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Hezekiah Frazee bc 1758, by Deborah K. Kunkle

History of Monmouth & Ocean Counties, New Jersey, by Edwin Salter

Old Dover Town Book lists cattle mark of Joshua Frazee, 1793.
1677 Christopher Frase and wife received 240 acres.
1664 Shrewsbury first settled by emigrants from Connecticut.
Ocean Co. was a part of Shrewsbury til 1749

The History of Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, by Rev. Edwin Hatfield

pg. 56-7) Joseph phrasie signed the Oath of A Leagance and Fidelty taken by the Inhabitants of Elizabeth Town and the Jurisdiction thereof beginning the 19th February, 1665.

pg. 57) Joseph ffrazey, appears on the original ASSOCIATES found in Elizabeth Town Book, B, some fifty years after the settlement of the town.

pg. 62) Joseph Frazey bought land from Luke Watson in 1678.

pg. 67) mentioned in boundary line as Joseph Frazee.

pg. 182-3) May 9, 1676 Joseph Fraize survey for 120 acres.

pg. 74-5) Joseph Ffrazey came with the first settlers, but whence does not appear. His house-lot contained 6 acres, of the usual form 15 by 4 chains; and was bounded, S.W., by David Ogden; N.E., by William Letts; S.E., by a highway; and N.W., by a swamp. He received, May 9, 1676, a warrant for 120 acres. Feb. 1, 1685, he received a warrant for 50 acres adjoining his own land "betwixt Raway River and the branch, in Compansation for two highways made through his Land one leading to Vincents and the other to Woodbridge." His son, Joseph, had, also, 135 acres of "Raway" River adjoining Dr. Robinson's land; and 15 acres of meadow between Rahway River and "Emet's Creek." The house-lot he sold, to William Looker, then of Woodbridge. Frazee bought, Sep. 21, 1678, of Luke Watson, 182 acres; and, July 4, 1682, William Broadwell's town lands. His possessions were mostly along the Rahway river; and the family settled eventually in Westfield and New Providence. A tract of land on the Passaic river has, in consequence of their locating upon it, been called, "Frazeys Meadows." Mr. Frazey sold, Sept. 7, 1698, 39 acres, E. of the Rahway,to Samuel Pack. He died in January, 1713/14. (E.J. Records, I., 87,115,137; II 10,22: IV 19; G. 137. E.T. Bill, p.? Wills, No. 1)

pg. 87) Joseph Osborn {Osbourne, Osburne}, and Jeremy Osborn were from East Hampton, L.I. They were the sons of Goodman Thomas Osborne, one of the founders of that town, in 1649, or 1650. He had been, also, one of the founders of New Haven, Ct., in 1639, where, in 1643, he was rated at (pounds)300, and had a family of six. Richard, then of New Haven, and afterwards of Fairfield, was his brother. Thomas was at Hingham, Mass., in 1635, and removed to Connecticut before the Pequot war of 1637, in which he served. Thomas, John, Jeremiah, Joseph, and Stephen were his sons. The first two settled in East Hampton; the others joined the company of emigrants to Achter Kol, and were founders of this town. Jeremiah was a witness, Aug. 18, 1665, to the payment of the money, to the Indians, for the purchase of the town. He, probably, died soon after, as his name does not appear among the original Associates. His brother, STEPHEN, had taken his place before 1673. Jeremiah Osborn, who was one of Mr. Harriman's parishioners from 1687 to 1705, and afterwards became a Quaker, was a son of Stephen, was born in 1661, removed to Morris Co., and lived to an extreme old age. He made a long deposition, Mar. 23, 1741, in the celebrated case of Daniel Cooper vs. John Crain and others, printed at length in the E. T. Bill in Chancery, Schedule X.

pg. 284) (1694) a list of subscribers to his (?Mr. Harriman) support--Edward Frazee, Joseph Frazee

pg. 306) 1718, Edward Frazey named Overseers of the highways.

