page 8  Issue #3  Corrections & Additions
ARCHILLES FINNELL; b.c1780; d.28 Aug 1868; m. c1800 to
Lydia ____ (d.aft 1840) A farmer in the 1850 census of Macon Co, MO
     ANN FINNELL, b.1802; m. 1 Jan 1827 to William
     Roberts, Sr    (d.1847)
     NANCY JANE FINNELL; b.1805; d.8 Apr 1878; m.2
     Aug 1824 to William Drinkard, Jr (son of William Drinkard, Sr &
     Sarah [Sally] Finnell; b.1797; d.1840) Family moved to Macon Co,
     MO after 1840.
     MARY [Polly] FINNELL; b.1806; d.1877; m.29 Oct
     1826 to Risdon Mott (b.1803; d.1876)
     SUSAN FINNELL; b.17 Jul 1814; d. Mar 1904; m. 1839
     to David Freeman (b.10 May 1819; d.10 Nov 1899)
     GEORGE W. FINNELL; b.1816; d. bef 1870; m. 19
     Mar 1864 to Elizabeth Perry (b. Aug 1826; d. Sep 1904)
     ELIZABETH FINNELL; b.22 Feb 1824; d.23 Oct 1892;
     m.13 Jan 1848 to Asher [Arthur] Moxley (b.18 Apr 1829; d.26 Jul
JANE FINNELL; b. 1785; d. bef 1860 census; m. 11 May 1803
to Joshua Lampton
ELIZABETH FINNELL; b.1789; d.__; m. to John Layton
NANCY FINNELL; b.1791/1800; d.--; m.21 Aug 1817 to
Andrew King
WILLIAM FINNELL; b.1793; d.9 Mar 1811
JAMES FINNELL; b.1798/99
CLARY FINNELL; b.1790/95; m. 12 Aug 1813 to Joseph Odor
SUSANNAH FINNELL; b.1796/97; d.__; m/1  4 Oct 1815 to
Francis [Frank] Drinkard (b.1793; d.20 Aug 1825 of Typhoid Fever; bur in
Family cemetery 1 mile north of Roanoke, Howard Co, MO)
     William Drinkard; b.1816
     Beverly Frank Drinkard; b.1818; d.c1850; m. 9 Jan 1840 to Lucretia
     Freeman (b.1823)
REF: Information from the files of Marilyn Freeman of Callao, MO

Page 8 Issue #1  Change spelling of VERDEN to VIRDEN
     additions MARY ELIZABETH FINNELL; b.5 Jul 1827; d. 2
Apr 1874; bur.Westline Cass Co, MO (dau of Benjamin and Calissa Marshall
Finnell) m. to John Fleming Virden (b.13 Feb 1819, Lexington, Fayette Co,
KY; d.28 Mar 1890, Cass Co, MO.  Came from Kentucky to Missouri in
CHILDREN (all born in Danville, Boyle Co, KY)  Surname VIRDEN
John Virden; m. 12 Feb 1880; d.24 Sep 1930, Drexel, MO; bur. Sharon
     CHILDREN: (surname VIRDEN
     Ernest Leroy Virden; b.3 Dec 1881, Galena, KS; d.25 Jan 1916, um
     John Edward Virden; b.2 Sep 1882, Lisle, MO; m. 17 Mar 1908 to
     Emma White
     Mattie Ethel Virden; b.9 Apr 1885, Brosley, MO; m. to Daniel Bush
     Harry DeWitt Virden; b.25 Feb 1887, Brosley, MO; m. 16 Jun 1915 to
     Sylvia Fenton
     Charles Roscoe Virden; b.18 Feb 1888, Fairview, MO; m. 24 Feb
     1914 to Josephine Mae Kelley
     Mary Edna Virden; b.9 Nov 1890, Brosely, MO; m. 26 Dec 1911 to
     John Walter Alley
     Maggie Ruth Virden; b.19 Aug 1896, Brosley, MO; m. 26 Oct 1916 to
     James Edward Alley
Mary [Sarah] Virden; b.1855/56; d.17 Dec 1884, Drexel, MO; bur. Sharon
James Virden; d.1915, bur,. Arizona; m. to Ida Hanks
Henry L. Virden; b.1860; d.9 Sep 1860
Maggie Virden; b. 1962; bur Sharon Cem, Drexel, MO; m. to John Morrow
Lulie Virden; d. 8 Feb 1868; infant
George Edward Virden;  bur. Oregon
Mary Lillie Virden;  bur. in California
Nannie Virden; bur Sharon Cemetery, Drexel, MO

                     X O X O X O X

Page 7  Issue #1  additions to descendants of Martha Finnell Cleek
     MARTHA FINNELL (dau of Robert Finnell & Frances
[Franky] Quinn) b.15 May 1805; d.9 Apr 1855; m. 10 May 1821 to John
Jacob Cleek, Jr (son of John Cleek, Sr)
Elizabeth Cleek; b.4 Feb 1824; d.6 Jan 1864
Robert Finnell Cleek; b.26 Nov 1825
Benjamin W. Cleek; b.27 Mar 1828
Elmira Jane Cleek; b.18 Jun 1830
John Dudley Cleek; b.28 Jul 1832; d.7 Jul 1848
Esau Cleek; b.1 Jul 1835; d.18 Nov 1889
Frances Ann Cleek; b.3 Sep 1838
Martha Mildred Cleek; b.7 Nov 1841
Thomas Jefferson Cleek; b.4 Mar 1845
John Jacob Cleek; b.2 Jul 1848; d.26 Jan 1927; m. 28 Jan 1875 to Kittie
Margaret Julia Cleek; b.3 Feb 1853; d.9 May 1851
SEE: "Cleek Family Bible" page 33 Finnell Bible Records
and Finnell Cemetery Transcripts Vol I Edited by Arthur Louis Finnell;

