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Samuel CRAIG said to be from Ireland. m: Fannie THOMAS of VA

they were parents of:

Isabelle CRAIG b 14 July 1821/22 (Greene CO?) VA. , d 28 Oct 1915, Randolph Twp., Montgomery CO, OH, bur Bath United Presbyterian Church Cem, Bath Twp., Greene CO, OH. Isabelle married James LAMB (s/o James Lamb and Ann Watson. He was born 1821 VA, d 1898 Bath Twp., Greene CO, OH), 14 April 1840, Charlottesville, Albemarle CO, VA.

James and Isabelle CRAIG LAMB were parents of

  • Columbia Ann Lamb 1842-1918 m: Ezra Jefferson Heffner(1845-1913) 9 children
  • Amanda Lamb , b 1845 m: Daniel Wick
  • Catherine Lamb , b 18 Nov 1851, d 12 March 1933, m: Edward A. Glaser (my husband's ggrandparents)
  • Alice B. Lamb m: Edward Blass
  • Edward J. Lamb d: 1921 m: Harriet "Hattie" Dodds
  • Scott W. Lamb 1861-1943 m: Lottie
  • James H. Lamb 1864-1886

    Catherine Lamb married Edward A.(AntonE.) Glaser and were parents of

    • Harry Joseph Glaser 1871-1934, m. Barbara Ankrom
    • Calvin Glaser
    • Edward Glaser b 1895
    • Nora Louis Glaser 1898-1979, m Herbert S. Davidson
    • Aletha/Leatha Belle Glaser b 1 Jan 1883, d 30 Dec 1973 m: Samuel Oram (30 Dec 1881-18 May 1967) m 19 June 1901

      their children:

      • Clarence A. Oram, never married
      • Dorothy Marie Oram m: Lawrence L. Booher (husband's father)
        • Clarence L. Booher m Stahl
        • Eileen Betty Booher m Newton
        • Marjorie Lee Booher m Woodzell
        • Lawrence G. Booher m Craig
      • Catherine Anna Oram m: Edward Howar
      • Merle Lester Oram m: Ruth Moorefield
      • Vernon Chester Oram m: Eleanor
      • Mildred May Oram M: Foy
      • Thelma Oram m: August Benjamin Keck
      • Eileen June Oram m: Fred L. Reichard
    • Hattie J. Glaser
    • Mary Ann Glaser
    • John Howard Glaser
    • Catherine Eliza Glaser

All the information I have on SAMUEL CRAIG is his name and "Ireland" on Isabelle Craig Lamb's Death Certificate. No meantion of parents weremade in the GAR records of WIlliam Craig, PRESUMED to be brother of Isabelle as he is buried Bath Cem with Isabelle and James. Isabelle and James' daughters were born in Virginia or Ohio(census). I have more information on many of the above children.


Kentucky is only known state.

Ann Conaway

Samuel Craig b. 1800 m. Mary Sharp (d/o Solomon and Catherine Sharp) 16 Nov 1819. Samuel died in 1829. Had son:

Harvey Craig b.1821 Ky. (not sure which county but prob. Mercer), d. Ky., m.27 Nov.,1843 Ky. + Mary Jane Carter b.1823 Ky. (again, assume county to be Mercer), d. Ky. Harvey was eight years old when his father died. He was adpoted and raised by his grandparents, Solomon and Catherine Sharp.


Here the surname Craig ends for my line. Used as first and middle name for several children, however. Samuel T. Craig was a merchant and he and Marg. Eliz. (Maggie) lived in Harrodsburg until his death.

Related Surnames: CARTER - LAND - THOMAS - SHARP



1. John Alexander Craig , b. Oct 17, 1830 Green Co. or Harrison Co. IN, d. Dec 4, 1899 Oregon, Holt Co. MO, m. June 2, 1855 Charlston, Clark Co. IL, +Sarah Ann Baker b. 1836 IL d. 1909 MO

