b. 1803. iv. MARY HOUCHINS, b. 1805. v. JAMES HOUCHINS, b. 1807. vi. WILLIAM HOUCHINS, b. 1809. vii. CHARLES HOUCHINS, b. 1811. viii. NANCY HOUCHINS, b. 1815. ix. THOMAS H. HOUCHINS, b. 1818. 8. ELIZABETH "BETSY" HARVEY was born Oct 11, 1779 in Orange Co VA, and died 1850 in Monroe Co KY. She married JOHN M. LAWRENCE Abt. 1810 in KY, son of RICHARD LAWRENCE and ISABEL ____. Children of ELIZABETH HARVEY and JOHN LAWRENCE are: i. VERLINDA LAWRENCE, m. JAMES RHEA, Apr 1831, Barren Co KY. Note for VERLINDA : migrated to Sangamon Co. IL Oct. 1831 charter member of the Berlin Baptist Church, Berlin, IL -1833. ii. JOHN LAWRENCE. 9. JOHN HARVEY was born Sep 30, 1781 in Orange Co VA, and died 1824 in Barren Co KY. He married MARTHA "PATSY" CHAMBERLAIN. Notes for JOHN HARVEY: murdered by Patsy Chamberlain's brother. She took children and went to Tenn. Family of Harvey's got her brother out of jail, but it was held against her, so she moved on. Children of JOHN HARVEY and MARTHA CHAMBERLAIN are: i. BETSEY HARVEY, m. WASHINGTON CREED. ii. SUSAN HARVEY, b. 1808; m. REASON FERGUSON, 1826, Monroe County, VA. 14. iii. LUCINDA HARVEY, b. 1810; d. Aft. 1868, Benton Co MO. iv. POLLY HARVEY, b. 1810; m. WILLIAM COX. 15. v. PRUDENCE C. HARVEY, b. 1815; d. 1891, Clay County, TN. 16. vi. WILSON NICHOLAS HARVEY, b. May 08, 1818, KY; d. Jan 14, 1885. 17. vii. FRANCES "FRANKIE" HARVEY, b. Dec 25, 1820, TN \ KY; d. Sep 04, 1872, TN. 10. WILSON HARVEY was born Sep 28, 1789, and died Nov 18, 1834 in Cumberland Co KY. He married Patsey Children of WILSON HARVEY and PATSEY are: i. JOHN B. HARVEY, b. Abt. 1814. 18. ii. JOSEPH R. HARVEY, b. Sep 28, 1815; d. Apr 28, 1850, Cumberland Co KY. 11. MARTIN HARVEY was born Dec 10, 1792 in Surry Co NC, and died Aug 08, 1869 in Benton Co MO. He married ELIZABETH MOREHEAD Nov 26, 1810 in KY. Notes for MARTIN HARVEY: 1860 MO census Cooper county page 632 Monitan Twp. 1850 census; page 160. Children of MARTIN HARVEY and ELIZABETH MOREHEAD are: 19. i. JANE HARVEY, b. 1811, Barren Co KY; d. Monroe Co KY. 20. ii. JAMES HENRY HARVEY, b. Mar 24, 1812, KY; d. PA. 21. iii. SUSANNAH HARVEY, b. Jan 30, 1814, KY; d. 1846, Cooper Co MO. 22. iv. WILLIAM HARVEY, b. Nov 26, 1815. 23. v. ABNER HARVEY, b. Apr 18, 1817, Cumberland Co KY; d. May 07, 1901, Barton Co MO. 24. vi. (REV.) THOMAS HARVEY, b. Dec 15, 1818, Barren Co KY; d. Feb 27, 1901, Benton Co MO. vii. WINNIE HARVEY, b. Oct 03, 1820. 25. viii. JOSEPH W. HARVEY, b. Aug 11, 1822, Barren Co KY; d. Jul 13, 1903, Henry Co MO. 26. ix. SARAH ANN HARVEY, b. Jun 11, 1824, Barren Co KY; d. Nov 19, 1865, Henry Co MO. 27. x. NOAH BARTON HARVEY, b. Mar 13, 1826; d. 1864, Cooper Co MO. 28. xi. JOHN THOMAS HARVEY, b. Feb 18, 1828, Barren Co KY; d. 1874, St. Clair Co MO. xii. AUSTIN HARVEY, b. 1830, KY; d. Aft. 1850. 12. ABNER HARVEY was born Oct 01, 1800 in Surry Co., NC, and died Aug 04, 1853 in Moniteau Co MO. He married PERMELIA "MILLY" PACE Dec 20, 1821 in Barren Co KY. Notes for ABNER HARVEY: possibly married again to Eliza Davis February 08, 1828 in Adair Co., KY. Children of ABNER HARVEY and PERMELIA PACE are: 29. i. GREENVILLE JEFFERSON HARVEY, b. Oct 31, 1822, KY; d. Mar 18, 1903, Eldon, Miller Co., MO. ii. LOUISA JANE HARVEY, b. Abt. 1827, Barren Co., KY. iii. ALMARINE M.A. HARVEY, b. Dec 17, 1827, Barren Co., KY; d. Dec 22, 1904, Moniteau Co., MO; m. MARY ELIZABETH MARTIN, Feb 08, 1855, Moniteau Co., MO. iv. JOSEPH W. HARVEY, b. Abt. 1832, Barren Co., KY; d. Aft. 1855. v. WILLIAM W. HARVEY, b. Abt. 1842, Barren Co., KY; d. Aft. 1855. vi. MARCELLA F. HARVEY. 30. vii. ELIZABETH A. HARVEY, b. Abt. 1830; d. Bef. 1853. 13. MARTHA "PATSY" HARVEY was born Nov 26, 1804 in VA, and died Mar 30, 1878 in Cumberland Co KY. She married WILLIAM DAVIS Feb 24, 1820 in Barren Co KY. Notes for WILLIAM DAVIS: more on him and his children- Children of MARTHA HARVEY and WILLIAM DAVIS are: i. JOSEPH DAVIS, b. Abt. 1820; m. MARY ANN COLLIER. ii. JOHN S. DAVIS, b. 1822; m. MINERVA BECK. iii. ELENDER DAVIS, b. Mar 30, 1825; m. JEFFERSON GRAY. iv. LUCY H. DAVIS, b. Jan 01, 1827; m. P. THOMAS FRAZIER. v. SAMUEL M. DAVIS, b. May 23, 1829. vi. SARAH "SALLIE" DAVIS, b. Aug 27, 1831; m. JAMES BECK. vii. WILSON WILLIAMSON DAVIS, b. Apr 06, 1834. viii. WILLIAM HARVEY DAVIS, b. Abt. 1837; m. SUSAN GARMON. ix. JAMES B. DAVIS, b. Apr 12, 1840; m. MARTHA GARMON. x. NATHANIEL DAVIS, b. Jan 22, 1843. xi. GEORGE H. DAVIS, b. Sep 19, 1845; m. SARAH BECK. xii. MARTHA N. DAVIS, b. Jun 15, 1848; m. ALBERT GRAY. Generation No. 4 14. LUCINDA HARVEY was born 1810, and died Aft. 1868 in Benton Co MO. She married AGRIPPA CLARY Abt. 1829 in Overton Co TN? (all children born there). Children of LUCINDA HARVEY and AGRIPPA CLARY are: 31. i. JOHN HARVEY CLARY, b. 1830, Overton Co TN; d. Abt. 1914, Joplin MO. ii. MARTHA CLARY, b. 1833. iii. ROBERT CLARY, b. 1835. iv. MARY CLARY, b. 1837. v. CELIA CLARY, b. 1842. vi. WILLIAM CLARY, b. 1846. vii. ELIZABETH CLARY, b. 1848. viii. FRANCIS CLARY, b. 1849. ix. HELEN CLARY, b. 1852. 