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QUERY # 16

Researcher is Jennie Riggs
Posted on September 4, 2003


Looking for a John A. PEACHER, born about 1823 in Va. Moved to Scott County, KY. where he married Louisa BARRETT. Thomas C. PEACHER might be his brother.

Thanks, Jennie

QUERY # 15

Researcher is Jonathan Grubbs
Posted on February 11, 2003

I'm looking for information about Ellena McClara PEACHER who married my great-grandfather Thornton Lenwood FLETCHER.

I can't seem to find anything about her.

QUERY # 14

Researcher isTodd Beckham
Posted on February 5, 2003

Looking for information on Johannah PEACHER/PITCHER of Woodford Co. KYb. 1806 She may have married a cousin. She had at least two daughters Margaret E. DEARINGER and Rebecca CARR. Her husband died shortly after Margaret was born in 1839. Joanna appears as Joan Pitcher HOH on the 1840 Woodford Co. Census. She lives with her daughters in Mercer KYin 1860 and 1870 census. I believe she is the daughter of Jonathan Pitcher but I can't find any evidence of a marriage record. Any help appreciated.
Todd Beckham

QUERY # 13
SUBJECT: Charles M. PEACHER Descendants

Researcher is Colleen
Posted on Mar 2, 2000

Does anyone recognize these Peachers?

Descendants of CHARLES M. PEACHER

1 Charles M. Peacher b: 1780 Virginia

......... 2 Charles F. Peacher b: 1839 Kentucky
............. +Harriet Gender b: 1840 Indiana m: Abt. 1859
......... 2 James Peacher
......... 2 Rebecca Peacher
......... 2 MARGARET E. PEACHER b: 1832 Kentucky d: 1862 New Bethel or Wanamaker Cemetary 5 mile fron Indpls
............. +NATHANIEL WHEAT b: 1825 Indiana m: August 12, 1846 d: Abt. 1860 Old Bethal Cemetary near Holman (Blocher)
......... 2 Mary Peacher b: 1833 Kentucky


QUERY # 12

Researcher is Karen
Posted on March 1, 2000

I am researching my family and saw your list for the surname PEACHER. Wondering if you have any PEACHER information that could be of use for my research? I am looking for my great grandmother, GOLDIE ETHEL PEACHER, b. 1891 in Brookfield, MO; d. 1977 in Bowie, Tx, Montague Co. She married John Albert MARTIN.

I have a quilt with a lot of names that have been stitched on by each person that had the quilt, some of the PEACHER names on it are, Julia PEACHER, Brookfield, MO; O M PEACHER, Granby, MO; Birdie PEACHER, Laclede, MO; Dollie Davis PEACHER, Fayette, MO and Alice PEACHER, Chillicothe, MO. . . . . don't know the relations to each other yet, still trying to ask around with the family to find out. If anyone of the names above ring a bell, please let me know?

Karen in Texas

QUERY # 11
SUBJECT: Cholera Epidemic?

Researcher is Carol
Posted on 1 Dec 1999,

Regarding the children of James Lee PEACHER / PITCHER The children of James Lee Peacher/Pitcher. Would you know what was the cause of death of Four of them in one year. 1860. Was that about the time of the Cholera epidemic?


QUERY # 10
SUBJECT: Mary PEACHER in Fayette

Researcher is Stephanie
Posted on Mar 1, 2000

MARY PEACHER was a friend of my mother when we lived in Fayette in the 70's. I remember her as being an extraordinary woman who could tell vivid stories and had lived a full life as a teacher and mother. I would like to find out more about her. Please let me know if you have any information.

Thank You,
Stephanie Blalock

SUBJECT: Quinton Peacher

Researcher is Ann
Posted on Feb 27, 2000

QUINTON PEACHER married Ann Elvira Fenley in Scott Co. KY Aug. 3, 1837. Ann Elvira was the daughter of John Bayne Fenley and Janette Fenley. The children of Quinton and Ann Elvira Peacher were Fanny, Jannette, W.T. and James.(Callaway Co MO Administrator's Affidavit)


Researcher is M. Glass
Posted on February 8, 2000

CATLET PEACHER married Jane Mariah Hilman about 1850. They had two children Henry and Jesse. Jesse was born Jan 1853. Catlet and Jane Hilman were listed as parents to Jesse on his death certificate. Who were the parents of Catlet Peacher and of Jane Mariah Hilman? Jane Hilman married about 1860 Andrew Lewis Mills after Catlet died in Aug of 1853. I cannot vertify all of this. Some of this was gotten from the internet and had no information that would vertify it. Jane Hilman Catlet Mills and Andrew Lewis Mills were my great-great-grandparents. I am trying to find info on them. Would appreciate any help! !