Pg. 373) Wed. Aug 2 & 3 of 1748 at Rahway, Elifelet Frazee on of those involved in a lottery management.

pg. 469) The following advertisement was not made public until Nov. 14th (1778), on which day it was dated at Elizabeth Town:--"At an inferior court of Common Pleas held for the county of Essex, on the 15th day of September last, we returned inquisitions for joining the army of the King of Great Britian, and other treasonable practices, found against....James Frazee..."

Pg. ?)(Revolutionary period) July 6th, inquisitons favoring the state against list of offenders...James Frazee, jun....

pg. 570) (Town of New Providence) Earliest settlers...Joseph Frazee...

pg. 626) May 24, 1802, Lydia, a daughter of George Frazee, of Westfield, married Reverend Thomas Morrell.

New Jersey Archives, Vol. 21, pg. 287

1694 July 12, Will of Stephen Osborne of Elizabethtown. Wife Sarah; sons-Jeremiah, Josiah; daughters-Mary, wife of Joseph Frasey; Sarah, wife of John Cramer; Martha, Rebecca and Abigail. Real and personal property. Son Jeremiah executor with brothers, Joseph Osborn and Josiah Stanbrough as overseers. Witnesses-Elizabeth Stanbrough, Jas. Stanbrough, senior, Josiah Stanbrough, junior. Proved July 20, 1698. (630)

Ancestral Lines of the Doniphan, Frazee and Hamilton Families, by FF Hamilton

Stephen Osborne, b. 1634 Hingham, Mass.
Stephen Osborne applied for a survey of his land April 10, 1676, 180 acres
Stephen Osborne was sent in 1684 by the town to call the Indian sagamores together to mark out the bounds of land settlers had bought from the Indians.
Stephen Osborne, a second lot Right, is listed as one of the original "Associates of Elizabethtowne." In Elizabethtowne, Book B., pg. 57, pg. 136, he served on first jury, May 1671; pg. 159, he took the oath of allegiance; on September 11, 1673, after the settlement of troubles with the Dutch, turned this part over to the Indians.

The Barkers of Virginia, by Wm. E. Pullen

Sarah Stansborough's great grandfather was Rev. Francis Higginson, born and baptized on Claybrook, Leicestershire, England; married 1615, a founder and first pastor of Salem, Massachusetts and whose daughter Ann was born in 1622. Ann married Thomas Chatfield, Ensign and Magistrate of East Hampton, Long Island, were he died in 1665. Thomas and Ann Chatfield were the parents of Ann Chatfield, who married Josiah Stansborough - the parents of Sarah (Stansborough) Osborne.

East Jersey Deeds, Etc., Liber E.

1693 Nov. 7. Nuncupative Will of Joseph Frasey junior. Brothers Edward, William and three younger ones, sister Mary. Real and personal estate. Witnesses Mary Bishop and Francis Moore. Proved the same day. pg. 80
1693 Dec. 21. Letters testimonial on the preceding will, issued to Joseph Frasey senior of Elizabeth Town. pg. 80

New Jersey Patents and Deeds 1664-1703

1682, July 4. Deed. William Broadwell of Elizabethtown, cordwainer, to Joseph ffrazey for 130 acres on the E.N.E. side of Rawach R. (19)

1682-3, Jan. 23. Permit. Joseph Frasie of Raway R. to John Marsh of the same place, for making a mill dam over said river.