2. Francis (Frank) Marion Craig b. 1856 IL d. 1922 MO + Sarah Catherine Fancher
3. John A. Craig b. 1889 MO d. ? WY

3. Sarah J. Craig b. 1891 MO d. 1903 MO

3. James R. Craig b. 1894 MO d. 1959 MO

2. Sarah Adeline Craig b. 1859 IL d. 1931 + Joseph Hamilton Kretzer

2. Alice Arbena Craig b. 1860 IL d. 1924 KS + Christopher Columbus Martin

2. Rebecca Tabitha Craig b. 1864 IL d. 1940 MO + John Bunyon Kretzer

2. Zelpha Angeline Craig b. 1866 IL d. 1900 MO + David Oscar Colhour

2. Martha Anise Craig b. 1869 IL d. 1947 MO + 1st William L. Kretzer and 2nd John Price Marcum

2. Lucy Evelyn Craig b. 1873 IL d. 1934 MO + William Lewis Fancher

2. Margaret (Maggie) Minerva Craig b. 1874 IL d. 1954 MO + King David Gillenwater

2. Cora Bell Craig b. 1879 NE d. very young

Craig, John Kretzer, Huffman

John Alexander Craig was in the C.W. 41st ILL Inf. Co. B. His brother Elias Craig who is buried in a Military Cemetery in Nashville, TN. John and Sarah were married by Thomas Craig. Seven of their children were born in Moultrie Co. IL. John Alexander's father was born in KY, and his mother was born in IN.

Sarah's mother Sarah Jane Cox



(Fred's father is said to be Charlie, possibly Charles, his mother Sadie TIDY; birth, death and marriage dates and places completely unknown though.)


1. CRAIG, Fred Franklin b. Dec 1895 in Seneca, Missouri (marriage date and place unknown but assumed to be around 1925/26 somewhere in Missouri, previous marriage information completely unknown, all but that he was definitely married before and did have a daughter from it.) d. Dec. 18, 1973

2nd marriage+ HANDY, Marie b. Sept 1906 in Crawford, Oklahoma; d. Nov. 1985/86 in Centralia, Washington.

Children of this marriage:


PA > IN(post WWII)

Patricia & John Crooks


Descendants of Irvin John Craig + Georgeiana Duke --John Craig b.?

Frank M. Craig b: July 04, 1884 in Johnstown, PA married Gertrude Conrad, b: November 16, 1888 in Johnstown, PA
Creston Francis Craig b: May 16, 1909 in Johnstown, PA married Eleanor Ahlborn b: in Johnstown, PA
Richard Craig b: 1942 in Johnstown, PA

Robert Craig b: 1944 in Johnstown, PA married Dale Entwistle

Scott Patrick Craig b: 1967

Linda Craig b: 1946 in Johnstown, PA

Roger Craig b: 1950 in Johnstown, PA

Douglas Craig b: 1952 in Johnstown, PA

Irvin John Craig b: July 10, 1912 in Johnstown, PA married Marjorie Bunch b: September 28, 1918 in Indianapolis, IN

Virginia Garstang Craig b: October 11, 1946 in Indianapolis, IN, married Fred Gholdson b: June 30, 1940 in Indianapolis, IN

Irvin John Craig b: December 12, 1948 in Indianapolis, Indiana, m. Stephanie Anne Ierubino b: May 06, 1958 *2nd Wife of Irvin John Craig: m. Rita Clark b: October 13, 1950 in SC *1st Wife of Irvin John Craig:

Marjorie Marie Craig b: October 11, 1970 in Charleston, SC, m. Ronnie Wade Allen b: July 18, 1970
Riona Allen b: June 12, 1995

Lori Michelle Craig b: December 19, 1975, m. Raymond Fields b: May 1973

Marjorie Ann Craig b: January 27, 1950 in Indianapolis, IN, m.Brian Bezaury b: May 07, 1951 in Michigan

Bradley Bezaury b: November 04, 1974 in Richmond, KY

Heather Bezaury b: March 10, 1979 in Indianapolis, IN

Patricia Susan Craig b: April 28, 1951 in Indianapolis, IN, m. John Phillip Crooks b: August 23, 1951 in Indianapolis, IN

Allison Catherine Crooks b: September 20, 1987 in Indianapolis IN

David Christopher Craig b: September 04, 1957 in Franklin, IN

Martha Lynn Craig b: June 14, 1959 in FRANKLIN IN, m. Daniel Garmon b: May 14, 1960 in Indianapolis, In