                     O X O X O X O

Page 7  Issue #3   FINNELL corrections and additions
JAMES BEDO FINNELL; b. Warrensburg, MO. A State
Patrolman in Washington State
CHILD:  RUFUS T. FINNELL; d. 21 Sep 1918, France WWI
WILLIAM LEONARD FINNELL; b. Higginsville, MO; d.
Spokane, WA; m. to Jean Hamilton Simpson
LEONARD WILLIAM FINNELL; b.28 Apr 1928, Spokane,
WA; m. to Nancy Faith Ral

                     X O X O X O X

page 23  ISSUE 2   COL REUBEN FINNELL  is the son of
Robert Finnell b.1777; d.1858 and Martha Thorn

                       X O X O X O

Page 8 additions to:  "A Finnell Family 1802-1997  Being the Family of
Thomas Finnell Sr of Coshocton County, Ohio, mainly through the
descendants of his oldest son Charles W. Finnell; Compiled by Arthur
Louis Finnell  Oct 1997.
PAUL NOBEL FINNELL  m/1 to Beulah Virgina Moran; m/2 to
Opal Watson
CHILDREN: (all born Roscoe, OH)
     CLARENCE FINNELL; b.12 Sep 1926
     SYLVIA MAY FINNELL; b.22 Nov 1928
     JEAN ELLEN FINNELL; [twin]; b.24 May 1931
     JUNE HELEN FINNELL; [twin]; b.24 May 1931
     --dau--- FINNELL; b.23 Dec 1939
     PATRICIA ANN FINNELL; b.23 Dec 1939
     REUBEN GARFIELD FINNELL; b.17 Feb 1944; m. to
     Nancy C. ____
     JAMES MICHAEL FINNELL; b.16 Oct 1945

     addition  "a native of Culpeper County, VA who ran away from home
when but fourteen years of age, came to Kentucky and settled in Woodford
County. In 1844 removed to Mercer County. Was a Democrat and  took a
active part in the Grange Movement.
     WILLIAM DUDLEY FINNELL   his wife should be Sallie Elizabeth
     IRVIN (dau of James B. & Lucretia Starns Irvin)

                       X O X O X

page 6 Issue 1 New list of Children for Thomas Dudley FINNELL
1899; m. 24 Jan 1861 to Mariah Glore (b.11 Dec 1839; d.22 Aug 1923; dau
of William Glore & Elizabeth Margaret Kite) Both buried in Big Bone Baptist
Cemetery. CHILDREN:
     WILLIAM MARTIN FINNELL; b.5 Mar 1862; d.4 Dec
     1939; um; bur Big Bone Baptist Cem
     JENNIE [MARY JANE] FINNELL; b.27 Feb 1864; d.15
     Feb 1941; m. to Austin Stephens; bur Independence Cem, Kenton Co,
     JOHN ADDISON FINNELL; b.13 Nov 1865; d.28 Nov
     1912; m. to Lucy Margaret Hull
     GEORGE BENJAMIN FINNELL; b.22 Dec 1867; d.25
     Jan 1938; m. to Julia Frances Dorsey
     1870; d.29 Jan 1944; m. to Maude Lowder
     d.6 Oct 1912; m. to Albert Taylor
     ADELIA MAY FINNELL; b.9 Jan 1879; d.18 Sep 1971;
     RICHARD JOHNSON FINNELL; b.7 Jan 1881; d.16 Jun
     1960; m. to Etta Friday
MARTIN VAN BUREN FINNELL; b.20 Sep 1840; d. 8 Feb
1864, in Civil War; bur Big Bone Cemetery
ADDISON FINNELL; d. young at 3 mos
ANNA MARIA FINNELL; b.c1842; bur Big Bone Baptist
Cemetery; m. to John Truman Black
JOHN J. FINNELL; b.1844; bur Big Bone Baptist Cemetery
JENNIE B. [Nancy] FINNELL; b.c1846; bur Hance Cemetery;
m. to Thomas Jefferson Miller, a cousin (son of James A. & Ann Miller)
NANCY FLORENCE FINNELL; b.31 Dec 1847; d.9 Jan 1906;
m. 14 Mar 1867 to James Parryander Johnson (son of Wm Rinaldo & Agnes
F. Johnson)
THOMAS A. FINNELL; b.c1861; d.1920, bur Big Bone Baptist
Cemetery; m. to Marcia Slayback
GEORGE W. FINNELL; b.29 Mar 1862; d.17 Apr 1895; bur
Big Bone Baptist Cemetery
JOHN J. FINNELL; m. to Nora Allphin
SALLIE E. FINNELL; m. to James Allphin (Brother to Nora)
REF: page 437; The Came to Kentuck; by Alberta Carson Kirkwood; Baltimore, 1976

