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The purpose of All About Mormons is to explain the beliefs and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Scholarly & Historical Information Exchange 
for Latter-Day Saints. 
SHIELDS is an LDS apologetics web site devoted to responding to issues raised by critics of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The information presented is to help people from being deceived by those who would not tell the truth about the LDS church.
FARMS. The Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies.
FARMS encourages and supports scholarly research on the Book of Mormon, the Bible, other ancient scripture, and related subjects. It supports the preservation of ancient religious documents and publishes the results of these efforts both for scholars and the general public.


Book of Abraham Project 


An LDS Library of 
Free Resources

The WWW's First Ward
LDS Friends Worldwide
LDS Resources
Families Together Forever

LDS Resource page
LDS Primary Mailing List

Jeffman's Geocities Place - A general overall view on of The Book of Mormon and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Family- Family site that gives ideas to promote family unity. Tips, and helps.
Marti's world - A fun kids site for all ages!
The Mercia Ward Web Page - We are located in Coventry England. We are visited many times during the year by people from the United States. We want you to know a little bit about us as well as where we meet.
The Elizabeth HENRY of Channel Islands Genealogy Websit - The story and search for ancestors of Elizabeth HENRY, and husband, John PILL, of Guernsey, Channel Islands. They left their island home, boarded a ship, joined the westward trek, but died in Mormon Grove, Kansas, while on their way to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.
Janice's Genealogy Jump Point - My page is home to my genealogy and some good genealogy links. Also has some good homeschooling links and some of my favorite LDS sites
slhanawalt- Family web site of Sha & Larry Hanawalt members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Connections- Genealogy pages with many good links.I also have a collection of surname homepages,and cemetery listings for Bristol,Pa.
Robert Jaramillo's Homepage - A site about my family, the LDS Church, Temples, and Fun!!!
The LDS Homepage - This is some of my study of the Church Doctrines. The site is in Chinese.
Top Ten Mormon Sites - There are thousands of excellent LDS sites on the World Wide Web. The purpose of this site is to provide a limited selection of links to some of the very best LDS sites. Sites were specifically chosen for those who may be new to the Church.
Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints - West Salem - Official homepage of the West Salem Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
LDS Scripture Verse - Scripture Verse is a daily service to anyone wanting to receive a daily verse from the scriptures. This list is open to all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or anyone interested in receiving daily scripture
The AML-List Homepage - AML-List gathers resources related to Mormon literature (fiction, poetry, drama, etc., by, for, and about Mormons). Good source for writers, scholars, and fans.
Poets- Poetry by the author with other links.
Bloomington Hills First Ward - Bloomington Hill 1st Ward Web Site designed to give information to members and non-members about ward location, activities, leaders, meeting times and links to other church sites.
The Archive - An LDS/Christian Research page, exploring LDS doctrine, Book of Mormon, Book of Abraham, Early Christianity and more. With links, articles, and essays.
Lubbock LDSSA - Welcome to the official homepage of the Lubbock, TX LDSSA and Singles Branch at Texas Tech University.
Food Storage - Food storage based on the First Presidency's recommendations, and lots of other ideas.
Colleen Baker's Home Page - My homepage has children's art, my resume, photography, and poems. It contains my favorite links to computer, education, LDS, and other good sites.
LDSSA of Amarillo - This is a representation of the LDSSA of Amarillo Texas. It includes a schedule of events, spritual thoughts, a directory of members including email addresses, and a list of LDS and Amarillo related links
Activit Ease: Ready Made Ideas for Primary, Mutual or R - Activity ideas and handbooks for Primary, Mutual, or Relief Society. New ideas for 2000.
Family Website of Brent and Bonalee Larsen - Family Website of Brent and Bonalee Larsen, members of the LDS or Mormon church, our son is currently serving a mission in Sydney Australia
The Pratt's Links For Parenting, Recipes, and Beyond - I have lots of links for parents: Breastfeeding, Pregnancy; including Breastfeeding while Pregnant, LDS (FHE, etc.), Recipes and Many More. I have lots more Educational Resources Links & Lesson Plans.
Danville California Stake - The home page of the Danville California Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints - Williamsbu - Official web site of the Williamsburg Virginia Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Fun at Home - A Scroll Saw and other tool are used at home to decorate our walls and shelfs. the whole family gets involved with things to make.