Danielle Elizabeth Garmon b: May 20, 1988 in Indianapolis IN

Christian Craig Garmon b: January 25, 1995

Virginia Craig b: 1918 in Johnstown, PA, m.Harry Parker b: 1914

Craig Parker b: in Johnstown, PA

Brian Parker

Phillip Parker

Daniel Parker b: in Johnstown, PA

Thomas Parker b: in Johnstown, PA

David Parker b: 1947 in Johnstown, PA

Jason Parker

Jennifer Parker

Beth Parker b: 1952 in Johnstown, PA

Rebbecca Parker b: 1989 in Indiana, PA

Grace Craig b: in Johnstown, PA, m.Paul Riddles b:

Josephine Craig b: in Johnstown, PA, m.Herbert Tustin

Clara Craig b: in Johnstown, PA, m.Ira Johns b: November 25, 1890


Craig, Conrad, Ahlborn, Johns, Tustin, Riddles, Parker, Bunch


Jim Craig


Clifford Paul Craig (my grandfather), born January 21, 1903 Maury Co., Tenn.; died January 30, 1983 in Maury Co., Tenn. son of

Robert Samuel Craig, born August 26, 1877 Maury Co. Tenn.; died June 29, 1952 in Davidson Co., Tenn. (m. C. Corine Hardison) son of
George Washington Craig, born July 02, 1850 Maury Co. Tenn.; died 1930? in Maury Co., Tenn. (m. Nancy L.E. Jackson) son of
Samuel Craig, born 1810 South Carolina d. 1885? Maury Co. Tenn. (m. Zillie (or Zella) Covey) son of
Samuel Craig b. ? (S.C. or Ireland?) d.? (m. Elizabeth Anderson b. appx. 1760 Ireland)



Tom Craig

CRAIG, Andrew Thomas b. 1848? TN, d Oct 13, 1899, Lonoke Co, AR. m Martha Jane Morrin, b AL June 22, 1848, d Sep 18, 1928 Lonoke Co, AR



CRAIG, Carney

CRAIG, Andrew Lee b. Dec 18, 1877 Lonoke Co, AR, d Jan 8, 1940, Lonoke Co, AR, m Julia Ann Frizzell Dec 24, 1899, Lonoke Co. AR, d Mar 10, 1939, AR

Children of CRAIG, Andrew Lee and Julia Ann Frizzell

CRAIG, Unk Girl, b 1900, d 1900

CRAIG, Martha Mae, b 1901

CRAIG, Ruthie Lee, b 1903

CRAIG, James Andrew, b 1905

CRAIG, Albert Arnold, b 1907

CRAIG, William Jennings, b 1909

CRAIG, Lillian Irene, b 1911

CRAIG, Unk Boy, b 1913, d 1913

CRAIG, Nelson John, b 1914

CRAIG, Alta Leora, b 1917

CRAIG, Mira Lawn, b 1919

CRAIG, Thelma Loucile, b 1922,d 1922

CRAIG, Julia Louise, b 1924


Key Collateral family lines: Morrin(AL), Frizzell(AR)


Robert Graham


Descendants of: Robert CRAIG of Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland


1 Robert CRAIG b. Est.1785 m. ?? YOUNG

Wife's father, Rev. Young, sold books in US and bought land in Indiana County, Pa. and gave them 7000 acres as a wedding present. Children born in Scotland.

2 Robert CRAIG m. Unknown, The 'Trust' legal paper shows Robert to be of East Mahoning Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.
3 Agnes Young CRAIG m. John GRIFFITH , Homer City, Pa. Dead by 1884

3 Thomas Hamilton CRAIG m. Agnes S. CRAIG , Farmer at Brady, Indiana County, Pa. Newspaper cutting of 1907 on the death of his son shows Thomas to be living in East Mahoning.

4 William CRAIG b. _____ d. 1907

3 William Lang CRAIG, Attorney-at-law, Orion, Henry County, Illinois, U.S.A.,

3 Helen Speirs Robinson CRAIG m. ?. McKELVEY , Widow, (by 1884); Orion, Henry County, Illinois

3 Kate Williamson CRAIG , Brady, Indiana County, Pa

3 Euena MacAllister CRAIG, Brady, Indiana County, Pa

2 Agnes CRAIG m. William KINTER, Dead by 1884

3 Agnes Margaretta KINTER m. David McLAUGHLIN, Brady, Indiana County, Pa

2 Helen CRAIG m. ?. ROBINSON, Dead by 1884

3 Elisa MacAllister ROBINSON m. Henry WILLIAMSON

3 Williamina Woods ROBINSON, Quincey, Illinois

3 Elizabeth Helen ROBINSON, Quincey, Illinois

3 Jane Caroline ROBINSON, Brady, Indiana County, Pa

3 Robert Irvin ROBINSON, Millright at Ridgway, Elk County, Pennsylvania

I'm in Scotland and have a legal document of 1884 which records all the above amongst 80 named relatives. I'm interested in locating descendants of this family. Another emigrant family name is RULE.

