1998 Fall Camporee at Camp Campbell

Schedule of Activities



Friday, October 9

5:30 – 7:30 P.M.

Check in - - set up camp - - dinner - - Senior Patrol Leader registers troop at headquarters


9:00 – 10:00 P.M.

Campfire program


10:15 P.M.

Cracker-barrel at headquarters (Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster only)


11:00 P.M.

Lights out! Quiet time! No one outside his troop area……


Saturday, October 10


7:00 A.M.

Reveille - - breakfast - - cleanup


8:00 A.M.

Prepare to leave for opening flag ceremony


8:30 A.M.

Opening ceremony and Uniform Inspection


9:00 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.

Service Projects


10:45 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Cooking demonstrations by all troops


1:15 P.M. – 2:15 P.M.

Lunch, Clean-up and break camp


2:30 P.M.

Awards and Closing Ceremony


3:00 P.M.

Break camp and have a safe drive home!









  1. Registration


  • Tour permit
  • 100

  • Permission slip
  • 100

  • Campfire Attendance (must be on time)
  • 100

  • Flag raising ceremony (must be on time)
  • 100

  • Uniform inspection
  • 100

  • Campsite courtesy (quiet after 11:00 P.M. and respectful of other campsites)
  • 100

  • Campsite inspections
  • 100

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • 100

  • Scout spirit
  • 200

  • Patrol unity
  • 100

  • Patrol Yell
  • 100

  • Patrol Flag
  • 100

  • SPL leadership
  • 100


    Total possible points




    Any troop not attending the awards ceremony at 2:45 P.M. on Saturday will forfeit their awards.


    All competition will be by patrols and the average of all the patrols will determine the Troop score.


    Each Troop attending the Camporee will receive either a blue, red or white ribbon based on the total average score of all the patrols.


    The Troop with the highest score from each sub-camp will receive the Presidential ribbon.


    Ribbons will be awarded as follows:


    Blue 1300 – 1500 pts.


    Red 1000 – 1299 pts.


    White under 1000 pts.


    NOTE: In the event of a tie for the Presidential Ribbon, all Troops involved in the tie will receive the award.






    Raleigh, North Carolina Stake

    Registration Camporee Form


    Sponsoring ward _____________________


    Troop number _______________________


    Scoutmaster _________________________




    Patrol ______________________________ Patrol ___________________________


    PL _________________________________ PL ______________________________


    1. __________________________________ 1. ______________________________


    2. __________________________________ 2. ______________________________


    3. __________________________________ 3. _______________________________


    4. __________________________________ 4. _______________________________


    5. __________________________________ 5. _______________________________


    6. __________________________________ 6. _______________________________


    7. __________________________________ 7. _______________________________


    8. __________________________________ 8. _______________________________


    9. __________________________________ 9. _______________________________


    10.__________________________________ 10.______________________________





    1. ________________________________________________________

    3. _________________________________________________________

    5. _________________________________________________________

    7. _________________________________________________________

    9. _________________________________________________________

    Registration Scoring


    SPL ________________________ Patrol Name____________________________


    Troop No. __________________






    1. Check in by Patrol Leader. Registration form completed in a neat, accurate, and readable manner.



    1. Tour permit confirmation number provided by District Council


  • Permission slips signed by parent




    Total Score




    Uniform Inspection Scoring


    Possible Points

    20 points

    20 points

    20 points

    20 points

    20 points

    Scout Name

    Official Scout Shirt (class A)

    Council Patch

    Troop #

    American flag

    Neat and Clean





























    Total points (from above)

    Divided by # of boys

    Equals Total Points



    Campsite Scoring Sheet


    SPL ________________________ Patrol Name____________________________


    Troop No. __________________





    Possible points


    1. Is campsite neat and clean with equipment organized?



    2. Is there a means to put out fires in case of emergency?



    3. Is the ax yard roped off?



    4. Are the scouts camped together in a patrol?



    5. Is a duty roster posted?







    Cooking Demonstration Scoring



    Possible points


    1. Is event properly set up and organized?



    2. How creative was this demonstration?



    3. How good was the quality of demonstration?



    4. Was the demonstration done by the boys more than the leader?



    5. Did they demonstrate good knowledge of the skill?



    6. Did they provide samples? (Bonus Points)

























    Wednesday, September 23, 1998


    Dear Scouters and Scoutmasters:


    Cooking, Scout basics, and Service is the theme that we are trying to build around this camporee. Your demonstrations are for demonstration only, but samples are appreciated and encouraged. Please keep in mind the budget, and make sure that no one over contributes.


    Attached is the Stake Fall Camporee agenda, registration form and scoring sheets. Please bring them filled out in the appropriate places such as, Troop #, Patrol names, and boys’ names. This is going to be a priesthood camporee, so the 11-year old scouts will not be participating.


    The service project is still being cleared with the Council. As soon as these details are complete, I will send you an e-mail outlining them.


    As you look over the agenda, you’ll notice that there are points being given for various Scouting things. Some will require some advance preparation on your part, such as a tour permit, patrol flag, patrol yell, etc. I’m sure most of you already incorporate these things as part of your Scouting program. Please note that the boys should be working together as a Patrol, and the Scoutmaster (as much as possible) should demonstrate "shadow leadership". Let the boys run the show.


    Please have the boys in at least a "class A" Scout shirt with all of the appropriate Scout patches for the opening flag ceremony Saturday morning.


    Also note that during the service project, it may be necessary to start your campfires for your demonstrations. By all means, feel free to plan out your schedule so that a couple of your boys and an adult leader can monitor your campfire. Each campsite needs to make sure that they practice good fire safety. Be sure and bring adequate fire buckets for your campsite. (I believe it is 2 buckets of water per tent).


    Some of you have not defined what type of cooking you will be demonstrating. Please call me and let me know what you will be doing.


    I know that some of you have quite a ways to drive and work long hours, but if at all possible, please make a special effort to attend the campfire program. We are trying to make this a good, uplifting program for the boys.


    Thank you for all that you do,


    Cal Brostrom

    Ray Romney

    Lewis Oaks

    Joel Stapf


    "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God". D & C 18:10