Annette Nay, MS - Selected personal articles on counseling, religious, and Scouting topics plus links to related resources by other writers.
My Beliefs - My web site is about my life as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, coping with MS, and my hobbies of genealogy,creative writing and poetry
LDS Moms Discussion List Homepage - This is the homepage for the LDS Moms Discussion List. We would love for all LDS mothers to join us!
Lynnfield Ward - Lynnfield Massachusetts Ward Home Page
Trece Martires Branch Homepage - Welcome to Trece Martires City Branch Homepage, Naic District Philippines Manila Mission
Michelle's LDS Webpage - Just a simple LDS site.
CERLINK, Distributors the The Center For Educational Re - CERLINK is a distributor for The Center for Educational Restoration. CER offers curriculum, workbooks, parent guides, and testing services, that are: GOD-CENTERED PRINCIPLE-BASE FAMILY-ORIENTED This patriotic and multi-denominational curriculum is designed especially for home learning! was created to give members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a safe and secure spot to auction not only mormon specific items, but everything. From Primary to Scouts, Emergency prep to Crafts, you can sell it or buy it at
Monroe Ward Home - At home in Monroe Michigan
The Price's Palace - Come visit our family as we share our joys and challenges.
The Lowe Zone - Site contains LDS information, personal information, West Virginia Charleston Mission Information and just regular weblinks to other sites 
Dustin's L.D.S. Home Page - LDS thoughts and poems. VERY inspiring pages!
The Asp Family Home Page - Life in the Sierra Nevada Mountains...interests and adventures of the Asp family...Talar ni Svenska ?
LDS Papers - This site is an online directory of scholarly and semi-scholarly papers which treat LDS subjects or present LDS perspectives.
My Family - A site on some of my family lines complete with pictures when available. Including: Flynn, Keiser, Herrin, Vogler, Booher, Palmer and more.
LDS Dating Survival Guide - The best Dating Idea site ANYWHERE! And it's made forthe Mormon youth! Over 1000 listed Ideas and tips. All tried and true!
Book of Mormon Readers - This is the home page for the LDS Book of Mormon Readers mailing list on eGroups. Our site gives information about the Book of Mormon and about our study group. Anyone involved in the study of the Book of Mormon, whether a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints o
El Mundo SUD - Preparé este sitio para dar alguna guía a las personas que deseen conocer de la Iglesia.
Mormons-Only- Mormons-Only is a forum for members, friends and investigators of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to assist one another in lesson and talk preparation, exchange testimonies, share faith promoting stories, and get to know each other over the Net - sort of a chaperoned LDS so
Australia Perth Mission - Perth Australia Missionaries and other church related links.
Friends of Chloe - the Friends of Chloe warn against inner apostacy and outer rejection of the truth
Dav's Page! - My Name is Dav and am a Member of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS. If you would like to learn about me, you may do this by visting my sight! Thanks!
Mormon Doctrine Books And Collectibles! - Bid On Out Of Print, Scarce And Rare Mormon Doctrine Books And Collectibles From My Library And Attic! Reasonable And Fair Opening Bids. Learn A Lesson On LDS History Just By Reading The Descriptions On These Items. Browsing Is FREE! 
Ohio Cleveland Mission Alumni - List of missionaries of the Ohio Cleveland Mission. If you have lived or served in the Cleveland Mission - this is your page.
BSA Troop/Crew 79: Amarillo, Texas - BSA Troop/Crew 79 is sponsored by Amarillo 1st Ward of the Amarillo, Texas Stake. Come stop by!
Hudson LDS Branch Site - This site shows some pertinent information about the Hudson [NY] Branch for travellers as well as many links to official and non-official LDS sites.
Kingswood Ward - Las Vegas Meadows Stake - You will find infomation on people,Internet,entertainment,and Las Vegas Nevada. You will also find ,web pages, and to other LDS sites over the world wide web.
Family Power Tools - An uncompromising selection of online tools for the betterment of your web, home, and world environments. 
Rohnert Park 2nd Ward Home Page - This site is hosted by LDS members of the Rohnert Park 2nd Ward. It has useful information for the members as well as links that might be of interest to them.
Sister Sarda's World - Links to information on LDS missions and Information on Sistr Sarda and her experiances as the happen each month.
Links for Tjandra and Friends - A site to learn more about the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, its members, its mission, its purposes, and to read and share inspiration and friendship.