         GEORGE FINNELL, Woodstock, Virginia

GEORGE FINNELL; son of Reuben Finnell and Sarah Ashford
Mitchell Finnell; b.1796, Culpeper Co, Va; d.1 Aug 1819, Woodstock, VA;
m. to a unknown person.
     Very little is known of this George out side a notice of his death and
his estate papers. Notice of his death was published in the 20 Aug 1819 issue
page 3 of the Richmond Virginia Enquire:
     "DISTRESSING EVENT  Woodstock, VA August 11. ---
     Mr George Finnell, son of the Rev Reuben Finnell, of Culpeper
     county, Va lost is life by one of those unforeseen  occurrences which
     appears so prevalent at the present day; -- the following particulars are
     handed us by Major John Boyd, with whom the deceased lived. Whilst
     he was assisting in raising a hay rack on Friday evening before his
     death, and unloading the hay alternately as it came, he slid the rake
     down the side of the stack, and having finished the necessary work on
     such an occasion, and in trying to descend he fell directly on the handle
     of the rake, which entered his body eighteen inches; there was but one
     person present on this melancholy occession; he states the deceased
     appeared perfectly composed after the rake was extracted from his body
     --- but lanquished under severe pain; he was sensible from the moment
     of his approaching dissointion, but hoped in his redeemer. --- He
     continues in this situation until Sunday the 1st inst,when about 6
     o'clock in the evening he breathed his last in the 23rd year of his age.
     The deceased has left a wife with whom he was but lately united,to
     lament the loss of the partner of her bosom, and a large number of
     relations and friends to weep for his untimely fall."
     His estate was settled in Culpeper County, Virginia (Will Book I page
     169) contains a list of personal property.
     "A list of the Sale of personal Estate of George Finnell, deceased  by
     Elisha Ricketts, Adminsr  5 Jul 1823.
          1 Bed & funiture & Bedstead            $11.00
          1 Pine Blue painted Chest                2.00
          1 Looking Glass                          2.25
          1 pair sad irons                         1.12
          1 old pine chest                          .58
          1 Pair Rose Blankets                     2.00
          Bedstead under bed & 10 feathers         7.50
          2 Chairs                                  .60
          1 Glass Cruit, 2 Glass Tumblers &
          one Yellow Mug                            .50
          1 Sugar Bowl 1 Yellow Pitcher,
           1 Enamel Mug                             .30
          1 Blue Teapot, 5 plates 1 White dish
           1 small bowl                            1.50
          1 Large Dish, 2 White plates, 1 pepper box,
           1 Salt celler, 1 Cream Cup               .75
          1 set knives, 2 forks, 2 table spoons,
           1 tea spoon                             1.25
          1 Butter pot                              .12 1/2
                                                 $30.41 1/2

          1 Japanse ____                            .75
          one roune Colt 3 yrs old                31.00
                                                 $62.16 1/2
NOTE: all these items purchased by Elisha Ricketts
     17 Nov 1823  returned and ordered recorded

In Culpeper County Will Book I  page 425 is the following:
     The estate of George Finnell, dec'd to Elisha Ricketts, Adminr.
     to paid James Wm Wathers per note taken      $5.33
     to paid John Collars per receipt $5.          5.00
16 Jun   paid Benj McDougle for coffen             6.00
13 Aug  paid William A. Land $1.00 per rect.       1.00
18 Sept  paid Dr Fletcher rd per receipt           2.50
18 Jun  paid John H. Wood act ect Exeatur per Rect 9.00
28 May  paid Moses Gibson a balance of a note
     per Rects                                     8.45
     to raising 1 colt until it was 3 years old
     @ 10.00 per year                             30.00
     To Attorneys fee for service rendered
     per acct                                      6.00
     To two trips to Court house upon Acct
     of estate                                     3.00
     To his commision to be added                  3.78
          Contra Cos                              79.99
By the account of sale for the Test rectd to
          Clerks Office                           63.00
     Balance due the Administrator                19.81
To balance due the Administrator                  16.99
paid clerks fee Bill for Bill taken omitted
  to be recorded above                             2.81
          Balance due the Administrator           19.81
The account of the Sale report given by Elisha Ricketts 13 Jan 1825 at Court
in Culpeper County 17 Jan 1825 Settlement of the Admin of George Finnell
was returned and ordered recorded

The third Court document is found in Culpeper County, VA Will Book N
page 130 :
George Finnell in Account with Elisha Ricketts , his guardian.
1819      to boarding & clothing the said child from this date to Feb 1829
          when he was ten years old @ $25.      $250.00
          To tuition  4 1/2 years $38.            38.00
          to 19.81 due upon a former Settlement   19.81
          to interest upon that sum 11 years to
          this date                               13.07
          to expenses to Woodstock Court 3 days    6.00
          to lawyers fee                           1.60
          to lawyers fee at Culpeper Court House   2.00
          Commissions Fee
30 May    By Cash rec'd due the said estate      184.64
          interest upon this sum up to
          this date 9yrs 1 month                 100.62
          Balance due the Guardian               $54.22
Rappahannock County to Wit:
     Agreable to an order from ther County Court of Culpeper Co as
directed and here ammended we have proceeded to settle and adjust the
guardian a/c of the said  Elisah Ricketts and find that the said estate is
indebted to the said Guardian $54.22 as stated above given under our hands
this 5th day of July 1834.
                                       Chas Shackelford
                                             Jos Settle
                                         Vincent Cerder
at a Court for Culpeper County 15 Sep 1834 ordered recorded.

