Friendship By E-Mail

From work, I come home.
To the computer, I roam
In hopes I will view
E-mail from you.

Once I went to the street
For a letter, bill, or receipt.
But it's more fun to not wait
For snail-mail is always late.

Checking e-mail is more fun
When I get jokes and greetings from someone.
I often acquire a new friend
From the other connected end.

Someone on the other end does share
When I need one to listen and care.
I let my new cyber-buddy know
I'm here to give ear, also.

This is the new form--
And not like the olden norm.
The words are written--not oral.
I can select messages that have a good moral.

The message may be lengthy, or just "Hi!"
It comes as rays of sunshine through the sky.
Many friends I've made on-line;
And each is extra-special and mighty fine.

So, may friendliness we continue to feel
As it provides to us a common-weal.
Hopefully our friendship will continue to grow
And our goodwill messages indefinitely flow.

Author: Edith Bastin. Copyright: September 11, 1998. All Rights Reserved.

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