My Favorite Links

I have set this page up to remain in frames, so that you can visit the different links and still have access back to the rest of the links from the button on the left. If you wish to break out of my frames, Click here!!

Christian Links

Mustard Seed Society International
The ministry that brings you Jesus Chat Network

Homeschool Links

Homeschool Zone
We subscribed to their newsletter.
Georgia Home Educators Association
My state support organization. here you will find GA law on homeschooling, the bi-monthly newsletter, events, etc.
Far Above Rubies
A low level, comprehensive cirriculum, based on the Proverbs 31 woman for Jr and Sr high school.
Christian Homeschooling
Great Homeschool links. Be sure to check out the magazines, like Joshua Harris' "New Attitude"
Courtship Homepage
Do you have any questions about courting?

Garden Links

Jerry Baker
I have learned alot from Jerry
Garden Web
Cram-packed with resorces.

Cooking Links

50,000 Recipes
They have MANY great links and recipe search here.
Top Secret Recipes
Ever wonder how to make your own Kraft Macaroni and Cheese?
Betty Crocker
I love the "What's on hand?" section.

Pal Pages

Ms Anna's Page
Another Lutheran with a sense of humor?? Where are they all coming from?? (hehe luv ya amd)
Ruthie's page
We love you Ruthie!
Vickie's page
Hurry back soon Vickie and Mike
Giving glory to God!
Light of Love's page
Good to have you back!!
How's the weather up there?
A sister in Christ
Another sister in Christ

Misc. Links

Bob's Chat Links List

Chat programs exclusively designed for WebTV users
My local news .com.
Partners for Christian Radio
My local christian radio staion

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