It appears that George and a unnamed wife left one son also named George
Finnell. Known as George Washington Finnell


GEORGE [Washington] FINNELL; b.c1819/20, Culpeper Co,
VA; d. some time prior to 1880 (as his wife Elizabeth is listed as a widow in
the 1880 Federal Census of Coshocton County, Ohio). m/1  16 Mar 1843 in
Fauquier County, VA to Margaret Powell (dau of Payten Powell); m/2  10 Jan
1855 in Coshocton County, OH to Elizabeth Ricketts (Dau of  Anthony &
Henrietta Compton Ricketts. (this marriage is recorded as George "Ferinel" to
Elizabeth Ricketts. Proof of this  marriage is confirmed in a deed dated 16
Mar 1871 where George Finnell, and Elizabeth, late Elizabeth Ricketts, his
wife, dau and heir of Anthony Ricketts, Sr, received paymant for her share
from the will of Anthony Ricketts,, Sr (Coshocton County Deed Volume 44
page 250). A farmer in Jackson Township, Coshocton Co, OH refered to as
George Washington Finnell, Sr during the years in Coshocton County.  Also
noted as Rickett's son in law in a old store ledger from Roscoe Village from
the 1860-70's. (see article titled "Finnell Families of Coshocton County, Ohio"
by Arthur Louis Finnell published in The Report, the  Ohio Genealogical
Society; Volume XXIV, No 4 Winter 1984)

ELIZABETH FINNELL; b.2 Aug 1843; d.20 Oct 1861; bur.
Oak Ridge Cemetery, Coshocton, OH*
ANTHONY M. FINNELL; b.20 Aug 1850; d.20 Feb 1856; bur
Oak Ridge Cemetery, Coshocton, OH*
PEYTON W. FINNELL; b. Sep 1852, OH; m. 1878 to Florella
____; In 1900 living in Morrow Co, OH
EDWARD FINNELL; b.c1853; only reference the 1870 census
age 17yrs
ASHFORD BARTLETT FINNELL; 13 Jun 1859, Coshocton Co,
OH; d.31 Jan 1941, Coshocton, bur Roscoe Village Cemetery; m. 23 Jun
1888 to Lena E. Kyle (see the Family Bible as published in Finnell Bible
Records and Finnell Cemetery Transcript, Volume I 1993)
GEORGE F. FINNELL; b.13 Jan 1863; d.13 Feb 1864; bur Oak
Ridge Cemetery, Coshocton, OH*
WILLIAM FINNELL; b.1 Oct 1864; d.18 Jan 1871; bur Oak
Ridge Cemetery, Coshocton, OH
OLIVE MAY FINNELL; b. 1867; m. to ____ Handel
ELEANOR FINNELL; b. 1870; m. to Frank Ayers
     (* these burial are transcripts of tombstones copied by Marion Hunter
who transcribed the Oak Ridge Cemetery in the early 1940's. The stones could
not be found when I searched the cemetery in 1972)

                     X O X O X O X

   Anthony Ricketts Family two Finnell connections

Anthony Ricketts, Sr; b.1781; d.21 Dec 1885; bur Oak Ridge
Cemetery, Coshocton, OH; m. to Henrietta Compton (dau of George & Sarah
Duke Compton ; b.1795, VA; d. Dec 1882, age 87 years) In the 1850 federal
census of Jackson Twp, Coshocton Co, OH listed as a miller.
CHILDREN: (surname Ricketts)
     Anthony Ricketts; b. Mar 1834; d. Dec 1921; br. Oak Ridge
     Cemetery, Coshocton, OH; m. 30 Sep 1856 in Coshocton Co, OH to
     Mary J. Wilkin (b.1834; d.1881)
     Elizabeth Ricketts, b.9 Jul 1827, VA; d. 9 Jul 1893, Coshocton Co,
     OH; bur. Oak Ridge Cemetery; m.10 Jan 1855 to GEORGE W.
     FINNELL (son of George Finnell) SEE article on George
     Finnell else where in this issue.
     Alcinda Ricketts; b.17 May 1829, Va; d.7 Jan 1888, Coshocton, OH;
     bur. Roscoe Cemetery, Coshocton Co, OH; m. 26 Sep 1850 in
     Coshocton Co, OH to Daniel Rose
     Nancy Ricketts; b.1832, OH; d.7 Apr 1925, Seattle, WA; bur of ashes
     Oak Ridge Cemetery, Coshocton; m. 29 Jul 1858 to JOHN W.
     FINNELL (son of Thomas & Nancy Compton Finnell; b.1835,
     OH; d.2 Dec 1902, Coshocton, OH; bur. Oak Ridge Cemetery.
          ALICE FINNELL; b. 1858; d.1900, Obituary in
          Coshocton  Daily Ag for 13 Jul 1900; Keene Twp,
          Coshocton CO, OH
          WILLIAM FINNELL; b. Oct 1860; m. 12 Jan
          1884 to Anna P. Heller; in 1902 of Olympia, WA
          JOHN W. FINNELL; b.1864; d.21 May 1921,
          Braddock, PA, a photographer
          SAMUEL A. FINNELL; b.1866; in 1902 of
          Gettysburg, PA
          BRYAN FINNELL; b. 1868; d.1892, Allegheny,
          JAMES FINNELL; b.c1870; 1880
          EDWARD FINNELL; b.4 Feb 1872; d.24 Feb
          1954, Coshocton, OH; bur South Lawn Cemetery; m. to Alma
          R. _____ A Plasterer.  Child: ROBERT D. FINNELL
          GEORGE F. FINNELL; b.1870; d.5 Jul 1919, Seattle,
          WA; bur of ashes Oak Grove Cemetery, Coshocton, OH, A
          photographer in Coshocton in 1904
       NELLIE FINNELL; b.1876; m. 24 Oct 1894 to John
          Swigart; d.1902 of Cleveland, OH
William Ricketts; b.1837
Mary Ann Ricketts; b.1824, VA; m. 23 Nov 1843 in Coshocton Co, OH to
Thomas Graham [?]
Hezeriah Ricketts; m. 24 Dec 1848, Coshocton Co, Oh to Cecilia Wamsley [?]