15. PRUDENCE C. HARVEY was born 1815, and died 1891 in Clay County, TN. She married ROBERT ARMS, son of ARCHIBALD ARMS and SOPHIA MARTIN. Notes for PRUDENCE C. HARVEY: she, husband, son, & grandchildren, are buried in Robert Arms, Sr. Cemetery, Pea ridge, Clay County, TN Child of PRUDENCE HARVEY and ROBERT ARMS is: i. HENRY MARTIN ARMS, b. Feb 09, 1838; d. Feb 25, 1892, Clay County, TN. 16. WILSON NICHOLAS HARVEY was born May 08, 1818 in KY, and died Jan 14, 1885. He married FANNY KERR Jan 22, 1837 in TN, daughter of JOHN KERR and SARAH SCOTT. Notes for WILSON NICHOLAS HARVEY: family in 1850 Census, Overton County, TN Children of WILSON HARVEY and FANNY KERR are: i. ELIZABETH HARVEY, b. 1838. ii. MARTHA HARVEY, b. 1840. iii. JANE HARVEY, b. 1842. iv. JOHN HARVEY, b. 1846. v. THOMAS HARVEY, b. 1849. 17. FRANCES "FRANKIE" HARVEY was born Dec 25, 1820 in TN \ KY, and died Sep 04, 1872 in TN. She married HENRY CLAY KERR Jan 03, 1839 in KY, son of JOHN KERR and SARAH SCOTT. Children of FRANCES HARVEY and HENRY KERR are: 32. i. JOHN W. KERR, b. Mar 17, 1840, Monroe Co KY; d. Feb 06, 1899, TN. ii. WILLIAM THOMAS "TOM" KERR, b. 1842. Notes for WILLIAM THOMAS "TOM" KERR: served with the Union forces in the Civil War. Afetrwards, Tom and Janie (Martha Jane Taylor) settled near Kettle, KY iii. MARTHA KERR, b. 1844. iv. ALEXANDER KERR, b. Dec 1849. v. LYDIA J. KERR, b. Abt. 1857. vi. MARY F. KERR, b. Abt. 1859. vii. JULIAN KERR, b. Abt. 1860. viii. GEORGE W. KERR, b. Abt. 1862. 18. JOSEPH R.HARVEY was born Sep 28, 1815, and died Apr 28, 1850 in Cumberland Co KY. He married NANCY SMITH. Notes for JOSEPH R. HARVEY: His Will: Children of JOSEPH HARVEY and NANCY SMITH are: i. JOHN SMITH HARVEY, b. Dec 04, 1842. ii. WILLIAM ALLEN HARVEY, b. Oct 29, 1844; d. Denver CO. 33. iii. WILSON RHINE HARVEY, b. May 22, 1846; d. Nov 20, 1922, Metcalfe Co KY. iv. MARY B. HARVEY, b. 1848. v. MINERVA C. HARVEY, b. 1849. 19. JANE HARVEY was born 1811 in Barren Co KY, and died in Monroe Co KY. She married WILLIAM BUTTON 1830. Children of JANE HARVEY and WILLIAM BUTTON are: i. ELIZABETH JANE BUTTON, b. 1833, Monroe Co KY; d. Apr 27, 1912, Glasgow KY; m. SAMUEL J. EVERETT, Aug 14, 1881, Monroe Co KY. ii. A. MARTIN BUTTON, b. Sep 22, 1836, Monroe Co KY; d. Jun 07, 1884, Monroe Co KY. iii. WILLIAM S. BUTTON, b. Jan 21, 1838, Monroe Co KY; d. Apr 30, 1927, Monroe Co KY. iv. HENRY H. BUTTON, b. 1841, Monroe Co KY. v. MARY S. BUTTON, b. 1844, Monroe Co KY; m. JAMES HALEY, Cooper Co MO. vi. FRANCIS M. BUTTON, b. Feb 10, 1845, Monroe Co KY; d. Monroe Co KY; m. BETTIE HOWARD, Dec 29, 1881, Monroe Co KY. vii. ANDREW T. BUTTON, b. 1847, Monroe Co KY; d. Abt. 1859. viii. OWEN G. BUTTON, b. 1849, Monroe Co KY; d. Aft. 1860. 20. JAMES HENRY HARVEY was born Mar 24, 1812 in KY, died in PA. Children of JAMES HENRY HARVEY are: i. AMANOT A. HARVEY, b. 1837, KY. ii. MARTIN M. HARVEY, b. Abt. 1839, KY. iii. WILLIAM HARVEY, b. Jul 20, 1840, Ashland Co, Ohio; m. EVA FRIDLEY, May 11, 1871, Pettis Co MO. Notes for WILLIAM HARVEY: 1881 Johnson Co History book- Entered army 1861 for 3 mos, reenlisted 1862 in Co H, 15th Ohio Inf, returned to Ashland Co OH in 1864, to MO 1868., 280 acre farm. Children Elsie H. and John. Held office of school director. iv. LUCY JANE HARVEY, b. 1844, KY. v. E. SUSAN HARVEY, b. 1845, KY. vi. JOHN S. HARVEY, b. Abt. 1847, KY or MO. vii. N. F. HARVEY, b. 1850, MO. viii. J. HARVEY, b. 1852, MO. ix. A. N. HARVEY, b. 1854, MO. x. M. F. HARVEY, b. 1857, MO. 21. SUSANNAHHARVEY was born Jan 30, 1814 in KY, and died 1846 in Cooper Co MO. She married ANDREW KING WHITLOW Feb 12, 1842 in Cooper Co MO. Children of SUSANNAH HARVEY and ANDREW WHITLOW are: i. REUBEN WYATT WHITLOW, b. Sep 09, 1843, Booneville MO; d. Jackson Co MO; m. HATTIE L. ROCHESTER, Nov 08, 1871, Cooper Co MO. ii. ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) WHITLOW, b. 1844; d. Clarksburg MO. 34. iii. PLEASANT WILSON WHITLOW, b. Sep 06, 1846, Booneville MO; d. Mar 01, 1914, Eaton CO. 22. WILLIAM HARVEY was born Nov 26, 1815. He married ELIZABETH DAVIDSON Dec 20, 1836 in Barren Co, MO. Children of WILLIAM HARVEY and ELIZABETH DAVIDSON are: i. MARY HARVEY, b. 1838, KY. ii. MARTIN HARVEY, b. 1840, KY. iii. JAMES HARVEY, b. 1842, MO. iv. SARAH HARVEY, b. 1844, MO. v. NANCY HARVEY, b. 1846, MO. vi. JEFFINA? HARVEY, b. 1849, MO. 23. ABNER HARVEY was born Apr 18, 1817 in Cumberland Co KY, and died May 07, 1901 in Barton Co MO. He married (1) LUCY JANE BECK Nov 14, 1837 in Barton Co MO, daughter of REUBEN BECK and ELIZABETH NORRIS. He married (2) NANCY JANE COLLINS Oct 10, 1867. Children of ABNER HARVEY and LUCY BECK are: i. WILLIAM T. HARVEY, b. Oct 13, 1838, KY; d. Sep 05, 1839, KY. 35. ii. REUBEN WILSON HARVEY, b. May 25, 1840, KY; d. Feb 03, 1899. iii. MARTIN S. HARVEY, b. May 05, 1843, MO; d. Mar 03, 1862. iv. ELIZABETH SUSAN HARVEY, b. Jan 10, 1846, MO; d. Sep 24, 1864, MO. v. MARCELLA FRANCES HARVEY, b. Jul 07, 1848, MO; d. Feb 27, 1862, MO. 36. vi. JOSEPH JEFFERSON HARVEY, b. Apr 10, 1851, Barton Co MO; d. Aug 08, 1948. 37. vii. MILLARD FILMORE HARVEY, b. Feb 28, 1856, Barton Co MO; d. Liberal MO. viii. JESSE EVERETT HARVEY, b. Aug 14, 1859, Barton Co MO; d. May 15, 1862, Barton Co MO. 38. ix. ALBERT SIEGEL HARVEY, b. Jan 28, 1862, Barton Co MO; d. Liberal MO. 39. x. EDWARD H. HARVEY, b. Aug 09, 1865, Barton Co MO; d. Liberal MO. Children of ABNER HARVEY and NANCY COLLINS are: xi. LUCY JANE5 HARVEY, b. Dec 05, 1868; d. 1938; m. JOSEPH H. CLAUNCH, Mar 17, 1902. xii. MISSOURI ANN HARVEY, b. Dec 22, 1870; d. Jan 16, 1914. xiii. NELLIE MAE HARVEY, b. Jun 17, 1873; d. Apr 29, 1899; m. JOSEPH H. CLAUNCH, Mar 22, 1893, Barton Co, MO. 24. (REV.) THOMAS HARVEY was born Dec 15, 1818 in Barren Co KY, and died Feb 27, 1901 in Benton Co, MO. He married MARY EVANS Mar 14, 1839 in Barren Co MO. Children of (REV.) HARVEY and MARY EVANS are: 40. i. JAMES ABNER HARVEY, b. Jan 27, 1840, MO; d. Aug 23, 1898, Benton Co MO. ii. ELIZABETH A. (BETSY) HARVEY, b. 1843; m. BENJAMIN F. MARTIN, Oct 14, 1860, Cooper Co MO. iii. SARAH J. HARVEY, b. 1845, MO; m. JOHN W. MILLER, Dec 03, 1868, Benton Co MO. iv. MARTHA HARVEY, b. 1847, MO; m. JAMES HARRIS. v. NOAH W. HARVEY, b. 1850, Cooper Co MO; m. JULIA ANN MILLER, Feb 03, 1868, Benton Co MO. vi. WINNEY HARVEY, b. 1852, Cooper Co MO; m. MARTIN F. DUNCAN, Apr 28, 1870, Benton Co MO. vii. WILLIAM ROBERT HARVEY, b. Apr 08, 1854, Cooper Co MO; d. Feb 26, 1940, Hendrix OK; m. (1) PALMIRA BURTON, Aug 28, 1871, Benton Co MO; m. (2) ADELINE HOWARD, Jul 06, 1873, Benton Co, MO; m. (3) LAURA SMITH YOUNG, 1893, OK. viii. ZERELDA HARVEY, b. 1857, Benton Co MO. ix. THOMAS L. HARVEY, b. 1864, MO. 25. JOSEPH W. HARVEY was born Aug 11, 1822 in Barren Co KY, and died Jul 13, 1903 in Henry Co MO. He married (1) SARAH ANN HILL Dec 17, 1845 in Moniteau Co MO, daughter of ROLAND HILL and ELIZABETH EVANS. He married (2) MARTHA E. ____ Feb 20, 1868 in Henry Co MO. He married (3) C. MARGARET (HURST) LEE 1880 in Henry Co MO. Children of JOSEPH HARVEY and SARAH HILL are: i. SUSAN ELIZABETH HARVEY, b. Sep 26, 1847, Moniteau Co MO; d. Jun 02, 1933, Henry Co MO; m. GEORGE EAST, Oct 27, 1866, Henry Co MO. ii. CATHERINE MARCELLA HARVEY, b. Dec 1851, Moniteau Co MO; d. Bef. 1929, Walker MO; m. ROBERT V. COLE, Mar 12, 1871, Henry Co MO. iii. THOMAS R. HARVEY, b. 1853, Moniteau Co MO; d. Bef. 1870. iv. JOSEPHINE HARVEY, b. Sep 1855, Moniteau Co MO; d. Aug 04, 1934, Henry Co MO; m. SYLVESTER CLAY HURST, Dec 26, 1875, Henry Co MO. v. PEYTON L. HARVEY, b. Jan 15, 1858, Moniteau Co MO; d. May 31, 1937, Windsor MO. vi. ROLAND ALEXANDER HARVEY, b. 1860, Moniteau Co MO; d. AR. vii. OLIVIA "LEE" HARVEY, b. Jun 04, 1862, Moniteau Co MO; d. 1944, Henry Co MO; m. JOHN HARRISON HALLFORD, Dec 29, 1881, Henry Co MO. viii. LAURA BELLE HARVEY, b. Dec 14, 1865, Moniteau Co MO; d. 1929, Henry Co MO; m. JAMES L. RANEY, Dec 29, 1889, Henry Co MO. Children of JOSEPH HARVEY and MARTHA ____ are: ix. ALBERT HARVEY, b. 1870, Henry Co MO; d. Aft. 1903, KS. x. EFFIE MAY HARVEY, b. 1873. xi. KAREN HARVEY, b. Abt. 1875; d. Bef. 1903. 26. SARAH ANN HARVEY was born Jun 11, 1824 in Barren Co KY, and died Nov 19, 1865 in Henry Co MO. She married WILLIAM OVERTON BURRUS Dec 20, 1843 in Cooper Co MO. Children of SARAH HARVEY and WILLIAM BURRUS are: i. MARTIN ISAAC "BONES" BURRUS, b. Mar 30, 1845, Cooper Co MO; d. Dec 21, 1922, Cedar Co MO. ii. JAMES RILEY BURRUS, b. Oct 28, 1847, MO; d. Apr 15, 1932, Lubbock Co TX. iii. WILLIAM Y. BURRUS, b. Jan 22, 1849; d. Mar 14, 1871, Henry Co MO. iv. NANCY SUSAN BURRUS, b. Nov 01, 1850, MO; d. Apr 23, 1935, Cedar Co MO. v. ELIZABETH J. BURRUS, b. Sep 24, 1852; d. Jan 09, 1917, Cooke Co TX. vi. JOHN AUSTIN BURRUS, b. Feb 24, 1854, Henry Co MO; d. Mar 22, 1939, Clay Co TX. vii. REUBEN WALDE BURRUS, b. Oct 10, 1855. viii. GEORGE WASHINGTON BURRUS, b. Jan 14, 1857; d. Nov 06, 1910, Atarosa Co TX. ix. LORENZO M. BURRUS, b. Dec 20, 1859, MO; d. Sep 21, 1861, Henry Co MO. x. JEFFERSON DAVIS BURRUS, b. Sep 13, 1861; d. Apr 09, 1891. 