1694 July 12, Will of Stephen Osborne of Elizabethtown. Wife Sarah; sons-Jeremiah, Josiah; daughters-Mary, wife of Joseph Frasey; Sarah, wife of John Cramer; Martha, Rebecca and Abigail. Real and personal property. Son Jeremiah executor with brothers, Joseph Osborn and Josiah Stanbrough as overseers. Witnesses-Elizabeth Stanbrough, Jas. Stanbrough, senior, Josiah Stanbrough, junior. Proved July 20, 1698. (630)

1696-7, Jan. 27. Do. Joseph Fraizee of Elizabeth Town and wife, Mary, to their son, William Fraizie of the same place, for 45 acres at Roway, W. Dr. William Robertson, dec'd, S.W. Edward Fraizie, E. and N.W. grantor, S.E. Eliphalet Fraizie; also 18 a. of meadow, at Raway, S.W. the river, N. a small creek, E. Edward Fraizie and the Oyster Creek, S.E. the Sound. (418)

1696-7, Jan. 27. Do. Same to son Eliphelet Fraizee, for 39 acres at Raway, S. William Fraizie, W., N. and E. grantor; also 16 a of meadow there, N.E. Zerah Higgins dec'd and the great creek, S.E. a small creek, S.W. the great pond, N.W. Spinage's Creek. (420)

1696-7, Jan. 27. Do. Joseph Fraizee of Elizabeth Town and wife, Mary, to their son, Edward Fraizee, of the same place, for 60 acres at Rahaway, S. Woodbridge Line, W. William Robison, dec'd, N. grantor and William Fraizee, E. Raway R., 15 a. of meadow, S. the Oyster Creek and William Fraizee, E. the Sound, N. John Woodrooffe, W. the Great Creek; condition to allow a road crossing the land. (456)

1698, Sept. 7. Do. Joseph Frasey of Elizabethtown to Samuel Pack of the same place, for 39 acres there, E. William Jonson and Jaffery Jones, S. Philipp Doderidge, formerly Symon Rouse, W. Rahaway R., N. grantor. (137)

1699 Oct. 22. Do. Joseph Frasey of Elisabeth Town, yeoman, to John Robinson of Woodbridge, glover, for 6 acres of meadow in two lots in Elizabeth, one of 5 a., S. Rahaway R., E. a small creek, N. Eliphalet Frasey, W. John Elston, the other of one acre, S. Zarah Higgins, E. a creek, N. a creek, W. Eliphalet Frazey. (297)

1700, May 9. Receipt. Margaret Robinson, formerly called Margaret Allen, then widow of James Carlile of Scotland, Eliphelet ffrazie and wife Margaret, daughter of said James Carlile, to David Falconer for property left to said two Margarets by their husband and father, James Carlile, who had, by his last will, made his wife exectutrix with his father-in-law Hector Allen, his brother, John Carlile and David Falconer of Edinburgh, merchant, as overseers; Hector Allen and John Carlile being dead. (65)

1700, May 9. Do. David Falconar of Edinburgh, Scotland, by his son and attorney, John Falconer, to Eliphelett Frazie of Elizabeth Town, for 250 acres in Monmouth County, E. Manalapan River, S. Robert Barclay, W. and N. unsurveyed, patented to grantor.

New Jersey Colonial Documents Calendar of Wills--1751-1760

1758, June 29. Frazee, Abraham, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co. Int. Adm's--Esther Frazee, widow, and Timothy Frazee. Bondsman--Abraham Pain. Witness--Thomas Bartow. Lib. F, p. 531.

1758, Aug. 7. Frazee, Eliphelet, of Borough of Elizabeth, Essex Co. Int. Phebe Frazee renounced in favor of Thomas Scudder and Abraham Clark, Jr., who were appointed Adm'rs by Thomas Bartow, Surrogate. [See Frazee, James, infra].
1758, Aug. 8. Inventory, (pounds) 763.17.6, by Abraham Clarke and Ephraim Terrill, Jr.
1760, Nov 22. Account of Admr's filed. Essex Wills, 2427 G; 2505 G.

1759, June 19. Frazee, Ephraim, Jr., of Borough of Elizabeth, Essex Co., Soldier; Int. Adm'r--Jacob Bebout, of said place, yeoman. Bondsman--William Lines, of Elizabeth, yeoman. Witnesses--Thomas Bartow.
1759, Sept. 1. Inventory, (pounds)48.18.10, by Recom. Stanbery and William Line. Somerset Wills, 241 R.