M. Glass


Researcher is Margie
Posted on Feb, 13, 2000

I have been trying to extend my Peacher line. My gg-grandfather, Moses Bailey, married MARGARET PEACHER before the 1860 census was taken in Boone Co. Mo. In 1850, I found Alex Pitcher, age 58, with Jno. 27 and Margaret 22, in Howard Co. Mo. That would make Alex's birthdate about 1792. I wonder if this could be Alexander Peacher, son of Reuben and Sarah Johnston Peacher. His birthdate, on the Peacher Family Genealogy website, is listed as 1762 but that is 30+ years before his siblings1 and 4 years before his father's. Do you have any thoughts on this?


SUBJECT: Margaret, Alex. PEACHER?

Researcher is Margie
Posted on Feb, 5, 2000

My g-grandfather was born 1854, in Howard Co., Mo. I have been told his parents were Moses Bailey and MARGARET PEACHER. Margaret was born about 1830, based on her age recorded in 1870 and 1880 census reports.

In the 1850 Howard Co. census I found a 22 year old Margaret born in Mo. listed with Alex Pitcher, age 58 born in Va. There was also one other individual listed whose name I could not decifer, age 27 born in Ky. This is on page 244.

Do you have any ideas about where I can go from here?

Thanks, Margie


Researcher is Kris
Posted on Jan 17, 2000

Hi, I saw your info on the Peacher Family Page and wanted to know if you could give me any additional info about ELIZABETH PEACHER, b. 05 - 19 - 1825 who married John Brown in 1843 in Howard County, MO. Do you have any of their children together? Any info would be appreciated. I have not had much luck with this line in my family tree.

Thanks a lot,
Kris Lawson

Hi Kris,
Check out the letter written from Reuben to a daughter. It mentions Elizabeth and John Brown.


Researcher is Doris Phillips
Posted on Jan -, 2000

MESSAGE In your message, you mentioned the Peachers. I only know of one who was married to a Swearingen. My great-grandfather, James C. Swearingen, had a brother named John Barton Swearingen who married LOUVINA " LOU " PEACHER . on 7 Mar 1871 in Howard County. I do not know the name of her parents or any of her sibblings. John Barton was born in 1853. "Lou" was born between 1852 and 1855 in Missouri and died 19 Nov 1945 in Howard County. I remember Aunt Lou (as she was called by everyone). She had an old pump organ in her farm home near Franklin, Missouri. From time to time, my mother and I would stop by to visit Aunt Lou. Several times she was nice enough to let me play the old organ. I was around 10 or 11 years old and what a thrill!


Researcher is Vivian
Posted on Jan -, 2000

I am researching the JAMES AARON PEECHER family. You have a James Peecher on your site that was b. in Va. in 1828, which matches the date I have. He came to Pike County, IL ., married Sarah F. Daigh, in about 1856 and had a son, Frank Leslie Peecher. Would appreciate any information you might have. Thanks!

Vivian Higdon


Researcher is Jennifer
Posted on Jan 15, 2000

I am pretty interested in family connections as is my Dad. I just wanted to find out. My name is Jennifer Peecher-Hopf . My Parents were Eugene Burchard Peecher And Elsie Peecher. My grandparents were LEE ROY and CEVERA PEECHER. I currently live in San Diego, Ca.

Mailing address is 12345 Lakeshore Dr #14 Lakeside, Ca 92040. E-mail is jenniferpeecherhopf@hotmail.com. Could you pease respond back and let me know if I am related?


Frank Lee Roy Peecher is a brother to my husband's mother - Ida May Gregory. Ida May was married to Frank Leslie Peecher, whose father was James Aaron Peecher 񢆤 - Dec. 7, 1921 ). He was married to Sarah Frances Daigh. I knew Lee and Cevera when my husband and I were first married.

Vivian Higdon


Researcher is Jennie
Posted on Jan 7, 2000

Joseph PEACHER is said to come from KY, to AL, then settled in Lowndes County., Columbus, MS. He was born ca 1848 and died in 1923 in Columbus, MS. JOSEPH PEACHER has a sister from TN. and a brother with the first initial C. from AL. This PEACHER married Lenia FULGHAM.

Jennie Riggs

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