Dublin, Ireland>PA>WI


1 Alexander Craig b: Abt. September 30, 1819 in Dublin, Ireland d: February 16, 1902

+Susan Powers b: Abt. 1830 in Dublin, Ireland d: September 11, 1910

2 James Craig b: Abt. April 30, 1856 in PA d: February 06, 1879

2 Alexander Craig b: December 05, 1857 in PA d: August 26, 1916

+Elizabeth Shell b: 1861 d: 1941

3 Oscar Craig b: September 24, 1886 in town of Dayton, Richland Co., WI d: January 20, 1966

+Merle Snyder b: March 20, 1890 in Bloom City, Richland Co., WI d: October 12, 1980 in Madison Nursing Home, WI

3 Richard Craig b: February 07, 1889

+Hazel Nevel

3 Mary Helen Craig b: March 12, 1891 in Excelsior, WI d: October 07, 1975 in Richland Hospital, Richland Center, WI

+Levi Albert Williamson b: October 31, 1882 in Bishop Branch, Vernon Co., WI d: October 13, 1958 in Marshall Twp., Richland Co., WI

3 Nina Craig b: April 1894

+Julius C. Unbehaun b: Abt. 1892 in WI d: April 09, 1967 in the town of Dayton, Richland Co., WI at his home at age 75

3 Edward or Edwin Craig b: 1898

+Jennie Rabine b: 1900 d: 1971

+Thelma (second wife)

2 John Craig b: 1859 in PA d: 1935

2 Amanda Craig b: Abt. 1862 in PA

2 Robert B. Craig b: Abt. July 27, 1864 in WI d: April 27, 1880

2 William Craig b: Abt. 1865 in PA d: October 1911

+Bertha Bingham

3 Nellie Craig

3 Frank L. Craig

+Chloe Cramblit

3 Newell Craig

3 Harry Craig

3 Della Craig

3 Mary Craig

2 Lucy Craig b: Abt. 1868 in WI

2 Frankie Craig b: Abt. 1869 in WI





1John Knox Craig (d 1838 IL) m Margaret Orr (8 Children)

2William A Craig (b Caldwell Co KY) m Jeanette Steele (4 Children)
3Robert Alexander Craig (b 29Jan 1829 Caldwell Co KY) m Matilda Ann Kimsey December 1850 (?children -1 known)
4Dorinda Jane (Jenny) Craig (b5 Sept 1863, IL-- d Nov 1927 Durango Co)m Marion Sackett Baldwin 23 February 1886 (5 Children)

 Craig, Orr, Steele, Kimsey, Baldwin, Gaines, Maxwell, Swift


Sharrie Grant


Uriah CRAIG b Apr 15, 1823, OH, d Sept 1, 1903, Cameron, Clinton Cty, MO.

m Oct 24, 1844 Rebecca J COLE b Jul 22, 1822, Portage County, OH, d Dec 11, 1897, Cameron, Clinton Cty, MO.


1) Elizabeth Ann b c 1845 OH, d ??, m Jul 3. 1870 Sterion NORTON

one child: Charles Norton, may have been others

2) Rebecca Jane b c 1847 OH, d ??, m Aug 23, 1866 Guy BACON, b Jul 12,

1836, Portage County, OH, d Apr 24, 1920, MO. Children unknown

3) Lutitia Parthena b c 1849 OH, d ??, m Apr 28, 1867 #1 Chas F. WYMAN (Div.)

m #2 Mary 188? J. M. GASH. Children unknown.

4) William H b c 1853 OH - no other information

5) Mary H b Sept 15, 1856 MO, d Mar 7, 1861 MO

*6) Charles Lincoln b Dec 1859 MO, d Aug 27, 1905, Hamilton, Caldwell Cty, MO; m Jan 2, 1885 Mary Ellen "Ella" POWER b Nov 12, 1854, Morgan Cty, OH, d Oct 19, 1929, Nettleton, Caldwell Cty, MO. Children: 3 listed below.