27. NOAH BARTON HARVEY was born Mar 13, 1826, and died 1864 in Cooper Co MO. He married (1) MARTHA JANE LONGAN May 28, 1846 in Cooper Co MO. He married (2) LUCINDA REYNOLDS Dec 20, 1849 in Cooper Co MO. Children of NOAH HARVEY and MARTHA LONGAN are: i. JOHN A. HARVEY, b. 1850, Cooper Co MO. ii. JANET HARVEY, b. 1852, Cooper Co MO. iii. WALTER F. HARVEY, b. 1854, Cooper Co MO. iv. ROBERT S. HARVEY, b. 1856, Cooper Co MO. v. BARTON T. HARVEY, b. 1857, Cooper Co MO. 28. JOHN THOMAS HARVEY was born Feb 18, 1828 in Barren Co KY, and died 1874 in St. Clair Co MO. He married MARTHA A. EVANS Jun 22, 1852 in Cooper Co MO. Children of JOHN HARVEY and MARTHA EVANS are: 41. i. WILLIAM A. HARVEY, b. Feb 1854, Cooper Co MO; d. Kaw Twp, Jackson Co MO. ii. MARTIN A. HARVEY, b. 1856, Cooper Co MO; d. TX. iii. HENRY C. HARVEY, b. 1858, Cooper Co MO; d. Schell City MO; m. NANNIE BOND, Schell City MO. iv. NANNIE E. HARVEY, b. 1861, Cooper Co MO. 42. v. JOHN THOMAS HARVEY, JR., b. Jun 28, 1864, Ft. Lyons MO; d. Dec 14, 1942, Clinton MO. 43. vi. ULYSSES AUGUSTUS HARVEY, b. Feb 14, 1867, Henry Co MO; d. Mar 27, 1961, Nevada MO. 29. GREENVILLE JEFFERSON HARVEY was born Oct 31, 1822 in KY, and died Mar 18, 1903 in Eldon, Miller Co., MO. He married (1) RUTH BURRIS Abt. 1845 in MO. He married (2) MARY MARGARET P. WISDOM Jan 13, 1850 in Cooper Co., MO. He married (3) LUCINDA M. AUSTIN Mar 07, 1865 in Moniteau Co., MO. Notes for GREENVILLE J. HARVEY: His 2nd wife died while he was away fighting in the Civil War. No children by his 3rd marriage. Children of GREENVILLE HARVEY and RUTH BURRIS are: i. NANCY HARVEY, b. Dec 01, 1846, Moniteau Co., MO; m. ____ DELANY. ii. SALLY HARVEY, b. Abt. 1848. Children of GREENVILLE HARVEY and MARY WISDOM are: iii. LUCY ANN5 HARVEY, b. Jun 22, 1851, Moniteau Co., MO; m. ____ SALING. iv. WILLIAM MARSHALL HARVEY, b. Apr 19, 1853, Moniteau Co., MO; d. Aft. May 23, 1903. v. JOHN F. HARVEY, b. Jul 20, 1855, Moniteau Co., MO; d. Aft. May 23, 1903. vi. JOSEPH W. HARVEY, b. Abt. 1857; d. Bef. May 04, 1898. vii. WALTER J. HARVEY, b. Mar 08, 1860, Moniteau Co., MO; d. Aft. 1941. viii. QUINTILLA "TILLIE" H. HARVEY, b. Jun 10, 1861, Moniteau Co., MO; d. Aft. 1941; m. FRANKLIN H. AUSTIN, Jun 23, 1878. ix. GREENVILLE JEFFERSON HARVEY, JR., b. Nov 01, 1862, California, Moniteau Co., MO; d. Jun 13, 1941, Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO; m. AMANDA ELLEN JOBE, Nov 22, 1904. 30. ELIZABETH A. HARVEY was born Abt. 1830, and died Bef. 1853. She married DEDRICK YEWS \ YOWS. Notes for DEDRICK YEWS \ YOWS: he married Abner Harvey's daughter Elizabeth, then after she died, he married Abner's son's (Greenville) 3rd wife Lucinda. Children of ELIZABETH HARVEY and DEDRICK YOWS are: i. JOHN YEWS YOWS. ii. JAMES YEWS YOWS. iii. MARCELLA YEWS YOWS. Generation No. 5 31. JOHN HARVEY CLARY was born 1830 in Overton Co TN, and died Abt. 1914 in Joplin MO. He married LEVINA SEVIER. Children of JOHN CLARY and LEVINA SEVIER are: i. AGRIPPA VALENTINE CLARY, b. Jul 12, 1851, Overton Co TN; d. May 05, 1935, Urich, Henry Co, MO; m. MARY FRANCES DUNN, Jan 27, 1877, Henry County, MO. Notes for AGRIPPA VALENTINE CLARY: 1861- came with his parents to Henry County where they settled near StonesChapel, his home 'til manhood. He married Mrs. Mary Sevier at Montrose and for 50 years they made their home in White Oak township, five miles south of Urich. Burial: Hickory Grove Cemetery, Henry Co, MO Occupation: Farmer. Church: White Oak Methodist Church, Henry County, MO. Politics: Democrat Notes for MARY FRANCES DUNN: Mary was first married to George A. Sevier ii. WILLIAM RUTHERFORD CLARY, b. Jun 21, 1853, Overton Co TN; d. Nov 11, 1927, Wenatchee, WA; m. SARAH ELIZABETH SIMS, Sep 12, 1872, Clinton, MO. iii. MARTHA CLARY, b. 1856. iv. CELIA M.A. CLARY, b. 1858. v. GEORGE W. CLARY, b. Abt. 1861. vi. CATHERINE CLARY, b. Aft. 1861. vii. JOHN CLARY, b. Aft. 1861. viii. JAMES CLARY, b. Aft. 1861. ix. NANNIE CLARY, b. Aft. 1861. 