                     X 0 X 0 X O X


FREDERICK HENRY FINNELL; son of Charles G.* & Louisa
Linthecom; b.18 Jun 1879, Englevale, KS; d.17 Jun 1931, DuPue, IL; m. to
Myra Curtis (b.9 Mar 1883, Centralia, CO)
MERLE CURTIS FINNELL; b.7 Jul 1904, Gas City, KS; d.21
Feb 1961, Lynchburg, VA; m. to Elizabeth Booker Foster (b.21 Jul 1915,
Danville, Va)
     CHILDREN: (born in Lunchburg, VA)
     KAY ELIZABETH FINNELL; b.23 Jan 1941
* said to have been born in KY; d. c. Feb 1920/2

                     X V X V X V X

                JOHN KING FINNELL Family

JOHN KING FINNELL; b.24 Feb 1883; d.7 Apr 1958,
Lewiston, ID; m. 22 Feb 1903 at Melrose to Elsie Elizabeth Curry (b.17 Sep
1884; d.6 Dec 1962)
Moved to Fairmont WA in 1891; and to  Reubens, WA in 1895 and to
Lewiston, ID in 1925
BONNIE MAY FINNELL; b.1 Feb 1904; d.22 Apr 1905
MARK RODNEY FINNELL;  b.1 Aug 1906; d.4 May 1952
BRUCE B. FINNELL; b.15 Sep 1908; m. 10 Dec 1937 to
Glenella Alfreda Bundy
JUANITA IRENE FINNELL; b.12 Aug 1912, Metrose, ID; m.
10 Dec 1936 to Charles Louis Elben
HAROLD KEITH FINNELL; b.30 Sep 1914; m. 4 Sep 1955 to
Pauline Hoech Oclonner
EDNA MAY FINNELL; b.24 Mar 1920; d.5 May 1920
GENE MORISE FINNELL; b.24 Jul 1924. Melrose, ID; m. to
Teresa Maria Scelfo
CLAUD HERBERT FINNELL; b.9 Feb 1924; d. Sep 1945

                     X O X O X O X


occupation a Sawfiler
ARTEMAS MILTON FINNELL; b.12 Sep 1900, Marktree, AR;
d. May 1956, Tillamook, OR; m. to Stella Ann James (b.1908)
     URSEL [Pete] FINNELL;  of Drain, OR
     JAMES RAYMOND FINNELL, Sr; of Griboldi, OR
     LeELLA FINNELL; Jim Will
     DOROTHY FINNELL; m. to _____ Harper
     ALFRED FINNELL; of Entent, WA

                        X O X O X O X

                T. NIMROD FINNEL

THOMPSON NIMROD [Thomas Nimrod] FINNELL; b.31 Jan
1800; d.5 Jan 1886, bur. Georgetown KY Cemetery; m.  Dec 1824 in Scott
Co, KY to Penelope W. Williamson (b.1805, Ky; d.1900)
THOMAS WILLIAMSON FINNELL; b.31 Jan 1829; d.1886,
Georgetown, KY; bur Georgetown Cemetery; Mary Allen McGrath (b.9
Jan 1831; d.12 Nov 1900) CHILDREN:
     IDA FINNELL; b.1855; d.1939; m/1 to John Miller
     (d.1892);  m/2 to Sherwood Brodbelt
     CORINNE FINNELL; b.1858; d.1944; m/1 1876 to
     William Robert Blackwell; m/2 to Alfred Crumbaugh
     SALLIE FINNELL; b.1872; d.1945; bur Missouri; m. to
     Fred Hix
     BESSIE MOORE FINNELL; b.1874; d.1939; m. to Guy
     RICHARD ALLEN FINNELL; b.19 Jul 1867; d. 11 Oct
     1946; bur Georgetown KY Cemetery
     PRICE McGRATH FINNELL; b.10 Feb 1862; d.16 Nov
     1926; bur. Georgetown KY Cemetery; nm
     WILLIAM McGRATH FINNELL; b.1853; d.1913; bur.
     New York; nm
     THOMAS DOWNTON FINNELL; b.18 Mar 1860,
     Georgetown, KY; d.21 Dec 1898, Georgetown, KY; m.  1884 to Rose
     Pauline McCormick (b.14 Feb 1863; d.3 Apr 1919, Georgetown, KY)

                        X O X O X O X

                ALLEN M. FINNELL

FINNELL; b.1885, Keatsville, MO [?]; d.____; bur Olathe, KS; m. to
Maude Isreal (b.6 Apr 1887, Lewis, KS;)
VERNON D. FINNELL; b.26 May 1917, Lewis, KS; m. to
Mabe A. Northern
     LEE THOMAS FINNELL; b.16 Mar 1949
     SUE ANN FINNELL; b.2 Feb 1950; m. to Roy Mathas
     DOROTHY FINNELL; ____ Brunk
     MARIE FINNELL; m. to Tom Brown Homer
and REBECCA FINNELL Woods are siblings of Allan M.