7) Delora "Dollie" b Apr 17, 1862, Caldwell Cty, MO, d May 27, 1928, Cameron, Clinton Cty, OH. Never married.

8) James b Mar 3, 1864 d Oct 13, 1864 MO

9) Mary Annie b Aug 15, 1866 Caldwell Cty, MO, d Oct 31, 1927, Caldwell Cty, MO. m Feb 27, 1887 John HENNINGER.


Charles Lincoln CRAIG m Mary Ellen "Ella" POWER--Children:

Clyde H b c 1886 Caldwell Cty, MO, d c 1969 CA, m Laura ??

Amy Burr b Mar 3 1887, Caldwell Cty, MO, d Jul 4, 1971, m Oct 12, 1915,

Pearl Allen OLDFIELD b June 30, 1885, Breckenridge, Caldwell Cty, MO, d 198? Children: Marvin b 1920, Billy Dean 1921, Dale 1923.

*Wallace Power b Sept 11, 1889 Caldwell Cty, MO, d Sept 11, 1972, Boliver, Polk Cty, MO, m 1915 Eva Frances MANNING b Mar 18, 1896, d Mar 1982.

Three children: Linden; Dorothy Ellen, Clyde Lee


Wallace Power CRAIG m Eva Frances MANNING

Linden b 1919 (lived only two days)

*Dorothy Ellen b. 1920 m Laurence Otto KELMEL

Clyde Lee b 1922 m Hazel BRADBURY


Dorothy Ellen CRAIG m Laurence Otto KELMEL

Sharrie Ann b 1942

Launnie Lee b 1946

Chris Craig b 1958

* denotes direct line



From other sources, not verified, Uriah may have been born in Mahoning or Trumbell County, OH. First time I found him in a census was 1850 residing in Smith Township, Mahoning Cty, OH. Have the marriage record for he and Rebecca, they were married by Zebulon Rudolph, the father-in-law of President Garfield. Rebecca & Uriah migrated to Missouri in 1855, shortly after some of her aunts and/or uncles (NOAH Family) arrived there. In the 1850 census there also were listed a James Thompson, William Strong and Ann E. Bryan as living in the household. Many of his descendants continue to live in the Clinton and Caldwell County, MO area.


Pat Kilkenny


My David Craig was born SC abt 1801. The first time I can find him on the Census is 1840 in Pike County, AL. He married Martha Beaman bef. 1830. David bought land 12-21-1842 in Pike Co., AL. The deed was witnessed by James D. Craig.

I found a James D. Craig listed in 1820 SC. He has a male living with him in the same age range as my David. Could this be his father??




Still out there on a limb (no pun intended), somewhere in SC.

(Thomas Craig Abt. 1836) Aiken County SC

VA>KY?>MO [Howard County, MO]

Patty Chiles


GEORGE CRAIG (b. Feb. 1, 1783 VA; d. Jul. 31, 1868, Howard Co. MO) married

CHARITY HUMBLE HINCH (b. Feb. 21, 1788 KY; d. Howard Co. MO). Children are:


1. LUCINDA Craig (b. Feb. 26, 1808 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO) married Milo Boone Sep. 17, 1839 St. Charles, MO

2. EMILY JANE Craig (b. Oct. 1, 1810 Ste. Genevieve Co. MO; d. Apr. 20, 1903 Howard Co. MO) married William Finnell Feb. 24, 1829 Howard Co. MO

3. ZENIS P. Craig (b. Sep. 15, 1812 Fayette MO; d. Feb. 4, 1899 Lenexa KS) married Nancy Jane Richardson

4. MARY H. (POLLY) Craig (b. Feb. 26, 1816 Fayette MO) married Wilson Moore June 24, 1841 Polk Co. MO

5. JOHN WESLEY Craig (b. Feb. 25, 1819 Fayette MO); d. Jan. 20, 1897 Randolph Co. MO) married Margaret Adlaid Williams Jan. 23, 1844 Howard Co. MO

6. AUGUSTUS SCOTT Craig (b. Oct. 10, 1821 Fayette MO; d. Apr. 3, 1909 Howard Co. MO married Mary Kirby Aug. 29, 1844 Howard Co. MO

7. ELIZABETH H. Craig (b. Sep. 20, 1824 Fayette MO) married Wilson Moore 1845

8. SAMUEL J. Craig (b. Feb. 17, 1827 Fayette MO)

Collateral line: HINCH (family originally from Augusta Co. VA)


Krealyn Brecht


James CRAIG b. 1766 m. Rebeckah HILL 1793 Clark Co. KY. Resided in Green/Taylor Co. KY until 1829 when they moved to Morgan/Johnson Co. IN to join their other children who had moved in 1819. They traveled with STOTTS and Nimrod STONE.

