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Descendants of William Andrew Kehoe

WILLIAM (ANDREW) KEHOE was born about 1777. He married ANNE RYAN, daughter of PATRICK RYAN and Unknown - Step Mother was DOLLY BOW. She was born about 1777.

**note - since discovering another generation some of the generation remarks might be off a tad**


PATRICK KEHOE, b. March 26, 1797, Tomard Co. Carlow Parrish: Tullowcreen, Barony: Idrone West, Ireland; d. September 11, 1873, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Charlotte Vermont.

PATRICK KEHOE was born 1797 in Tomard Co. Carlow, Ireland. PARENTS William Andrew Kehoe and Anne Collins Ryan.

new.gifsHe married BRIDGET BRYNE b 1798, November 22, 1820 in St. Lazerian's Church, Leighlinbridge, Carlow. Witness to the wedding were Martin Ryan and Mary Byrne.


new.gifsAnne Kehoe b December 24, 1821, Tomard, Leighlinbridge Bapt 12-24-1821 in St. Lazerinan's Church, Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow, Ireland. Sponsors: John Connell, Mary Byrne
MARGARET KEHOE, b. March 11,1824,Tomard, Leighlinbridge, Bapt. 3-11-1824, St. Lazerian's Church, Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow, Ireland. Sponsors: Johan and Ellen Byrne; m. EDGAR EDGERTON, March 14, 1851, Charlotte, Vermont US.
WILLIAM KEHOE, b. 1826, Vermont.
MARY KEHOE, b. 1830, Charlotte, Vermont US.
MICHAEL KEHOE, b. 1832, Charlotte, Vermont US; d. November 29, 1863, Charlotte, Vermont US.
JOHN KEHOE, b. March 19, 1834, Charlotte, Vermont, USA; d. December 10, 1873, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA.
JAMES KEHOE, b. 1837.
JOSEPH KEHOE, b. 1844, Charlotte, Vermont US; d. May 18, 1864, Charlotte, Vermont US.

Notes for PATRICK KEHOE: Arrived in US in 1826 maybe from Canada
Not found on 1830 Vermont Census
Not found on 1840 Vermont Census
First owned property in Charlotte Vermont in 1841.
Found on 1850 Vermont - Charlotte - Chittenden Co. Household number 097
Patrick Kehoe 53, farmer, born Ireland real estate value 600.00
Bridget BRYNE 52 born Ireland 1798
Margaret 26 born Ireland 1824
William 23 born Vermont 1826
Mary 20 born Vermont 1830
Michael 18 born Vermont 1832
John 16 born Vermont 1834
James 13 born Vermont 1837
Joseph 6 born Vermont 1844

Notes for PATRICK KEHOE:Tomard Co. Carlow Ireland per Florence Poole Charlotte Vermont

Her notes state: "P. Kehoe Co Carlow Ireland, Mother;s name Anne Ryan an only child, mother died when he was quiet young. Father's given name Andrew. He was a man of education and ability. Came to the US in early twenties." Per Eve Baird's notes: Patrick studied in Ireland to be a priest and was on great terms with the priest in Charlotte because he was educated. Came to the US in 1826 into Quebec and then down to Charlotte per Eve Baird's notes. We know that daughters Anne and Margaret were baptisted in Ireland and have copies of their baptism records from St. Lazerine.

Generation No. 3

MICHAEL KEHOE (PATRICK ) was born 1832 in Charlotte, Vermont US, and died November 29, 1863 in the Civil War, marker in Charlotte, Vermont US.

JOHN KEHOE (PATRICK ) was born March 19, 1834 in Charlotte, Vermont, USA, and died December 10, 1873 in Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA. He married JOHANNAH CARMODY, daughter of UNKNOWN CARMODY and UNKNOWN CARMODY.
More About JOHANNAH CARMODY: Birth: March 11, 1834, Death: January 08, 1920, 85 years, 8 months, 27 days,Buriel Location:: Zion, Adams Corners,Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin

She worked for Patrick Kehoe in Vermont as record of her start date was made in his little book.