32. JOHN W. KERR was born Mar 17, 1840 in Monroe Co KY, and died Feb 06, 1899 in TN. He married NANCY E. MULLENS Abt. 1860, daughter of DAVID MULLENS and ANNA VANN. Notes for JOHN W. KERR: a private in the Union Army during the Civil War. He enlisted into the 10th Tennessee Calvary, Company C, on December 12th, 1863. He was discharged from service on August 1, 1865. During his military term in the Civil War, he sustained an injury called "speresipolus." (?) Source: 1890 Special Census, Clay County, TN. Burial: February 1899, Mullens--Kerr Cemetery, Near Plainview Schoolhouse on Bedford Davis Farm, Pea Ridge, Clay County, Tennessee. Children of JOHN KERR and NANCY MULLENS are: i. WILLIAM G. KERR, b. Abt. 1860. ii. JOSEPH MARION KERR, b. Apr 12, 1866, TN; d. May 18, 1932, Clay Co, TN; m. LILLIE ANN SCOTT. iii. HENRY DAVID KERR, b. Jul 14, 1867. iv. TENNESSEE E. KERR, b. Sep 15, 1873. v. JAMES HERBERT KERR, b. Dec 20, 1883. 33. WILSON RHINE HARVEY was born May 22, 1846, and died Nov 20, 1922 in Metcalfe Co KY. He married LUCY ELLEN NANCE. Children of WILSON HARVEY and LUCY NANCE are: i. MELVIN HARVEY. ii. NANCY "NANNIE" HARVEY. iii. ROBERT WARNER HARVEY, b. Sep 28, 1865; d. Oct 23, 1923, Barren Co KY. iv. JOHN CLINTON HARVEY, b. Jan 09, 1878, Metcalfe Co KY; d. Nov 22, 1946, Greencastle, Putnam Co IN; m. EDNA HUGHES, Dec 18, 1901, Horse Cave KY. v. KATIE HARVEY, b. Jan 24, 1880; d. Mar 11, 1896, Hart Co KY. 34. PLEASANT WILSON WHITLOW was born Sep 06, 1846 in Booneville MO, and died Mar 01, 1914 in Eaton CO. He married ELIZABETH ELLEN REX May 1867 in Cooper Co MO, daughter of EVAN REX and ELIZABETH CAMPBELL. Children of PLEASANT WHITLOW and ELIZABETH REX are: i. JOSEPH WHITLOW. ii. JOHN A. WHITLOW, b. 1871; d. 1952; m. NETTIE E. ____. iii. HARVEY BROWELL WHITLOW, b. 1890; d. 1969; m. RUTH T. DOLAN. 35. REUBEN WILSON HARVEY was born May 25, 1840 in KY, and died Feb 03, 1899. He married MARTHA MARIAH REX Jan 06, 1867 in Cooper Co MO, daughter of EVAN REX and ELIZABETH CAMPBELL. Children of REUBEN HARVEY and MARTHA REX are: 44. i. WILLIAM WILSON HARVEY, b. Dec 09, 1867, Liberal, Barton Co MO; d. 1949. 45. ii. ABNER ALEXANDER HARVEY, b. Aug 12, 1869, Liberal, Barton Co MO; d. 1931. iii. LUCY ELIZABETH HARVEY, b. Feb 01, 1871, Prarie Home, Cooper Co MO; d. 1878. iv. THEODOCIA EARNEST HARVEY, b. Feb 24, 1873, Pisgah, Cooper Co MO; d. 1963; m. THOMAS BAILEY. v. NORAH ELLEN HARVEY, b. Jul 26, 1875, Clarksburg, Moniteau Co MO; d. 1893. 46. vi. LOUIS NATHANIEL HARVEY, b. Dec 19, 1877, Pisgah, Cooper Co MO; d. 1948. vii. MYRTLE MAY HARVEY, b. Feb 24, 1880, Winthrop, Buchanan Co MO; d. 1880. 47. viii. CHARLES LESLIE HARVEY, b. Apr 29, 1881, Atchison, Atchison Co KS; d. 1924. 48. ix. JOSEPH ABRA HARVEY, b. Mar 06, 1884, Atchison, Atchison Co KS; d. 1952. x. LINNIE ALICE HARVEY, b. Dec 19, 1886, Liberal, Barton Co MO; d. 1983; m. CHARLES AUDLEY WAMSLEY. xi. BERTHA HARVEY, b. Apr 03, 1889, Ft. Scott KS; d. 1900. 36. JOSEPH JEFFERSON HARVEY was born Apr 10, 1851 in Barton Co MO, and died Aug 08, 1948. He married ROSE AMELIA BREWSTER. Children of JOSEPH HARVEY and ROSE BREWSTER are: i. VIOLA P. HARVEY, b. Sep 1884, CA. ii. FLORENCE E. HARVEY, b. Jun 1890, MO. iii. GRANT HARVEY, b. Jul 1896, MO. 37. MILLARD FILMORE HARVEY was born Feb 28, 1856 in Barton Co MO, and died in Liberal MO. He married CORNELIA F. COLLINS Feb 19, 1879. Children of MILLARD HARVEY and CORNELIA COLLINS are: i. WALTON HARVEY, b. 1879, Liberal, Barton Co MO. ii. GRACE HARVEY, b. 1884, Liberal, Barton Co MO. iii. IDA HARVEY, b. Aug 1886, Liberal, Barton Co MO. iv. JESSE HARVEY, b. Jul 1890, Liberal, Barton Co MO. v. JAMES HERBERT HARVEY, b. Aug 1894, Liberal, Barton Co MO; d. 1936. 38. ALBERT SIEGEL HARVEY was born Jan 28, 1862 in Barton Co MO, and died in Liberal MO. He married FRANCES E. BANOY 1883 in Liberal MO. Children of ALBERT HARVEY and FRANCES BANOY are: i. OSCAR J. HARVEY, b. 1886, MO. ii. INEZ HARVEY, b. Sep 1888, MO. iii. RENA HARVEY, b. Feb 1894, MO. iv. CLAUDE HARVEY, b. Feb 1896, MO. v. DEWEY HARVEY, b. Feb 1898, MO. vi. CARRIE HARVEY, b. Mar 1900, MO. 39. EDWARD H. HARVEY was born Aug 09, 1865 in Barton Co MO, and died in Liberal MO. He married ZUBA H. TIBBETS Dec 30, 1903 in Liberal MO. Children of EDWARD HARVEY and ZUBA TIBBETS are: i. CLARENCE HARVEY, b. Nov 1889, Liberal MO. ii. RAYMOND HARVEY, b. 1911, Barton Co MO. iii. FRANK HARVEY, b. 1912, Barton Co MO. iv. ELIZABETH HARVEY, b. 1913, Barton Co MO. v. HAROLD HARVEY, b. 1917, Barton Co MO. 40. JAMES ABNER HARVEY was born Jan 27, 1840 in MO, and died Aug 23, 1898 in Benton Co MO. He married SARAH ANN NICHOLSON Dec 25, 1865 in Cooper Co MO. Children of JAMES HARVEY and SARAH NICHOLSON are: 49. i. EDGAR