Some clues I have are:

1) James is linked to Joseph COLVILLE by a deed, giving him power of attorney to sell land in Green Co. KY. He speaks of him in glowing terms, not just like a casual aquaintance.

2) Joseph COLVILLE's father is Andrew COLVILLE b. Fredrick Co. VA who was married to an Ann CRAIG. Rumor has it her father is a William CRAIG.

3) Joseph and his family moved to Blount Co. TN. the COLVILLE family is associated with the VANCE, MONTGOMERY families.

4) Andrew COLVILLE served at King's mountain along with Robert CRAIG of Abington, Washington, VA. He is also listed in Washington Co. with DUNCAN, VANCE, MONTGOMERY. (of course, I can't find the petition right now) I believe a John, James and Robert CRAIG.

5) The VANCE, MONGOMERY, COLVILLE families came from Pennsylvania. There are some Quaker links to the various lines.

I believe I may be linked to the CRAIGs in PA through VA, KY, then to TN or Indiana, depending on which way they migrated.


1794-1834 Census/Tax Records Green Co. Kentucky













Janet Ross


The first known of my CRAIGS is William (John?) CRAIG b abt 1860 poss. Sutton, Que, Canada m Margaret MILLER and son William James CRAIG b abt 1890 poss. Sutton m Sophia WHYTE in (Springfield, MA). William and Margaret removed to Derby, VT and then to Springfield. William James served Canada in WWI and was stationed in Nova Scotia. He was living in Springfield, MA at the time, but the story is he felt a loyalty to Canada, so left his family to serve there.

Wondering if he might have still been a Canadian citizen???


Judy Jones Arnold


I. William CRAIG d. 14 Sep 1832 Paris, Edgar Co., IL

A. John CRAIG b. 1795 IRL/PA d. 7 Jun 1848 Edgar Co., IL m. Jane COUSINS b. 1799, Hamilton Co., OH abt. 1814/15 prob. KY

1. Nancy b. 30 May 1816 KY/VA d. 9 May 1849 Humansville, Polk,MO m. Joseph YAGER 9 May 1839

2. Margaret b. 1818 Bracken Co., KY d. 15 Feb 1882 Edgar Co., IL

3. William Graham b. 1821 Hamilton Co., OH m. Amelia Paulina BAILEY 28 Aug 1845 Edgar Co., IL

a. Mary Louise b. 18 Jun 1846 Paris, Edgar Co., IL d. 4 May 1930 Murrya, Cass Co., NE m. William Michael WILEY 23 Jan 1863 Cass Co., NE

b. John B. b. ca 1849

4. Mary b. 1822 Hamilton Co., OH

5. George W. b. 1825 Clermont Co.,OH m. Louisa BAILEY(maybe sister of Amelia) 27 Sep 1847 Edgar Co., IL

6. Benjamin F. b. 1828 Clermont Co., OH m. Elizabeth DOWNING 5 Nov 1863 Edgar Co., IL

7. John L. b. 1829 Clermont Co., OH m. Elizabeth BAYSINGER 2 Aug 1859 Edgar Co., IL

8. Joseph U. b. 1832 Clermont Co., OH m. Caroline CLARK 13 Nov 1859 Edgar Co., IL

9. Martha Jane b. 1836 Edgar Co., IL m. Richard W. VANSICKLE 11 Apr 1858 Edgar Co.IL

10. Phoebe Catherine b. 20 Sep 1842 Edgar Co., IL d. 20 Jan 1920 Edgar Co., IL m. Samuel S. WOOD 6 Feb 1863 Edgar Co. IL

Mary Louise CRAIG WILEY was my gggrandmother; when she married William Michael WILEY he had five children (although three may have died as infants) and they had fourteen children together.