WILLIAM JAMES 3 KEHOE, b. 1855, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA; d. 1873, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA; m. UNKNOWN.
MARY A. KEHOE, b. 1859; m. JOHN PIPER, December 03, 1877, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA.
GEORGE HENRY KEHOE, b. March 12, 1861, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA; d. September 08, 1938, Whitewater, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA.
CLARENCE Edgar. KEHOE, b. 1862; d. 1922.
ELLA JANE KEHOE, b. 1864; m. FRANK A. SEELY, May 26, 1886, Methodist Episcopal,Palmyra,Jefferson, Wisconsin US.
JOSEPH PATRICK KEHOE, b. March 27, 1864; d. April 01, 1865, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA.
CHARLES E KEHOE, b. 1866; d. 1895.
VIOLA MINA KEHOE, b. 1868; m. EARL WING GARFIELD, February 15, 1893, Methodist Episcopal,Palmyra,Jefferson, Wisconsin US.
LUNA MAY KEHOE, b. 1870; m. DANIEL FRANCIS COOMBE, February 19, 1907, Methodist Episcopal,Palmyra,Jefferson, Wisconsin US.
WILLIAM SPENCER KEHOE, b. March 23, 1872, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA; d. August 10, 1933, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA.

Generation No.4

GEORGE HENRY KEHOE (JOHN , PATRICK , WILLIAM) was born March 12, 1861 in Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA, and died September 08, 1938 in Whitewater, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA. He met ANNA J. JOLLIFFE November 23, 1887 in Methodist Episcopal,Palmyra,Jefferson, Wisconsin US, daughter of RICHARD JOLLIFFE and MARY UGLOW.
From Jean Jolliffe:
1880 Census: Palmyra Township, Jefferson Co. Wis
123 Jolliffe, Richard 50, Mary A. 49, Anna 16 Adopted?
1890 Married George Kehoe, Palmyra Twnship, Jeff Co. Wi Born Jan 1864 - England Came to US in 1866 from 1890 Census 1910 Year Immigrated stated as 1874 - Troy Township - Walworth Co.
Marriage Notes for GEORGE KEHOE and ANNA JOLLIFFE: Witness: Viola Kehoe and Edwin John Jolliffe


EMERY RICHARD 4 KEHOE, b. March 17, 1889, Palmyra,Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA; d. November 27, 1954, At home, Rt 3, Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA.
EDNA LEONA KEHOE, b. November 06, 1890, Jefferson Co. Wisconsin, USa; d. March 16, 1985.
MERNIE B. KEHOE, b. January 07, 1893; d. March 22, 1981.
ELDRED J. KEHOE, b. June 17, 1896; d. September 26, 1932. FLORA MAY KEHOE, b. August 08, 1898; d. December 02, 1982. CHARLES HAROLD KEHOE, b. July 08, 1901, Jefferson Co. Wisconsin, USa; d. March 22, 1989.
LEON KEHOE, b. July 09, 1903, Palmyra, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA; d. October 20, 1992, Sherwood Care Center, Williams Bay, Walworth , Wisconsin US.
OTTO JAMES KEHOE, b. August 26, 1905, Zion, Walworth, Wisconsin US; d. July 12, 1947.
WILLIAM SPENCER 4 KEHOE (JOHN , PATRICK, WILLIAM) was born March 23, 1872 in Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA, and died August 10, 1933 in Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA. He married LODICA JENNIE RIDDLE April 23, 1921 in Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA, daughter of GEORGE RIDDLE and MARY WATERMAN.

JOHN SPENCER KEHOE b. August 22, 1922, Eagle, Jefferson Co. Wisconsin: d.November 23, 1994 Janesville, Wisconsin

MARY JOHANNA KEHOE, b. February 21, 1924, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA; d. March 29, 1991, Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin USA.