LOYD HARVEY, b. Jan 15, 1867, Cooper Co MO; d. May 16, 1938, Benton Co MO. ii. ANNA DEE HARVEY, b. Jan 15, 1867, Cooper Co MO; m. WILLIAM LYNCH. iii. FRANCIS LESLIE HARVEY, b. 1871; m. GENEVIEVE RANDOL. iv. MARY HELEN HARVEY, b. Nov 03, 1878; d. Feb 16, 1888, Benton Co MO. 41. WILLIAM A. HARVEY was born Feb 1854 in Cooper Co MO, and died in Kaw Twp, Jackson Co MO. He married PALMYRA (HOUCHE) BURTON Aug 28, 1871 in Benton Co MO. Children of WILLIAM HARVEY and PALMYRA BURTON are: 50. i. GEORGE ASBERRY HARVEY, d. 1920, Sedalia MO. ii. EDWARD HARVEY, d. IA. iii. O.J. HARVEY, d. K.C. MO. iv. PEARL HARVEY, d. K.C. MO; m. MR. BRADEN. v. LAURA HARVEY, b. 1873, MO; d. 1910, Clinton MO. vi. JOHN E. HARVEY, b. Jun 1884, Clinton MO. vii. MARY HARVEY, b. Sep 1886; d. K.C. MO. viii. WILBERT EARLE HARVEY, b. Jul 1889; d. K.C. MO. 42. JOHN THOMAS HARVEY, JR. was born Jun 28, 1864 in Ft. Lyons MO, and died Dec 14, 1942 in Clinton MO. He married MELLISSA JANE APPLEGATE Apr 23, 1885, daughter of EBENEZER APPLEGATE and EMILY WALKER. Children of JOHN HARVEY and MELLISSA APPLEGATE are: i. MARTHA FRANCES HARVEY, b. Jan 18, 1886, Schell City MO; d. Oct 26, 1910, Schell City MO; m. LEWIS WILLIAM BLANKENSHIP, Dec 24, 1905, Schell City MO. 51. ii. BENJAMIN HARRISON "HARRY" HARVEY, b. Aug 20, 1888, Schell City MO; d. Aug 03, 1945. iii. MOLLIE MARIE HARVEY, b. Mar 16, 1891, Schell City MO; d. Aug 23, 1968, La Junta CO; m. THOMAS CLARK FOWLER, Sep 27, 1914, Schell City MO. 52. iv. JOHN THOMAS HARVEY, b. Oct 20, 1894, Schell City MO; d. Feb 15, 1940, Bartlesville OK. 53. v. FRANKLIN EBENEZER HARVEY, b. Jul 28, 1897, Schell City MO; d. Jul 12, 1973, Ochelata OK. vi. MARY ANN HARVEY, b. Sep 16, 1900, Schell City MO; d. Jan 10, 1973, Schell City MO; m. ALBERT KNIGHT DADE, Mar 06, 1920, Nevada MO. 54. vii. FREDERICK MARTIN HARVEY, b. Jun 16, 1903, Schell City MO; d. Nov 07, 1979, Schell City viii. LULA MAY HARVEY, b. Mar 06, 1906, Schell City MO; d. Nevada MO; m. MARION REED RABON, Jul 04, 1926, Nevada MO. 43. ULYSSES AUGUSTUS HARVEY was born Feb 14, 1867 in Henry Co MO, and died Mar 27, 1961 in Nevada. He married (1) ELIZABETH BELL Aug 24, 1887 in St. Clair Co MO. He married (2) ANTIONETTE DUFOUR (MOREROD) MITCHEM Oct 07, 1900 in St. Clair Co MO. He married (3) MARY ELIZABETH (FOSTER) PLUMMER Dec 07, 1939 in Metz KS. Child of ULYSSES HARVEY and ELIZABETH BELL is: i. LESTER HARVEY, b. Sep 18, 1892, Nevada MO; d. Dec 19, 1963, Alderwood WA. Children of ULYSSES HARVEY and ANTIONETTE MITCHEM are: ii. ELIZABETH MARTHA6 HARVEY, b. Jul 01, 1901, Schell City MO; d. Apr 25, 1987, Schell City MO; m. FRED BERTRAND DADE, Jul 12, 1921. iii. MARY ETTA HARVEY, b. Apr 18, 1904, Schell City MO; d. Aug 08, 1956, Nevada MO; m. JOSEPH J. SCHEHEN, 1929. iv. ELMA RUTH HARVEY, b. Aug 15, 1906, Schell City MO; d. Jul 30, 1980, Nevada MO. v. ANNA MAE HARVEY, b. Feb 20, 1909, Schell City MO; m. LEONARD ERHART BARTZ. Generation No. 6 44. WILLIAM WILSON HARVEY was born Dec 09, 1867 in Liberal, Barton Co MO, and died 1949. He married LILLIAN RUTHENGER. Children of WILLIAM HARVEY and LILLIAN RUTHENGER are: i. CLYDE HARVEY, b. 1893. ii. CHESTER HARVEY, b. 1895; m. MCQUEEN. iii. LILLIAN N. HARVEY, b. 1906. iv. ELIZABETH D. HARVEY, b. 1915; m. OMAR WADE. 45. ABNER ALEXANDER HARVEY was born Aug 12, 1869 in Liberal, Barton Co MO, and died 1931. He married (1) LAURA CATHERINE PAINTER. He married (2) OLIVE PRUNTY. Children of ABNER HARVEY and LAURA PAINTER are: i. MARGUERITE MAY HARVEY, b. 1897; d. 1968; m. COOPER WILLIAM MCKEMY. ii. EARL HOWARD HARVEY, b. 1898; d. 1988; m. EDITH SERENE HALVORSON. Child of ABNER HARVEY and OLIVE PRUNTY is: iii. JAMES HILTON HARVEY, b. 1916; d. 1974. 46. LOUIS NATHANIEL HARVEY was born Dec 19, 1877 in Pisgah, Cooper Co MO, and died 1948. He married ABBIE M. HATMAKER. Children of LOUIS HARVEY and ABBIE HATMAKER are: i. LOUIS A. HARVEY, b. 1907. ii. WILLIAM R. HARVEY, b. 1916. iii. THOMAS M. HARVEY, b. 1918. 47. CHARLES LESLIE HARVEY was born Apr 29, 1881 in Atchison, Atchison Co KS, and died 1924. He married (1) ELSIE MAY MORREL. He married (2) NELLIE A. MORREL. Children of CHARLES HARVEY and NELLIE MORREL are: i. CHARLES LESLIE HARVEY, JR., b. 1912. ii. EVELYN HARVEY, b. 1915. 48. JOSEPH ABRA HARVEY was born Mar 06, 1884 in Atchison, Atchison Co KS, and died 1952. He married DESSIE MORREL. Children of JOSEPH HARVEY and DESSIE MORREL are: i. FERN HARVEY, b. 1911. ii. ELIZABETH HARVEY, b. 1913. 