                        X O X O X


JAMES T. FINNELL; b.1845; d.1912; bur. Bethel Cemeterey ,
Alexandria, VA; Ada Thomas Jefferson (b.1853; d,1898)
A Railroad Man
 GEORGE THOMAS FINNELL, Sr; b.22 Mar 1885,
Alexandria, VA; d.8 Oct 1940; bur Bethel Cemetery, Alexandria, VA; m. to
Emma Jane FOARD (b.1 Apr 1886; d.22 May 1974, bur Bethel Cemetery.
(See obituary this issue) CHILDREN:
     MARSHALL LEE FINNELL; b.9 Feb 1904
     ADA VIRGINIA FINNELL; b.15 Jul 1905; d.8 Aug
     1972; m. to ____ Jannett
     IOLA KATHERINE FINNELL; b.29 Dec 1906,
     Burtonsville, MD; m. to ___ Poole
     VIOLA FLORINE FINNELL; b.29 Dec 1906; m. to
     ____ Simms
     GEORGE THOMAS FINNELL, Jr; b.24 Apr 1909
     FRANCIS MARIE FINNELL; b.25 Dec 1912; d.24 Aug
     1967; m. to ___ Bruff
     ESTHER LOUISE FINNELL; b.11 Dec 1924,
     Alexandria, VA; m. to Paul Stanley Williams
EDWARD FINNELL  no children
CHARLES FINNELL; no children
KATE FINNELL ____ Hohenstein
ANNIE FINNELL; m. to ____ Hansborough

                    X O X O X O X


RUSSELL S. FINNELL m. to Josina Talbott
     ROBERT TALBOTT FINNELL; b.27 Dec 1863,
     Anderson, IN; d.  Bur. Hurdland, Knox Co, MO; m. to Mar Drusilla
     A. Magruder
     He was a preacher in the Church of God
          NAOMI RUTH FINNELL, b.c1900, Hurdland,
          MO; m. to Isaac George Smith

                     X O X O X O X

           WILLIS A. FINNEL

WILLIS A. FINNELL; b.1837; d.13 Feb 1882; age 45y 5m 19d
[from tombstone]; bur Bethlehem Cemetery, Wahenda, Carrol Co, MO; m. to
Nancy Jane ______ (b.28 Sep 1839; d.28 Apr 1908; bur. Mt Salem Cemetery,
near Macon, MO.
JAMES W. FINNELL; A school Teacher for many years around
Ardmore & Excello, MO; bur. Huntsville, MD


The Ridge Park Cemetery, Marshall, Saline Co, MO

These four are on the same large marker
FINNELL, John King; b.21 Sep 1829; d.15 Jul 1895
       , Mary A.; b.10 Mar 1833; d.3 Oct 1889
       , William H.; b.17 Jun 1858; d.6 Jan 1915
       , Annie E.; b.31 Dec 1861; d.20 Jul 1951

                     V I V I V I V


Co. D 23 Virginia Calvary Company \
Muster Roll Co F 23 Regt Va Cav  1 Aug to 31 Oct 1864
enlisted 7 Sep 1863 Present  reduced in rank 7 Apr 1864
Company Muster Roll  3 Sgt  Capt Fieldings H. Calmes Company of Calvary
7 Sep 1863 enlisted at Warren Co, VA
LIST  "a prisoners of War paroled  28 Apr to 1 May 1865" given at
Winchester, VA
R.A. FINNELL  Co A 23 VA CAV  dated 28 Apr 1865 Winchester, VA
Age 39  Heights 6- Complexion= Dark  Hair= Dark  Eyes= Hazel

                SOME MISC OBITUARIES

HENRY A. FINNELL  [d.21 Sep 1968] age 81 d. at home in
Nobleton, FL  bur. Brooksville Cemetery
(death Certificate states Father: John Finnell- Mother: Mary Clark -Wife:
Susie Anna ____
[no Date or place on Clipping]

Mrs Lulu Sturman FINNELL  age 83yr d. Trinity Luthern
Hospital  b. Cole Camp, MO  Survived by : Son Frederick Finnell, Chicago -
Dau Mrs Gail Baker
[no date or place on clipping]

Mrs D. E. FINNELL  b. 6 Nov 1875, Iola, KS  d. 17 Sep 1968,
Eureka Springs, age 92yrs   widow of David E. Finnell. Survived by: daus
Mrs William of Eureka Springs, KS - Mrs J.V. Blair of Corpus Christi, TX
and Waltina Virginia Finnell who predeceased her Mother. Bur. in Eureka
Springs Cemetery
[No date or Location on clipping]

Mrs Beulah Mae FINNELL  d. 27 Nov 1971; age 90 yrs  of
b. 13 Nov 1881, Roanoke, MO  Dau of  Samuel and Elizabeth Perrin Dunn.
m. 23 Dec 1903 to John C. Finnell, who proceeded her in death.
Survived by: Mrs Roy G. Minks of Brunswick - Mrs C.T. Steinmetz of San
Francisco, CA - John B. Finnell of Florissant, MO.
Burial in Roanoke Cemetery
[2 Dec 1971 The Brunswicke]

Mrs Grant B. FINNELL, Sr (Dixie P.)  age 75yrs [d.21 Jul 1966]
Mission, KS  b.Keytesville, MO. member of Keytesville Methodist Church.
Survived by: Husband Grant B. Finnell, Sr- son Grant B. Finnell, Jr- daus:
Mrs Francis Pitcher; Mrs Helen Skaggs; Mrs Lucille Repolgie. Bur. Johnson
County Memorial Gardens Cemetery
[22 Jul 1966  Kansas City Star]

Albert FINNELL  [d. 12 Nov 1940]  survived by widow Mrs
Evalyn Finnell - Sons C. P. Finnell of Washington DC; E. G. Finnell, J. H.
Finnell and R. Tal Finnell all of Raleigh - Dau. Mrs W. P. Baker of Raleigh -
one brother Richard Finnell of Johnston County. Burial in City Cemetery.
[No date or place on clipping]

Allan Terrell FINNELL age 81  [d. 18 Sep 1968] b. Saline Co,
MO, Grad of old Kansas City School of Law in 1913; member of Central
Christian Church. Survived by: Wife Pansy Finnell - Daus Mrs Dorothy
Jacoby and Mrs Charlotte Shoemaker both of Houston - Sisters Mrs Nellie
Glascock of Fort Worth, TX and Mrs Maurine Thomson of Kansas City. Marshall, MO.
[no date or place on clipping]