1754, Feb. 11. Frazee, Gershom, of Elizabeth Borough, Essex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife Abigail. Sons--Moses, Abraham, Gershom and Mathias. Real and personal estate. Executors--the wife and son Abraham. Witnesses--Richard Scuder, Stephen Frazee, John Lee. Proved Feb. 28, 1754.
1754, Feb 28. Abigail Frazee, the widow and Executrix, refuses to act.
1754, Feb. 27. Inventory, (pounds)91.16.10, by Richard Scudder and David Miller.

1759, July 7. Frazee, James of Elizabeth. Petition of several relatives of Eliphalet Frazee, late of Elizabeth Town, decd stating that the said Eliphalet died seized of a valuable tract of land in Elizabeth Town, and leaving but one son, James, and, dying intestate, the land descended on the said son, now about 11 years of age. The widow, living on the said plantation and enjoying the profits thereof, has lately married; therefore it prays that a Guardian may be appointed for said child. Signed by Thomas Scudder, Robert Ogden, Stephen Crane, Samuel Woodruff, Jonathan Hampton.
1759, July. Abraham Clark, Jr., appointed Guardian of James Frazee. Bondsman--Thomas Scudder, of Elizabeth Town.
1764, Feb. 11. Letter from Abraham Clark, jr., stating that "James Frazee did not behave well at school and is not at my house, and I will have no more care of him or his plantation; and he must sign a petition to have some other person appointed."
1764, Feb. 14. Petition of James Frazee, stating his Guardian requests to be released and he makes choice of George Brown.
1764, Feb. 21. George Brown made Guardian of James Frazee, aged 14 years. Bondsman--John Moore, of Middlesex Co. Essex Wills, 3363 G.

1757, May 10. Frazee, Jeremiah, late one of the "Battol men" under Captain William Lynes. Int. Adm'r--Joseph Frazee, of Elizabeth, yeoman. Bondsman--Ephraim Frazee, of same place, yeoman. Witness--Thomas Bartow. (Joseph Frazee states that his son, Jeremiah, died without a will)> Lib. F, p. 425.

1755, April 3. Frazee, William, of Woodbridge, turner. Int. Adm'rs--Rebeckah Frazee, widow, and Jonathan Frazee, Esq., of Woodbridge. Bondsman--Michael Moore, of same place, yeoman. Witnesses--Thomas Bartow. Lib. F, p. 257.
1755, Apr. 26. Inventory, (pounds) 282.3.3, incl. 2 Bibles and other books, 15s; bills, bond and book debts, (pounds)138.0.11; made by David Donham and Samuel Barron.
1758, March 24. Account by Administrators, who report on had (pounds)177.1.3.

1755, Jan. 29. de Money, Henry, of the Boro' of Elizabeth, Essex Co., tailor; will of. Children--Henery Demoney, Augustus Demoney, An Wood, Easter Freeman, Marey Frasey and Susanah Demoney. Real and personal estate. Executor son (son-in-law) Joseph Frasey of said Boro'. Witnesses--Moses Frazee, Samuel Willis, John Stits. Proved Feb 5, 1755 Lib. f, p. 248.
1755, Feb 6. Inventory, (pounds)186.8.8 and one-half by Joseph Frazee and Benjamin Littell.