49. EDGAR LOYD HARVEY was born Jan 15, 1867 in Cooper Co MO, and died May 16, 1938 in Benton Co, MO. He married MINERVA ALICE GRIGGS Dec 07, 1887. Children of EDGAR HARVEY and MINERVA GRIGGS are: i. MYRTLE ODETTE HARVEY, b. Nov 20, 1894; d. May 07, 1991, Henry Co MO; m. SAMPSON VAN HOOSIER, Feb 28, 1925. ii. GLENN IVAN HARVEY, b. Dec 19, 1896, Benton Co MO; d. Feb 28, 1987, Henry Co MO; m. ELSIE LOWE STEVENS, Jan 21, 1917. iii. KATHRYN BELLE HARVEY, b. Nov 13, 1902; d. Mar 18, 1987; m. RICHARD Bryon MILLER, Dec 25, 1920. iv. ETHEL DALE HARVEY, b. Sep 23, 1907; d. Jul 01, 1974; m. CARL GOFF, Apr 10, 1943. v. LOYD GRIGGS HARVEY, b. Aug 03, 1913; d. Nov 10, 1981; m. DOROTHAMAE AGEE, Sep 02, 1936. 50. GEORGE ASBERRY HARVEY died 1920 in Sedalia MO. Children of GEORGE HARVEY are: i. ROBERT LEE HARVEY, b. Mar 28, 1898, MO; d. Feb 07, 1993, Liberty MO. ii. MAY L. HARVEY, b. 1900. iii. GEORGE ASBERRY HARVEY, JR., b. 1905. iv. ALICE R. HARVEY, b. 1906. v. RUSSELL W. HARVEY, b. 1912. 51. BENJAMIN HARRISON "HARRY" HARVEY was born Aug 20, 1888 in Schell City MO, and died Aug 03, 1945. He married SADIE ANN LONG Nov 20, 1910 in Schell City MO, daughter of JAMES LONG and LAURA PETERS. Children of BENJAMIN HARVEY and SADIE LONG are: i. VIOLA MAY HARVEY, b. Feb 02, 1912, St. Clair Co MO. 55. ii. ALVA DALE HARVEY, b. Oct 16, 1915, Vernon Co MO; d. Apr 14, 1977, K.C. MO. 56. iii. ROSA BELLE HARVEY, b. Nov 16, 1917, Vernon Co MO; d. May 1980, El Dorado Springs MO. 57. iv. EMMOREATA CHRISTINE HARVEY, b. Jun 06, 1921, Vernon Co MO. 58. v. HARRY ELWOOD HARVEY, b. Mar 25, 1924, Nevada MO. 59. vi. ELDON LEE HARVEY, b. Nov 30, 1927, Nevada MO. 52. JOHN THOMAS HARVEY was born Oct 20, 1894 in Schell City MO, and died Feb 15, 1940 in Bartlesville OK. He married SUSIE CLEVELAND ROBERTS Sep 07, 1920 in Nevada MO. Children of JOHN HARVEY and SUSIE ROBERTS are: i. JOHN ELTON HARVEY, b. Aug 23, 1921, Mauford OK; m. MARTHA VALK, Apr 16, 1945. ii. CLARE TURA EVA HARVEY, b. Aug 04, 1923, Mauford OK; d. Aug 04, 1923. iii. GERALD ROBERTS HARVEY, b. Jul 23, 1926, Mauford OK; m. MARIAN Joyce RILEY, May 19, 1946, L.A. 53. FRANKLIN EBENEZER HARVEY was born Jul 28, 1897 in Schell City MO, and died Jul 12, 1973 in Ochelata OK. He married TURA ELSIE ROBERTS Sep 28, 1921 in Nevada MO. Children of FRANKLIN HARVEY and TURA ROBERTS are: i. WILMA JUNE HARVEY, b. Mar 26, 1926, Ochelata OK. ii. BETTY SUE HARVEY, b. Apr 23, 1933, Ochelata OK. 54. FREDERICK MARTIN HARVEY was born Jun 16, 1903 in Schell City MO, and died Nov 07, 1979 in Schell City MO. He married TENNA KATHRYN CENTER Dec 19, 1923 in Nevada MO. Children of FREDERICK HARVEY and TENNA CENTER are: i. KATHRYN NADINE HARVEY, b. Nov 28, 1924, near Schell City MO; d. Nov 28, 1924. ii. JULIA MAE HARVEY, b. Feb 23, 1927, Harwood MO. iii. FREDERICK EVERETT HARVEY, b. Jul 14, 1934, Harwood MO; d. Jul 15, 1934. Generation No. 7 55. ALVA DALE HARVEY was born Oct 16, 1915 in Vernon Co MO, and died Apr 14, 1977 in K.C. MO. He married (1) WYNEMA SHORT. He married (2) CAROLINE GEORGE Sep 17, 1943 in El Dorado Springs MO, daughter of THOMAS GEORGE and CAROLINE JOHNSON. Children of ALVA HARVEY and CAROLINE GEORGE are: 60. i. CAROL ANN HARVEY, b. Mar 31, 1945, Manchester, NH. 61. ii. LAURA BELLE HARVEY, b. Aug 14, 1946, Nevada, MO. 62. iii. GEORGE DALE HARVEY, b. Sep 05, 1947, El Dorado Springs MO. 63. iv. ANITA LOUISE HARVEY, b. Jul 12, 1950, Siloam Springs, AR. 64. v. SUE ELLEN HARVEY, b. Aug 11, 1952, El Dorado Springs MO. 65. vi. ALICE MARIE HARVEY, b. Jan 30, 1955, Nevada MO. 56. ROSA BELLE HARVEY was born Nov 16, 1917 in Vernon Co MO, and died May 1980 in El Dorado Springs MO. She married LUCIEN FRANKLIN CARTER Jul 03, 1938 in El Dorado Springs MO. Children of ROSA HARVEY and LUCIEN CARTER are: 66. i. ROSALEE ANN CARTER, b. Apr 10, 1940, El Dorado Springs MO. 67. ii. TIMOTHY LUCIEN CARTER, b. Feb 23, 1949, Nevada MO. 57. EMMOREATA CHRISTINE HARVEY was born Jun 06, 1921 in Vernon Co MO. She married SAMUEL GRIFFIN "SG" BANKS Nov 05, 1939 in Nevada MO. Children of EMMOREATA HARVEY and SAMUEL BANKS are: 68. i. IRIS CHRISTINE BANKS, b. May 28, 1941. ii. HARVEY GRIFFIN BANKS, b. Nov 21, 1950. 58. HARRY ELWOOD HARVEY was born Mar 25, 1924 in Nevada MO. He married EVELYN BERNICE DENNIS Aug 29, 1943 in El Dorado Springs MO. Children of HARRY HARVEY and EVELYN DENNIS are: i. ELWOOD DEAN HARVEY, b. Jul 21, 1946; m. JUDY DODDS. 69. ii. KRISTI KALE HARVEY, b. Jan 13, 1950. iii. KANDY KAY HARVEY, b. Jul 06, 1957; m. JIM SWOPES, Sep 13, 1975. 