Archa F. FINNELL   [died 19 Sep 1968] aged 77yrs  b.
Keytesville, MO. Survived by: Wife Mary Finnell - Son Charles O. Finnell -
Dau Mrs Mary A. Stevens  bur. Forest Hill Cemetery
[No Date or place on clipping]

Horace Greely FINNELL   age 73  of Bates Pike  died Sunday.
Well-known farmer  his Parents the late Mr & Mrs Lorenzo D. Finnell,
pioneer settlers of Bradley Co, TN. Member of First Christian Church.
survived by: Wife Aevenia Randolph Finnell - Daus: Mrs John L. McNair of
Chattanooga & Hazel R. Finnell of Cleveland - Sons Horace Gray Finnell;
Herman Louis Finnell both of Chatanooga - Wilbur Kenneth Finnell of
Kingston and Sgt W. C. Finnell in the US Air Force - Sister Mrs Catherine
Britton of Compton, CA - Brothers W. K. Finnell of Grand Prairie, TX -
Jessie T. Finnell of Poterville, CA. Burial Hilcrest Cemetery.
[6 Apr 1964 Cleveland Daily Banner]

Emma FINNELL   d. Bethesda, MD lived in Old Town operated
a neighborhood grocery store. wife of George T. Finnell. survived by six of
her eight children: Mrs Esther F. Williams of Annadale; Marshall L. Finnell;
Mrs Viola Simms of Groveton; Mrs Iola Poole of Burtonsville, MD; George
T. Finnell of Annandale; and Albert T. Finnell of Rockville, MD. bur. Bethel
Cemetery, Alexandria. Member of the Free Methodist Church, Alexandria
[24 May 1974  The Alexandria Gazette]

William Clarence FINNELL  age 68yrs b. [1898] Paola, KS [d.
5 Jul 1966] Survived by: wife Mrs Grayce Finnell - Daus Mrs Patricia Withers
of Raytown and Mrs Joyce Jack of San Diego, CA - brother Allan T. Finnell -
Sisters Mrs Maurice Thomason; Mrs Nellie Glascock of Fort Worth, TX.
Bur. Marshall, MO
[no date or place on clipping ]


     A number of DAR papers in the Society archives in Washington DC
list as a child of Rev Reuben Finnell and Sarah Ashford Mitchell Finnell,as a
Thomas Jonathan Finnell. Many over the years have assumed it was the
Thomas T./J. Finnell who married Sarah Menefee. This has been proven not
to be the correct Thomas Finnell but instead the Thomas Finnell who married
Nancy Compton in Virginia. There  appeared to have been some confusion as
to which Thomas was the son.

     THOMAS T. / J. FINNELL; b. 4 Apr 1805, Culpeper
     Co, VA; d.16 Oct 1854, aged 48yrs; m. 23 Mar 1830 to Sarah
     Menefee in Culpeper Co, VA. The son of John Finnell and Elizabeth
     Burch Thorn. Sarah the daughter of John Thomas Menefee and Frances
     Finnell (See page 13-21 ISSUE # four)

     THOMAS FINNELL; b.1802, VA; d.21 Mar 1868,
     Coshocton, OH; m. pre 1823 to Nancy Compton (daughter of George
     & Sarah Duke Compton); m/2 to Catherine Compton in Front Royal

The Thomas Finnell who died in Coshocton Co, OH is found buried in a
Family cemetery on his Farm, the stone states his age as 66 yrs (thus born
1802) The cemetery on the farm Thomas purchased from the Federal
Government in section 10, Jackson Twp, Coshocton. The purchase of the East
half of the southwest quarter of section ten, in township 5 of Range seven, of
the unappropriated Lands in the Military District, subject to sale at Zaneville,
Ohio containing 80 acres was dated 2 April 1835. There are also several other
land deeds for this section dealing with purchase and sale by Thomas Finnell

     Thomas is listed in the 1840 Federal census of Cohocton Co for
Jackson Township: 2 male under age 5 (Robert & John) 1 male between agees
5-10 (George); 1 male between ages 10-15 (Thomas); 1 male between age of
15-20 (Charles) and one male betwen ages of 30-40 (Thomas Sr) 1 female
under age 5 (Sarah); 1 female between ages 15-20 (Mary) and 1 female
between age 20-30 (Nancy)

Thomas appears in the 1833 Jackson Twp Chattel Property Tax lists with
Sarah Compton, Richard Compton. Thomas Finny with 1 horse and 1 cow.
The 1834 Jackson Twp Chattel Property Tax List found with Z. Compton,
Sarah Compton, Thomas Finney with again 1 horse and 1 cow.

The Rappahannock County Deed Book E  page 317 contains a deed for 100
acres being sold to John Jett and Joseph Reid. The land joins land of Richard
Duke. The land sold by Sarah Compton, Henrietta, wife of Anthony Ricketts,
Zachariah Compton (his wife Lenia); Nancy Compton, wife of Thomas
Finnel; Richard Compton; George Compton, John Compton; Elisha
Compton, and Thomas Compton all in the State of Ohio, County of Coshocton
[ This was to sell the land owned by George Compton deceased husband of
Sarah in Rapahannock County VA] This land was deeded to George Compton
by William Duke and Mary his wife [Culpeper County Deed Book AA page
210 dated 1805]

     Thomas Finnell, Sr with a group of 30 people including the Comptons
and Rocketts families came from Old Virginia, not far from Cumberland
Maryland by wagon to (Caldersburg) Roscoe, Ohio in Sept 1830. They settled
south and southwest of Roscoe in Jackson, Virginia and Washington
     I do believe that it is this Thomas Finnell who purchased in Culpeper
County on 20 May 1822 two items from the Henrietta Compton estate: 1 chest
for 75 cents and 1 old bench for 25 cents. Henrietta Compton was the widow
of Walter Compton and a close relative of Nancy Compton Finnell the wife of
Thomas. This would have been done just prior to or about the time they were
     I also believe that it is this same Thomas Finnell that is noted in the
estate settlement of Reuben Finnell on 9 Oct 1824 listed  "for a cash note of
Thomas Finnell" Reuben Finnell would have been his Father. All the other
Finnells listed on the estate papers are children of Reuben.