New Jersey Colonial Documents

(Will of Isaac Frazee who died 4 May 1777, unfortunately I don't have a complete copy of this page 190) of Zachariah Davis. Son, Levy, 70 acres of land, of the southwest end of my lot where I live, being by land of Mathias Hetfield, John Acken and Jacob Davis. Son, John, the rest of my lands, when 21. Daughters, Susanah and Mary, 2 chests. Daughters, Susanah, Mary, Margret and Rachel, the rest of my personal estate, when they are 18. If my wife refuse to comply with what I have given her, then my 2 youngest daughters, Margret and Mary, that was born of her body, shall have no more than 5 shillings. Executors--friend, William Darby, and my son Isaac. Witnesses--Jacob Noe, Samuel Hicks, John Scudder. Proved may 14, 1777. Lib. 19, p.470

1777, Oct. 20. Frazee, Jonas, of Essex Co. Int. Adm'r--William Darby. Fellowbondsman--Isaac Clark; both of said Co., farmers. Witness--Sarah Kirkpatrick.
1777, Oct. 18. Renunciation by Elizabeth Frazee, widow of Jonas Frazee, in favor of William Darby. Witness--Isaac Clark.
1777, Oct. 23. Inventory, (pounds) 294.19.5, made by Isaac Clerk and John Darby. Lib. 18, p. 626.

1770, Dec. 4. Frazee, Joseph, of Borough of Elizabeth, Essex Co.; will of. Grandson Aaron Frazee, 10 shillings. Wife, Mary, all that was left to her in her father's will. Son, Elisha, five shillings. Son, John, five shillings. Son, Cornelius, five shillings. Son, Henry, 5 shillings. Daughters, Sarah and Mary, the wives of William Davis and William Hall. Executor--William Darby, Jr. Witnesses--Joseph Line, Jr., Susannah Littel, Henry Davis. Proved Feb. 5, 1772.
1772, Feb. 3. Inventory, (pounds) 146.14.11, made by Recompence Stanbery and David Miller. Lib. K, p. 398.

New Jersey Archives, Trenton, NJ

Will of Stephen Frazee of Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, NJ, written 2 Feb 1766. Mentions wife, Sarah, sons--Stephen, Joseph, Benjamin, Jonathan and David and 4 unnamed daughters. Witnesses--Samuel Weston, Henry Ross and Ephraim Frazee. This is my line, visit the Stephen Frazee Family.

DAR Index Notes for Frazee

Benjamin Frazee bc 1755 dp 1800 m. (1) Susannah ___(2) Mrs. Phoebe Littell, Pvt NJ

Benoni Frazee b. 1-31-1757 dp 1798 m. Sarah Oliver, Pvt NJ

Henry Frazee bc 1747 d. 1-1-1795 m Sarah Maxwell, Pvt NJ

Jonas b. 8-4-1759 d. 10-7-1858 m. (1) Nancy Corwin (2) Susan Ackley, Sol NJ

Moses b. 1-18-1762 d. 3-28-1840 m. Pricilla Morris, Pvt NJ

Samuel b. 11-5-1753 d. 11-12-1849 m. Rebecca Jacobs, Pvt NJ

William Frazee b. 4-20-1760 dp 1817 Mary Day, Pvt NJ

Revolutionary Census of New Jersey, by Kenn Stryker-Rodda, 1972
List II 1778-1780

Frase, Moses, Middlesex, P.
Fraysey/Frasher, Dan'll, Essex
Frazee, Assa, Essex, Westfield
Frazee, Benony/Benonia, Essex, Rahway
Frazee, Cornelious/Corn's, Essex, Westfield
Frazee, David, Middlesex, Woodbridge
Frazee, Garshom, Essex, Westfield
Frazee, Garshom Jr., Essex, Westfield
Frazee, George, Essex, Elizabethtown
Frazee, Gorge, Essex, Rahway
Frazee, Henery, Essex, Westfield
Frazee, Henry, ?Morris
Frazee, Hiram, Middlesex, Woodbridge
Frazee, Isaac, Essex Westfield
Frazee, John, Essex, Westfield
Frazee, Jonathan, Middlesex, Woodbridge
Frazee, Morris, Essex, Rahway
Frazee, Moses, Essex, Rahway, Middlesex, Woodbridge
Frazee, Timothy, Middlesex, Woodbridge
Frazey, John, Essex, Springfield
Frazy, Benony, Somerset, Bernards
Frazy, Jacob, ?Morris
Frazy, Joshua, ?Morris
Frazy, Ruben, Somerset, Bernards
Frazy, William, Somerset, Bernards

Revolutionary War Patriots Buried in New Jersey, NJ NS DAR-1979

Elizabeth Frazee 1st w/o Samuel Brown (b. 1711, d. 1 Sept 1801, age 90, bur. Woodbridge Presby. Ch. Com., Woodbridge, NJ). Elizabeth died 22 Feb 1744, age 29.