59. ELDON LEE HARVEY was born Nov 30, 1927 in Nevada MO. He married MARY ELIZABETH MCMULLEN Oct 05, 1947 in El Dorado Springs MO. Children of ELDON HARVEY and MARY MCMULLEN are: i. HARRY WAYNE HARVEY, b. Dec 31, 1948. ii. JIMMY D. HARVEY, b. Dec 29, 1950. iii. SHARON ELAINE HARVEY, b. Sep 10, 1953. Generation No. 8 60. CAROL ANN HARVEY was born Mar 31, 1945 in Manchester, NH. She married LANNY DEAN LEATHERS May 20, 1962 in Miami OK. Children of CAROL HARVEY and LANNY LEATHERS are: 70. i. MICHAEL DEAN LEATHERS, b. Nov 16, 1962, N.K.C. MO. ii. MARC ALAN LEATHERS, b. Jan 05, 1968, N.K.C. MO; m. KAREN RANNOW, Mar 05, 1994, Las Vegas 61. LAURA BELLE HARVEY was born Aug 14, 1946 in Nevada, MO. She married DAVID EUGENE ELLIOTT Feb 23, 1962 in K. C. MO. Children of LAURA HARVEY and DAVID ELLIOTT are: 71. i. SUZANNE JEAN ELLIOTT, b. Sep 08, 1962, N.K.C. MO. ii. CHRISTOPHER EUGENE ELLIOTT, b. Mar 05, 1969, N.K.C. MO; m. PRUDENCE EQILA, Oct 16, 1993, Whittier CA. 62. GEORGE DALE HARVEY was born Sep 05, 1947 in El Dorado Springs MO. He married (1) DONNA LYNN SUMMERS. He married (2) LOIS JEAN SEGURA. Child of GEORGE HARVEY and DONNA SUMMERS is: i. KEVIN DALE HARVEY, b. Oct 07, 1966, N.K.C. MO. Children of GEORGE HARVEY and LOIS SEGURA are: ii. TINA MARIE HARVEY, b. Sep 17, 1975, N.K.C. MO. iii. MARLISSA JO HARVEY, b. Feb 17, 1977, N.K.C. MO. iv. KENNETH PAUL HARVEY, b. Feb 11, 1980, K. C. MO. 63. ANITA LOUISE HARVEY was born Jul 12, 1950 in Siloam Springs, AR. She married GLENN DAVID MANIS Apr 05, 1969 in Liberty MO. Children of ANITA HARVEY and GLENN MANIS are: i. STEPHANIE LYNNE MANIS, b. Nov 16, 1970, N.K.C. MO. 72. ii. REBEKAH CHRISTINE MANIS, b. Nov 09, 1972, N.K.C. MO. 73. iii. AMY MICHELLE MANIS, b. Jun 25, 1974, N.K.C. MO. iv. MATTHEW GLENN MANIS, b. Nov 18, 1980, N.K.C. MO. v. JOSHUA DALE MANIS, b. Aug 02, 1987, Olathe KS. 64. SUE ELLEN HARVEY was born Aug 11, 1952 in El Dorado Springs MO. She married KERRY DALE KELLERMEYER Oct 23, 1971 in Liberty MO, son of LAWRENCE KELLERMEYER and NANCY GUILLIAMS. Children of SUE HARVEY and KERRY KELLERMEYER are: i. DANIEL KERRY KELLERMEYER, b. Oct 13, 1974, NKC MO. ii. ANDREW DALE KELLERMEYER, b. Oct 13, 1974, NKC MO. iii. RACHEL CAROLINE KELLERMEYER, b. Mar 25, 1978, NKC MO. 65. ALICE MARIE HARVEY was born Jan 30, 1955 in Nevada MO. She married GARRY WAYNE CROWLEY Jun 15, 1974 in Missouri City MO. Children of ALICE HARVEY and GARRY CROWLEY are: i. WILLIAM ROY CROWLEY, b. Feb 04, 1976, K. C. MO; d. Feb 04, 1976, K. C. MO. ii. CHAD DALE CROWLEY, b. Feb 04, 1976, K. C. MO; d. Feb 04, 1976, K. C. MO. iii. KELLY ANN CROWLEY, b. Mar 13, 1977, K. C. MO; m. JAMES KEVIN GRIFFEY, Jul 15, 1995, Liberty MO. iv. BRYAN WAYNE CROWLEY, b. Nov 29, 1978, K. C. MO. 66. ROSALEE ANN CARTER was born Apr 10, 1940 in El Dorado Springs MO. She married ALBERT LOUIS STEBBINS Sep 26, 1958 in El Dorado Springs MO. Child of ROSALEE CARTER and ALBERT STEBBINS is: i. LISA DAWN STEBBINS, b. Jan 19, 1960, Nevada MO. 67. TIMOTHY LUCIEN CARTER was born Feb 23, 1949 in Nevada MO. He married PEGGY KAY WHITED in Louisberg MO. Children of TIMOTHY CARTER and PEGGY WHITED are: i. KELLY ANN CARTER, b. Jun 04, 1974. ii. AMY LEA CARTER, b. Jul 12, 1975. iii. TESSIE KAY CARTER, b. Sep 15, 1982. 68. IRIS CHRISTINE BANKS was born May 28, 1941. She married LARRY KING READ. Children of IRIS BANKS and LARRY READ are: i. DOUGLAS KING READ, b. Dec 04, 1960, K.C. MO. ii. RAMONA CHRISTINE READ, b. Apr 11, 1963, N.K.C. MO. iii. AARON BANKS READ, b. Jan 23, 1966, Topeka KS. 69. KRISTI KALE HARVEY was born Jan 13, 1950. She married LARRY ESLINGER. Children of KRISTI HARVEY and LARRY ESLINGER are: i. SHANNON CHRISTINE ESLINGER, b. May 09, 1968. ii. MANDI LYNN ESLINGER, b. Jan 25, 1974. Generation No. 9 70. MICHAEL DEAN LEATHERS was born Nov 16, 1962 in N.K.C. MO. He married KAREN SUE ROCSHER Dec 26, 1983 in Blue Springs MO. Child of MICHAEL LEATHERS and KAREN ROCSHER is: i. CHAD MICHAEL LEATHERS, b. Mar 08, 1985. 71. SUZANNE JEAN ELLIOTT was born Sep 08, 1962 in N.K.C. MO. She married JAMES SCOTT BUCHANAN Sep 30, 1988 in Hawaii. Children of SUZANNE ELLIOTT and JAMES BUCHANAN are: i. JESSICA SUZANNE BUCHANAN, b. Aug 07, 1989, Tucson AZ. ii. SAMANTHA JAE BUCHANAN, b. Sep 17, 1991, Riverside CA. iii. JAMES HYUN SOO BUCHANAN, b. Dec 28, 1994, Korea. 72. REBEKAH CHRISTINE MANIS was born Nov 09, 1972 in N.K.C. MO. She married ROBERT CHARLES MEREDITH Jun 06, 1992. Child of REBEKAH MANIS and ROBERT MEREDITH is: i. ROBERT CHRISTOPHER MEREDITH, b. Apr 05, 1993, Ft. Huachuca AZ. 73. AMY MICHELLE MANIS was born Jun 25, 1974 in N.K.C. MO. Child of AMY MICHELLE MANIS is: i. CAITLYN ELIZABETH MANIS, b. Nov 05, 1992, Tucson AZ.