Wide Games

Wide games are always really popular with our Guides, and we always play one at camp, usually in keeping with the theme of the camp. Here are some games we've played in the past.

The first section are games which need less preparation in terms of writing clues and laying trails. The second section are ones we've made up and played on different camps. You will note that bits of other games have been 'borrowed' from each other as these games have been played over many years!

Playing these wide games requires a large open space and an active imagination. Guides and Guiders take on various roles in the game and it is all very much 'make believe'. Costumes and good acting can add to the effect! The games have also been written for specific locations so you will obviously need to adapt for your own purposes!

  • Crown Jewels
  • Knights of the Garter
  • Card Challenge
  • Posting Letters
  • Collecting Cattle

  • Forged Money
  • Triffids
  • Inheritance of Bardophia
  • Peter Pan
  • Stolen Supper
  • Refugees
  • Greenpeace
  • Travelling to the Royal Christening Party
  • Robin Hood
  • Safari Trek

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