John Craig ANDREWS


1. Emigrant David CRAIG, b. 1712 (Renfrewshire) Scotland; came to America by 1744; married Margaret PATTON (b. 1712, Sudsbury Twp, Lancaster Co PA; dau of Robert PATTON); owned land in Doengal Twp, Lancaster Co PA by Apr 1747; d. 1759, Lancaster Co PA. They had:

2.1 Anna, b. 27 Oct 1738 NFI

2.2 Robert, b. 20 Dec 1744; m. 1st Margaret WHITEHILL, 1 Jan 1765; 2nd Jane/Jean DENNY, 24 Dec 1778; d. 4 Feb 1834, Abingdon, Washington Co VA

2.3 Sarah, b. 30 Apr 1748; m. MIDDLETON in Lancs Co PA or Cecil Co MD


2.2 Robert and Margaret WHITEHILL (dau of Judge James WHITEHILL) had:

3.1 Rachel, b. 26 Nov 1765, Donegal Twp, Lancs Co PA; m. 2 Oct 1788 Joshua EWING (II); d. 22 Sep 1820, Lee Co VA

3.2 David, b. 26 Feb 1767; m. Martha NFI

3.3 James Whitehill, b. 3 Dec 1768, m. 24 Jan 1799 in Washington Co VA Rebecca RUSSELL; d. 1 Dec 1846

3.4 Robert Jr., b. 10 Jan 1771; m. 21 Mar 1793 in Wash Co VA to Mary RUSSELL

3.5 Margaret, b. 22 Jan 1773, m. 11 Oct 1791 Peter FULKERSON in Lee Co VA; d. 28 Oct 1839, Lee Co VA (FULKERSON family history gives birthplace as Washington Co VA but does not cite source; her father may or may not have been in Washington Co, temporarily, in 1773; from 1787 it was his only residence.)

3.6 Elizabeth, b. 24 Jan 1775, m. (1st) 15 May 1794 Claiborne WATKINS; d. 29 Aug 1831

3.7 Sarah, b. 31 Dec 1776, Lancs Co PA; m. 7 Sep 1797 Frederick HAMILTON; d. 15 Feb 1848


Robert CRAIG and Jane DENNY (aka Jean and Jenny) had:

3.8 Rebecca, b. 9 Oct 1779, m. 1 Mar 1798 Michael SHUGART; d. 6 Dec 1829

3.9 William Denny, b. 16 Aug 1781, m. 13 Feb (1806) Catherine HEISKELL; his death variously shown as 1819 and 1830

3.10 Ann Middleton (Nancy), b. 11 Mar 1786; m. 26 Jul 1808 John MITCHELL; d. 12 Jul 1837 in MO

3.11 Mary, b. 28 Dec 1789; m. 7 Nov 1808 William McBERRYHILL (of TN, maybe in TN?)

3.12 Harriet, b. 16 Sep 1792; m. 25 Aug 1819 William T. SMITH; d. 1 Nov 1829

3.13 Amanda Patton, b. 12 Feb (1796); m. 31 Jul 1793 James Chambers CRAIG (d. in Huntsville AL, taken sick campaigning with Andrew Jackson, 1814); d. 10 Dec 1856, Abingdon VA


Interested in anything pushing BACK past David, or SIDEWAYS from him (siblings), and anything on Generation #4.


Pat Craig


I am not sure what your definition of an "orphan" is but as a Craig out on the east coast of North America in Newfoundland in 1844, my ggraddfather,Thomas Craig would surely qualify. I guess as the only family with the surname Craig in this province I must qualify as an orphan as well.

Thomas Craig left Kildare in 1844 at the age of 12 and set out for North America. I am not sure if he meant to reach Newfoundland or to continue on with the other Craigs to the mainland.Did he just get lost and lose his connection with his family back in Kildare or in some other part of North America.

I have noted as I read all of the messages that are posted that names that are common in your families have been found in my tree...Thomas, William, James, George.



Mary Robinson Craig born June 10, 1814 in KY

Parents: John Craig and Jane Reed


Mary Robinson Craig married Benjamin Harrison Baird on Jan 30, 1834 in Van Buren, AR

Mary Craig Baird died in Protland, Multnomah, OR

Benjamin Baird died Oct 24, 1864 in Grants Pass, Josephine, OR


They had the following children:


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