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This family file is a continuing work in progress. Any additions or corrections would be greatly appreciated. Information is gathered from a wide range of resources and is hopefully recieved from sound sources. In your best interest I would use this information as a guide in your own genealogy reserach and nothing more. Accidental errors may exsist.

Descendants of Ralph Fletcher

Generation No. 1
1. RALPH1 FLETCHER was born Abt 1650, and died Abt 1728. He married ELIZABETH SUTTON March 11, 1673/74 in Perquimans Co., NC, daughter of George Sutton and Sarah Tildon.

Children of Ralph Fletcher and Elizabeth Sutton are:
2. i. RALPH2 FLETCHER II, b. December 24, 1676, prob. Perquimans Co., NC.
ii. ELIZABETH FLETCHER, b. June 22, 1675; m. SAMUEL PARSONS, May 01, 1695.
iii. GEORGE FLETCHER, b. April 04, 1679; m. SUSANNAH BURTONSHALL, February 17, 1700/01.
iv. SARAH FLETCHER, b. September 08, 1681; m. WILLIAM MORGAN, March 13, 1698/99.
v. MARGARET FLETCHER, b. Abt 1683; m. THOMAS HARVEY, January 27, 1700/01.
vi. JOSHUA FLETCHER, b. Abt 1685.
vii. WILLIAM FLETCHER, b. May 10, 1687; d. 1687, died as infant.
viii. WILLIAM FLETCHER, b. December 09, 1688.
ix. JOHN FLETCHER, b. January 21, 1688/89.
x. JANE FLETCHER, b. Abt 1691.
xi. JAMES FLETCHER, b. November 05, 1693.

Generation No. 2
2. RALPH2 FLETCHER II (RALPH1) was born December 24, 1676 in prob. Perquimans Co., NC. He married JANE MORGAN March 02, 1698/99, daughter of James Morgan and Jane Knea.

Children of Ralph Fletcher and Jane Morgan are:
3. i. RALPH3 FLETCHER III, b. April 22, 1703, prob. Perquimans Co., NC; d. December 09, 1784.
ii. GEORGE FLETCHER, b. June 15, 1705.
iii. JOSHUA FLETCHER, b. November 05, 1708.

Generation No. 3
3. RALPH3 FLETCHER III (RALPH2, RALPH1) was born April 22, 1703 in prob. Perquimans Co., NC, and died December 09, 1784. He married MARY GUYER December 23, 1728.
Notes: In 1769 Ralph was recommended to the minister and elder's meeting, and then chosen as overseer for the Old Neck Meeting House (BoomerNels).

Children of Ralph Fletcher and Mary Guyer are:
4. i. MARY4 FLETCHER, b. Abt 1730, Perquimans Co., NC; d. December 08, 1801, Pasquotank, NC.
ii. RALPH FLETCHER, b. February 1729/30.
iii. JOSHUA FLETCHER, b. Abt 1732.
iv. JANE FLETCHER, b. Abt 1733.
v. MIRIAM FLETCHER, b. Abt 1735.
vi. RUTH FLETCHER, b. Abt 1737.

Generation No. 4
4. MARY4 FLETCHER (RALPH3, RALPH2, RALPH1) was born Abt 1730 in Perquimans Co., NC, and died December 08, 1801 in Pasquotank, NC. She married JOSEPH RATLIFF March 13, 1746/47 in Old Neck MM, Perquimans Co., NC, son of Richard Ratliff and Damaris Nixon.

Children of Mary Fletcher and Joseph Ratliff are:
i. ELIZABETH5 RATLIFF, b. Abt 1748, Perquimans Co., NC; d. August 25, 1803, Black Creek, NC; m. WILLIAM NEWBY, October 08, 1766, Guilford, NC.
ii. JOSEPH RATLIFF, b. Abt 1750; d. 1787; m. SARAH NEWBY, October 05, 1774.
iii. THOMAS RATLIFF, b. Abt 1754, North Carolina; m. HANNAH MUNDEN, February 03, 1779.
iv. CORNELIUS RATLIFF, b. February 10, 1756, Back Creek, Randolph Co.,NC; d. April 06, 1828, Wayne Co., IN; m. ELIZABETH SAINT, January 10, 1781, Wayne Co., IN.
v. RICHARD RATLIFF, b. November 04, 1759, North Carolina; d. February 11, 1826, Indiana; m. ELIZABETH BETTY PEARSON, February 22, 1784.
vi. JOSHUA RATLIFF, b. Abt 1761.

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