Generation No. 5

EMERY RICHARD KEHOE (GEORGE HENRY 4, JOHN 3, PATRICK 2, WILLIAM 1) was born March 17, 1889 in Palmyra,Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA, and died November 27, 1954 in At home, Rt 3, Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA.
He married ANNA SOPHIA BAERBOCK February 17, 1917 in Parsonage of Rev Schmidt, East Troy, Wisconsin, US, daughter of FERDINAND BAERBOCK and EMILIE VOBACH.
Marriage:: Wal Co Vol 20 page 339
Buriel Location: Oak Ridge, East Troy, Walworth, Wisconsin
Fact 5: Marriage witness: Frantz Huth and Flora Kehoe
Death: Wal Co Vol 36 page 58
Buriel Location:: Oak Ridge East Troy, Wisconsin
Marriage Notes for EMERY KEHOE and ANNA BAERBOCK:
Witnesses: Franz Huth and Flora Kehoe

Children of EMERY KEHOE and ANNA BAERBOCK are:

CLAUDE HENRY 6 KEHOE, b. October 03, 1920, Elkhorn, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA; d. April 08, 1993, Elkhorn, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA;m. AGNES MARY KADLEC, June 01, 1946, St. Patricks Church,Elkhorn, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA.
More About CLAUDE HENRY KEHOE: Buriel Location:: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Elkhorn, Walworth, Wisconsin USA
JAMES EMERY KEHOE, b. December 22, 1924, Elkhorn, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA; d. July 04, 1989, Lakeland Hospital, Elkhorn, Walworth, Wisconsin, US; m. ROSE MARIE CALLAHAN, October 02, 1948, St Patricks Church, Whitewater, Wisconsin. More About JAMES EMERY KEHOE:
Buriel Location:: Hazel Ridge Cemetery
Marriage Notes for JAMES KEHOE and ROSE CALLAHAN:
Witnesses: Claude Kehoe and Mary Ellen Casey More About EDNA LEONA KEHOE:
Buriel Location: Oak Ridge
More About ALBERT E. KLING: Buriel Location: Oak Ridge

Children of EDNA KEHOE and ALBERT KLING are:

RAYMOND 5 KLING, b. February 15, 1918; m. CLAIRE A. MAHRINGER, October 07, 1943.
DORIS KLING, b. March 05, 1915; d. November 08, 1988; m. CARL H EWERTZ, June 02, 1945.
MERNIE B. KEHOE (GEORGE HENRY 4, JOHN 3, PATRICK 2, WILLIAM1) was born January 07, 1893, and died March 22, 1981. She met WARREN GRUNO October 15, 1919.
More About MERNIE B. KEHOE: Buriel Location:: Oak Ridge, East Troy, Walworth, Wisconsin

GEORGIA 5 GRUNO, b. May 01, 1925; m. LESLIE SENK, April 16, 1945.
More About LESLIE SENK: Buriel Location: Creamated - ashes at sea
ELDRED J.4 KEHOE (GEORGE HENRY 3, JOHN 2, PATRICK 1) was born June 17, 1896, and died September 26, 1932. He met ESTHER TESS March 26, 1924, daughter of WILLIAM TESS and MINNIE HEHLS.
More About ELDRED J. KEHOE: Buriel Location:: Oak Ridge East Troy, Wisconsin
Marriage Notes for ELDRED KEHOE and ESTHER TESS: Wittnesses: Ruby Tess and Charles Kehoe

Children of ELDRED KEHOE and ESTHER TESS are:

JOYCE MARION 5 KEHOE, b. May 21, 1926; m. VICTOR A. SCHWARTZ, April 10, 1948.
RUTH MARIE KEHOE, b. March 27, 1928; m. CHARLES EMERY HOWARD, July 23, 1947.
LOIS ANN KEHOE, b. March 20, 1932; m. KURT N. CRUBAUGH, July 06, 1949.
FLORA MAY 4 KEHOE (GEORGE HENRY 3, JOHN 2, PATRICK 1) was born August 08, 1898, and died December 02, 1982. She met CARL HOPKINS November 23, 1920.
More About FLORA MAY KEHOE: Birth: August 08, 1898, Jeff Co. Vol 66 page 118
Buriel Location: Evergreen Cemetery, Troy Center, Wisconsin, US
ROGER 5 HOPKINS, b. June 18, 1921; m. (1) ANTONINETTE LAJEUNESS, April 14, 1945; m. (2) MARY JAMES, August 02, 1974.
CHARLES HAROLD 4 KEHOE (GEORGE HENRY, JOHN, PATRICK, WILLIAM) was born July 08, 1901 in Jefferson Co. Wisconsin, USa, and died March 22, 1989. He met IRENE M. VOGHT July 28, 1928 in Waukegan, Illinois Usa.
Birth: Jeff Co. Vol 59 page 147
Buriel Location: Evergreen Cemetery, Troy Center, Wisconsin, US

Children of CHARLES KEHOE and IRENE VOGHT are:

BONITA M.5 KEHOE, b. October 04, 1934; m. PATRICK KNESS, September 08, 1979.
AUDREY ANN KEHOE, b. June 15, 1937; m. GERALD NORTON, July 13, 1957.

LEON 4 KEHOE (GEORGE HENRY 3, JOHN 2, PATRICK 1) was born July 09, 1903 in Palmyra, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA, and died October 20, 1992 in Sherwood Care Center, Williams Bay, Walworth , Wisconsin US. He married MARIAN W. PECK October 06, 1930 in Waukegan, Illinois Usa, daughter of HIEL PECK and TIRZAH GREENE.
More About LEON KEHOE: Buriel Location: LaFayette Cemetery
More About MARIAN W. PECK: Buriel Location: LaFayette Cemetery
Children of LEON KEHOE and MARIAN PECK are:
GERALD 5 KEHOE, b. June 01, 1932; m. MARILYN FONDA, September 12, 1959.
WILLIAM KEHOE, b. August 06, 1935; m. (1) SHIRLEY HOENE, December 27, 1958; m. (2) ELLYN KATCH, December 31, 1978.
OTTO JAMES 4 KEHOE (GEORGE HENRY 3, JOHN 2, PATRICK 1) was born August 26, 1905 in Zion, Walworth, Wisconsin US, and died July 12, 1947. He met (1) EVELYN ZELNER July 12, 1926. He met (2) RUTH NICOSON October 25, 1939 in Elkhorn, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA, daughter of HARVEST NICOSON and MAGGIE HOFFMAN.
More About OTTO JAMES KEHOE: Birth: vol 52 page 382 Wal Co
Marriage:: Vol 26, page 400 Wal Co Marriage Notes for OTTO KEHOE and EVELYN ZELNER:
Notes: No children from this union Notes for RUTH NICOSON:
Note; After Otto Kehoe's dealth, Ruth married Waring Hill. Harold James, Leonard and Ronald were adopted by Waring Hill.
Marriage Notes for OTTO KEHOE and RUTH NICOSON: Witnesses: Cleola Nicoson and Foreest Nicoson

Children of OTTO KEHOE and RUTH NICOSON are:

HAROLD JAMES KEHOE 5 HILL, b. April 29, 1942; m. MARY SHAFER, July 03, 1965.
LEONARD KEHOE HILL, b. June 03, 1944; m. JULY HINKEL, June 06, 1970.
RONALD KEHOE HILL, b. August 29, 1946; m. (1) LINDA SCHROEDER, August 22, 1972; m. (2) CHERYL CALLOW, 1986.
MARY JOHANNA 4 KEHOE (WILLIAM SPENCER 3, JOHN 2, PATRICK 1) was born February 21, 1924 in Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin, USA, and died March 29, 1991 in Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin USA. She married ARNOLD ROBERT LUCHT May 18, 1946 in Palmyra, Jefferson, Wisconsin USA.

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