Esther Frazee m. John Brown; dt: Katherine Brown (d. 18 Sept 1826 age 70, Lot 142) Woodbridge Com. m. Asher, Randolf Fitz)

Lovicy Frazee, b. 15 July 1769, d. 1 Jan 1840, md. Benjah Mundy

Morris Frazee, b. 3 Oct 1753, d. 12 Dec 1839 age 86, bur Hillside Com. of Samptown, South Plainfield, NJ, m. 18 Sept 1775 Mary Scudder (d. 21 Jan 1851, age 95). Private in Middlesex Co. Militia & State Troops, Ref: p. 598 Stryker's

New Jersey Marriages, 1665-1800, by Nelson

Fraze, Mary, Essex, and John Moore, Middlesex, 1751, Nov. 13.
Frazee, Charity, Woodbridge, and Samuel Foerd, Jr., Woodbridge, 1757 July 5.
Frazee, Esther, Elizabethtowne, and John Brown, Woodbridge, 1754 Aug. 5.
Frazee, Jane, Bordentown and Amos Willis, Burlington, 1747 Aug. 16.
Frazee, Posthumas, Middlesex, and Michael Moore, Middlesex, 1740 Dec. 31.
Frazie, Jane and Henry Casey, Hunterton, 1768 Feb. 24.
Frazee, Aaron, Middlesex, and Hannah Ross 1768 Nov. 8.
Frazee, James, Middlesex, and Rachel Frambles, Elizabethtown, 1770 Sept. 3.
Frazee, Jonathan, Woodbridge, and Isabell Freeman, Woodbridge, 1762 Jan. 16.
Frazee, Moses, Middlesex and Mary Drake, Middlesex, 1765 May 16.
Frazee, Stephen, Monmouth, and Hannah Gifford, Monmouth, 1765 May 16.
Frasier, Catherine, Monmouth and Richard Porter, Hunterton, 1749 Nov. 17.
Frasie, Hannah, Middlesex, and John Boyle, Somerset 1761 Aug. 7.

Frazee, Mary and Aaron DeCamp 1759 Mar. 7.
Frazee, Sarah and John Sears 1759 Mar. 7.

Pat Walker's Notes, from pieces of genealogy sent to me.

These notes are 20 years old. From the wills and deeds connected to Joseph Frazee Sr., you can ascertain that he had sons, Joseph Frazee Jr, who died 1693, unmarried; William Frazee (I have died 1704); Edward Frazee (I have died 1733); and Eliphalet Frazee (I have died 1758 and married Margaret Carlisle). I have a note that another son, John died 1724 (was born 1675 m 1st Elizabeth Cooper and 2nd Sarah Oliver 1690-1729) and had sons: John, Jonathan, Benoni (b.1709 m. Elizabeth Lee and had George of Westfield NJ), William and Timothy. Since Joseph Frazee Jr. named brothers William, Edward and three younger ones in 1693, there must have been one more, which may be Elisha (I have of Woodbridge, who married Sarah but no children were named in the adm. account) or Isaac, who married Elizabeth Mills and had Isaac Jr. b. 1727, who married Ann Squire Moore. I also list a Samuel and 2nd Joseph m. Mary deMoney. Mary Osborne is supposed to have been Joseph Frazee Sr.'s second wife b. 1755, his first being name Posthumas. Like I say, I cannot find my notes, so does anyone have an idea as to who the children and grandchildren of Joseph Frazee Sr were? Please write me at Pat Walker.

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