Olson Galleries - Masterful pen and ink drawings of beautiful LDS Temples by architect and Old World artist George Olson. Considered one of a few remaining true pen and ink artists. We invite you to visit his online gallery.
Pittsburg 1st Ward - Pittsburg 1st Ward is one of the oldest wards in the Bay Area. Located on the Sacramento River Delta, Pittsburg is the home of the USPOSCO Steel Mill and the Pittsburg Seafood Festival.
Baton Rouge 3rd Ward - Visit the Baton Rouge 3rd Ward Homepage for information about the ward Gospel Doctrine, Newsletter, Young Men, Young Women, Temple update, and more!
Hebron Ward - Hebron Ward Web Site in Hebron Indiana, Valparaiso Indiana Stake
LordBryan's Homepage - Contents: the First Vision, For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, and the Testimonies of the Book of Mormon. =)
My Family Histories - Family historys from Pa. W.Va. Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and New York
The AML-List Living Room - Read introductions of members of AML-List, the online mailing list for the Association for Mormon Letters. 
Official website of David E. McCully - An 'everything that is good and profitable for men to know' site, including links in many categories like music, politics, lds, chinese, computer, math, sciences, ham radio, etc.
LDS Links - Over 400 quality LDS Links and almost 500 kids links. Updated on a regular basis. Also, an LDS news ticker.
LDS HOME - Directed towards non-members, it relates general information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including basic doctrine, history, links to other websites, and answers to frequently-asked questions.
The Hudson Ward - Description of the Hudson Ward of the St. Petersburg, Florida Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint, featuring the ward newsletter, Hudson Ward Hi-Lites.
The LDS Korea Page - The page contains lds links and links regarding Korea, and the Korean Language.
Mem Research - A resource for LDS who seek to study modern 
Linda Adams' Home Page - Linda Adams is an LDS author in the process of contracting with a publisher for her first novel, Prodigal Journey. She also writes poetry and short fiction. Excerpts and samples can be read here! Also found here are many interesting links and a section for pets and stay-at-home moms.
Jennifer & Steve's Home Page - Hi, Meet Jennifer & Steve. They enjoy doing music together. Jennifer writes and sings. Steve plays the instrumentals and also sings backup. 
David M. Rushton's World - This is an autobiography about my life as a member of the church and growing up with spina bifida, also family and hobbies.
Aaron's LDS Page - This site has information about the LDS church and also has chat rooms to chat with other LDS members
LDS Gospel Question and Answer - Come here to answer all the questions about LDS Doctrine and about life in general. All answers are verified using direct quotes from prophets and scriptures. If you have questions I have answers.
The Lives of African American Mormons and the Evolution - senior thesis submitted in partial completion of bachelor of arts, department of history, Brigham Young University, August 1995
The Patricia Curtis Genealogy Homepage - My index page, linking to ancestral charts of my great grandparents, descendant charts, and other general genealogically oriented material,including searchable ahnentafel and gedcom search.
THE SISTER SAMPLER - The Sister Sampler is a weekly publication that is free to the subscriber. It is a compilation of stories, poems, scriptures, quotes and thoughts that all center around one theme each week. At this site is the archives of Sister Samplers.
Martha's Genealogy - My site consists of 10 family branches: Albert, Balch, Burchard, Darling, Hilliard, Johnson, Myers, Rockafeller, Walthers and Wilcox 
Ames First Ward - The Ame First Ward is loacted in the Ames Iowa Stake. This web page also has links to other Branches/Wards that meet in the Stake Center
Riverton Utah 20th Ward Young Women - Fun, easy, and cheap dating and Activty ideas.
LDS Moms Discussion List Homepage - LDS Moms: Visit this site to join our email discussion list! This site has all the info you need -- plus some! 
The Blast Shelter - LDS Prophecy/Preparation - LDS prophecy and preparation is a part of my Blast Shelter site, now online for over two years. LDS Prophecy offers words from our prophets to non-church members on WHY and HOW we should all prepare for troubled times. Links are included to all my other pages, which I also keep pro-
Duckysweb- A personal homepage but filled with lots to see and read. Has a touch of humor, along with inspiration also. A little bit for everyone..
Michael's Latter-Day Christian Site - This site describes my belif in, and testimony of Jesus Christ and his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
ValzDaGal's LDS Youth site - A site for Uplifting Youth discussion and inspirational messages and ideas! -Val 16/f mesa az ;)
The Norwood Home Page - A place for my friends to get to know me and my family!
