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Military Information
Chart of comparison of ranks WWII
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Please take the time to look at the following pages. These men all fought in World War II, and were truly heroes. We should never forget them and why they were fighting.

Our War Heroes
Allison B. Ware
My father
Letters from the front
Preston Rhines
Steve's grandfather
Waiting for Steve
Charles Philip Woodson
My Step father
Hoping for help from Philip

The atrocities suffered by the Jews in the Concentration Camps is difficult to read about, but we must always remember or we are doomed to repeat ourselves.

The Holocaust
Auschwitz Buchenwald Bergen-Belson Sobibor Treblinka Lodz Ghetto

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Allison Burr Ware

Medals in order of precedence
  • Bronze Star
  • Purple Heart
  • American Campaign
  • WWII Victory Medal

Preston Bill Rhines --Waiting for Steve --

Medals in order of precedence
  • Purple Heart

Charles Philip Woodson --Hoping for help from Phil --

U.S. Army Military Units

Name Number of Personnel Number of Subordinate Units Officer in Charge
Corps 30,000+ Varies Lieutenant General
Division 10,000- 20,000 2-4 Brigade Major General
Regiment (UK) 650+ 1+battalions Brigadier General
Battalion 300-1,000 2-6 Companies Lieutenant Colonel
Company 150-300 3-6 Platoons Captain
Platoon 30-40 2+ Squads First or Second Lieutenant
Squad 8-12 2+ fireteems NCO (Staff Sergeant)
Fireeteam (Mostly USA) 4-5 n/a NCO (Sergeant)
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