I read an editorial by Bonnie Reynolds in a recent edition of "ALL THAT IS", The Newsletter of Spring Farm CARES, Clinton, NY. It was the first of its kind in this newsletter.

This editorial has so upset me that I felt this information needed to get the widest coverage possible, that is why I have created this web site.

Although this is about only a few dogs killed by the Conibear (a body-grip) Trap, it is not possible to know how many dogs and cats have been killed .. and discarded by the trappers .. the potential of killing and maiming children while they are at play is very real. We need to stop the use of all traps, with the exception of live (Have-a-Heart type) traps. I found a page owned by a hunter that explains how to release your dog from a Conibear trap. It is located at I believe it is a good idea for everyone to read it, JUST IN CASE!

The only worthwhile goal to living is to be able to make a positive difference while we are here.
Stand up and be counted.

The Story of a Dog Named Russell

Bonnie Reynolds' Editorial

The Story of a Dog Named Valentine

Editorial Update from Spring Farm CARES

The Story of a Dog Named Blessed Hope

The Story of a Dog Named Buddy

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