Artwork of Steven W. Porter - Introducing the recently completed charcoal pencil portrait of the First Presidency and President Hinckley by Steven W. Porter.
The Mercia Ward Web Page - We are one of the few LDS ward sites here in the United Kingdom. We get a lot of visitors from the United States and we would like you to know a little bit about us: Who we are, where we meet, etc. Please feel free to visit us! You're most welcome!
Our Savior's Love - A simple homepage with my testimony and love for Christ.
In Search of The Spiritual - Dedicated to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. TONS of great links.
The Stripling Warrior's Hangout - A cool LDS site geared toward teenagers. Everyone will have a lot of fun. HTML and webpage help for LDS people. Links to other cool sites.
Pittsburg 1st Ward Choir - This site tells about the Pittsburg 1st Ward (California) choir, its schedules and practices. Also, midi files with part-predominate tracks are available.
Harkers Island Ward - Harkers Island Ward info, location, schedule, pictures, activities, etc.
Sumter Ward / Shaw AF Base Branch, Sumter, SC LDS Web P - An information site for the Sumter Ward and the Shaw Air Force Base Branch both located in Sumter, South Carolina (SC)
Brigham and Jennifer's LDS Home - A personal webpage devoted to information on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This site includes answers to many questions non-members have about the Church and links to other uplifting sites.
Dallas/Ft.Worth Deaf Group - This site is for those in the Dallas/Ft Worth and surounding areas who are hearing impaired or would be interested in participating with our deaf group
Zion Zone - Zion, City of Righteousness, Where the Pure in Heart Dwell
Little House in the Mountains - This is a family web page with some fun craft ideas for children, bread machine recipes, a parenting page, etc.
Erick & Kathi's Homepage - Thanks for coming to visit. I'm trying to update this site when possible. I'll be adding to it and redesigning it for easier access.
A Christ Centered Christmas - 24 short devotionals to help the family escape the commercialism of the season, and focus on the true meaning of Christmas
Cypress Stake Texas - The real strength of the Cypress Stake Church is to be measured by fundamental belief that if you love someone you help whether it is convienent or not. We love one another. 
Lissa's Place - Lissa's favorite genealogy sights, poetry, scripture forum chat, pet info make inspirational digital cards from Lissa's Postoffice. 
Scott's Home Page - Links to LDS, Genealogy, and family pages
The Gospel Doctrine Class - Gospel Doctrine class outlines and related gospel links.
Sheila's Homepage - It is just simple page about my family with a couple of links.. and a simple Testimony.
Safety In The Information Age - Teach your family to be safe on the Internet.
Saturnstone Home Page - Site dedicated to exploring early church doctrine as it applies to our lives today.
CJ's HomePage! - This is a site about me and my husband sharing our experience going through the Temple and getting married for Time and all Eternity. And some other information about us.
Quail Haven - Taylor Homesite - We have Scouting, Herbs and Natural Healing Methods, and LDS links, among others.
Julie Thomas' Home Page - My geneology, my loves and my and the gospel. 
Tim Rollins' Cave - My Cave of Many Wonders will take you to numerous LDS-oriented links as well as to online editions of leading US and International newspapers and magazines.
Adultos Solteros en Utah/Latin Single Adults in Utah. - This page was created to inform the latin single adults in utah of the location of all spanish wards and activities.
House of PUI LDS Essays - A simple collection of essays concerning issues vital to the Latter-Day Saints and of particular relevance to LDS/non-LDS relations.
Denton Texas Fifth Ward - Home page for the Denton Texas Fifth Singles Ward, next to the University of North Texas
Lil' Gentlemen Dress Shirts and Ties - Boys Dress shirts that stay tucked in no matter what activity they are doing. Great for church. Have your son looking neat with "Lil' Gentlemens Shirts. Also Ties that Velcro in the back for wonderful comfort. Shirts and Ties range in sizes from Newborn on up. Also order a Father/Son matching tie. Mothers you will be grateful you bought the shirt and tie.
LDS Church Sites - A page that has sites that promote the LDS Church
Myrtle Creek Ward Information Page - Lds Page for Myrtle creek ward and some of my favorite lds sites
Somebody's Mother - The true story of a mother's return from homelessness. Dedicated to helping families preventing homelessness among the people they love.
Mormon Wisdom & Health - Dr.Ken Johnson's Home Page which contains information regarding his diet book about the Word of Wisdom food plan, Mormon Wisdom and Health.
Larry Hunter's Latter-day Saint Website - Larry's L.D.S. Website offers an excellent compilation of L.D.S. resources including major Church links, a youth area, genealogy and family history information, missionary links, and helpful general information.
LDS in Austria / HLT in Österreich
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - This page is somewhat personalised with my testimonies. You can also find here, stories/testimonies from the missionaries (current and returned) and members of the church. If you are not familiar with the LDS Church, hope this page can be of assistance to you. As for you fellow Latter-Day Saints, I hope you will enjoy your visit. 
Mary-Alice's School Homepage - The LDS section is clearly labled. I have posted the Single Adult Activities in the Atlanta Area for benifit of the students here at West Georgia and people in the Atlanta Area(it's getting better as I find out more!!). I also have a LDS Q&A as well as a gallery.
Scions of Enoch - Everything that I think is cool!
Dan's LDS Page - Dan Birch's page of LDS info, testimony, and links
Religion - Have You Ever Wondered? - Have you ever wondered - where you came from? Some of mankind's greatest questions, ANSWERED.
LDS STUFF - This is my LDS Information/Links page with information about me and about The Church. It also contains reviews of LDS software titles.
Jana's Genealogy and Shakespearean Standard - It started out as one thing and has turned into a potpourri of Genealogy/Literature/Writing Resources/Multi-cultural Habitat, etc.
Celestial Visions: The Power and the Glory - "The Power and the Glory" is one of the most powerful and spiritual recordings of popular LDS hymns ever created. Camarata, a well known conductor, orchestrator (with over 400 albums to his credit) has scored and produced a world-class album of LDS hymns utilizing a 100 picece orchestra, 180 voice choir, childrens choir, pipe organ and antiphonal brass. It is powerful, spirit
LDSSA/YSA Home Page - This site provides a look at what we have for the LDS College Student, who would like to come to Rapid City, South Dakota
Elijah-L Home Page - Home Page for Elijah-L, a mailing list for genealogy topics as they relate to the LDS Church.
Bagwell Corner - A personal homepage that talks about my family and some of our interests. Includes my journal, many quotes and some original poetry, and music that I have done in midi format. 
The Cerveny Homepage
Curtis Whalen's Place - Personal Home Page of an LDS member. Different, huh?
The Bowden Family - This is a site devoted to the LeGrand Bowden family, including genealogy, our carpet cleaning business, and our missionary in the Canada Calgary mission.
Washington Tacoma Mission Alumni Web Page - A place where return missionaries from the Washington Tacoma Mission can leave their addresses (e-mail or snail mail) so we can all keep in touch!!
LDS Hymns - This page contains a number of LDS hymns in Midi format.
Kitchen Science - Scott...this is just a change in URL for my site. Just leave the description and stuff the same. Thanks.
A Gift for Robbyn - A site created to encourage a woman with cancer. Poems and graphic gifts are combined with great music and graphics!
Glasgow & Paisley Institute/YSA Page - Information for Young Single Adults and Institute Students in Paisley and Glasgow (Scotland)
The Stephen Warren Family - About are an LDS family of 5. Mom loves Cross Stitch and Genealogy. Dad is a convert.
A Latter Day Saint's Page - My page has a few stories on it, some analysis about the church, including the Book of Mormon challenge. It contains a bible page, that lists and summarizes church doctrine found in the Bible. It also contains a cyber temple tour page, where one can view various rooms in various temples. Soon it will contain a site that answers questions that other churches can't answer.
Omerza Central - Jason and Abby Omerza's homepage.
DCP's Gospel Research InfoNet - Our purpose is to help those who doubt to see the plausibility of the truthfulness of "Mormonism." This site is dedicated to the exposure of anti-LDS ministries for what they are--fraudulent causes dedicated to the destruction of testimonies.
Robb and Stacey's Page on the LDS Church - Our page includes links to the Articles of Faith, Proclamation of the Family, original poetry, Stacey's conversion story, and a page dedicated to the missionary work of the church. It also includes many helpful internet links on the LDS church.
Grandma J's Family Fun Page - Grandma J's Family Fun Page has a little about our family, home, church; and then some interesting things for parents -- NASA project at BYU, miniature autographs, as well as entertaining things for children and children at heart--maze game--pictures to color, jokes (good clean ones). NEW CONTEST !
Victoria Third Ward of the LDS Church - The Victoria Third Ward page includes an electronic directory of current and former members of the ward, newsletters, current events, pictures from ward activities and links to other ward and stake sites.
Anthony Dunster's Homepage - My homepage is just things that I am intrested in that I have put together on the internet, enjoy :-}
Rachel's LDS Page - Just a small site that I wanted to have to allow me the opportunity to surf clean LDS sites and to feel of the Spirit that comes from my own site as well as theirs.
Sauron's LDS Links Page - Listing of links pertaining to the LDS church.
LDSCN TwinTales
HearthSpun Publishers and Polly Block - Ten, online short stories, articles, for LDS; helpful in teaching LDS principles, of interest to home, private schools!
Jana's Genealogy and Shakespearean Standard - My website started out as Shakespeare resource, turned into primarily a genealogy resource, and then back and forth between the two.
How to Buy a Home Using the Internet - A collection of resources you MUST see when you want to buy a home.
LDS Single Adult Resources - A training and leadership forum for LDS Single Adults and ward and stake leaders.
That They Might Have Joy - My LDS page shares my testimony, heart-warming quotes, and links to other LDS sites, including my Young Women's and Seminary Pages.
Earls Learning the Book of Mormon - To learn the Book of Mormon I decided it would help by typing it in as HTML. Includes Links, LDS Images, tools and more.
London First Ward Young Women's - Our window to the world. In London Ontario we have a great Young Women's organization and this site reflects what we do.
Mastering Christlike Attributes - A short questionaire to help you come closer to Christ by identifying what Christlike attributes you need to improve upon.
Chuck & Autumn's Page - Chuck and Autumn's Personal page. Contains testimonies and conversion stories of our friends and ourselves, links to other LDS sites, and pictures.
CDRR Ships Chapel - Captain Dagoth's Ready Room is a family oriented site that is based on a virtual tour of the USS Nemesis. The ships chapel has many links to other LDS point of interest, including pictures and links to schedules of the temples & real audio broadcasts from the church as well as 7 LDS oriented Chat rooms and a message board in the Comm center
Calgary Alberta Stake - ward web site
Dated Bible Prophecy - all of the difficult numbers in Daniel and Revelation appear to be fulfilled by the history of the LDS church. I could be wrong (I am not the prophet), but see what you think.
Goettl's Corner - Come on in to our corner of the Web! Here you'll find information on the LDS faith, medicinal botany, Norway, and of course, the Goettl's!
Edmonton, Alberta, Bonnie Doon Stake - Calendar of Events in the Stake, as well as other LDS related information
Neser Family Home Sweet Home Page - This is a start-up page for the Neser Family. We are living in Germany and are enjoying it and the church. Come by and see the site. Expansion coming soon.
LDS (Mormon) Related Sites - Key LDS References
Sumter LDS Ward - Shaw LDS Branch Home Page - Information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sumter, South Carolina (SC). The Sumter Ward and the Shaw Military Branch -- meeting times, key people, location and map
Anti-anti Mormon Site by Kevin Graham - Answers to anti-Mormon attacks
Greater Things -- Modern Parables for the Lord's People - "And when they shall receive this [the Book of Mormon] then shall greater things be manifest unto them." (3 Ne. 26.) Scripture study resource. Proves Book of Mormon & Restoration true; Increases understanding; helps sleeping saints awake and put on strength so they can redeem Zion.
Book of Mormon Discussion List - This list is devoted to helping members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and investigators study and learn the Book of Mormon. 
SoftLore - Home of Scriptorian - Scriptorian is the scripture mastery program that helps you memorize and learn the scriptures and more.
D. Scott Scheibe's LDS Pages - D. Scott Scheibe's Home Page, Biography, Genealogy, Opinions, politics, LDS, Questions Answered by The Book of Mormon, The Plan of Salvation, and more!"
Clovis YSA/SA Network - Awesome site with lots of info on events in the NM/TX area, probably the premium site for the NM/TX area come and visit us.
Erik's All New Home on the Web - Basically all I've got right now is a bunch of links (not that many actually). We'll see what happens between now and mid-June (when I leave to do the Lord's work).
Time & Eternity - Time & Eternity provides a simple method of communication between our family members and close friends.
Nephi Julien's Family History and Temples of The Church - Information on all LDS temples in operation, under construction, or announced. Includes information on Nephi Julien's Family History.