     Interesting evidence in light that there is no other evidence to show that
this Thomas was the son of Reuben Finnell and Sarah Ashford Mitchell

                     X O X O X O X


     HOLY BIBLE   Title page missing   copy supplied by Robert Finnell
Lockbaum of California.

JOHNIE FINNELL  was born 29 Sep 1862
EZRA FINNELL        20 Nov 1863
DUKE FINNELL        10 May 1865
OXAR FINNELL        24 Jan 1870
RICHARD FINNELL     20 May 1873
BRUCIE FINNELL      25 Feb 1882
ADDA FINNELL        30 Nov 1867

BRUCE FINNELL  died  15 Nov 1901
ANNA FINNELL        22 Feb 1906
RICHARD FINNELL     11 Apr 1906
RICHARD FINNELL      3 Jun 1896
DUKE FINNELL        31 Oct 1899
ADDA FINNELL        10 Mar 1866

                     X O X O X O X


     A folded sheet of paper found in the Bible of Robert Kirtley Finnell. A
copy of the original supplied by Robert Finnell Lockbaum of California.

WEDEN S. FINNELL and Mary Ann Barton  now FINNELL was married 27
Mar 1828

WEDEN S. FINNELL was born 22 Aug 1806
MARY ANN FINNELL was born 20 May 1812
DORINDA M. FINNELL was born 1 Feb 1829
JULIANN B. FINNELL was born 31 Jul 1830
RICHARD M. FINNELL was born 1 Feb 1832
WILLIAMSON B. FINNELL was born 10 Oct 1833
FRANCES Q. FINNELL was born 27 Jul 1835
SUSAN B. FINNELL was born 30  Jun 1837
ELIZA B. FINNELL was born 24 Feb 1839
ROBERT M.B. FINNELL was born 31 May 1841
ABSLOM J. FINNELL  was born 23 Jun 1844
MILTON M. FINNELL was born 2 Jul 1847

                       O X O X O

     married to Irene V. _______
     JAMES REGIS FINNELL, Jr; b.1905/06, PA; m. 1966, CA to Elda
     Owey Plouff She b. 1911, CA
     CHILD:    CHARLENE INEZ FINNELL; b.2 Jun 1940 Richard, CA

                       X O X O X


ROBERT FINNELL, son of Reuben Finnell and Henrietta Thorn; b.1777,
Culpeper Co, VA; d, 1858, Mononglia Co, VA [WV]; m. 1810 to Martha
Thorn (she b.1790; d,1846) A  soldier in the War of 1812
NANCY FINNELL; b. 1812, Culpeper Co, VA; d.1907; m. 7 Apr 1836 to
James Kelly in Monongalia Co, VA
WILLIAM FINNELL; b.10 Jan 1814, Falmouth, VA; d.18 Apr 1895; bur

Granville Cemetery; m.12 Nov 1838 to Adelaide Withers Tapp (b. Apr 1820; d.4 Feb 1881, dau of Armistead & Lucy Mildred Dore Tapp) In 1850 a farmer and 1860 a trader in Granville, VA. CHILDREN: REUBEN A. FINNELL; b.1839, Morgantown, VA [WV]; d.1874 Clarksburg, Harrison Co, WV; m. to Mary A. Robinson. In the drug store business in Clarksburg, WV CHILDREN: MYRTLE R. FINNELL GRACE GRAY FINNELL; m. to John F. Hutchinson RALPH E. FINNELL; b.25 Apr 1873; m. 1908 to Harriet Godwin ROBERT A. FINNELL; b.1840, VA [WV]; d. Apr 1929, WV ALONZO [Lonnie] FINNELL; b. 1844, Monongalia, VA [WV]; d. 1877, Morgantown, WV; m.22 Jun 1866 to Louisa HARE Served in CIvil War in West Virginia Regt Union Army Had a Butcher business in Morgantown. CHILDREN: CHARLES NEWTON FINNELL; b.1867; m. 9 Oct 1901 to Lena Res Blackman BELLE V. FINNELL EVANDER FINNELL; b.27 Dec 1846, Granville, VA [WV]; d.1 Oct 1900; m.31 Dec 1876 to Elizabeth Hamilton. CHILDREN: THEODOSEA FINNELL; b.1848, Granville, VA; m. 31 Dec 1878 to A. Wesley Snider ELIZABETH FRANCES [Fanny] FINNELL; b.1850, Granville, VA [WV]; m. 16 Jun 1914 to William H. Ritchey, Monongalia Co, WV LEWIS H. FINNELL; b.15 Mar 1854, Monongalia Co, VA NANCY ANN FINNELL; b.1855; d.25 Nov 1855, Monongalia Co, VA FREDERICK H. FINNELL; b.12 Sep 1856, Granville, VA MARY M. FINNELL; b.1859, Granville, VA ABRAM WEBB FINNELL; b.1866, Granville, VA; m. to Glara Grow REUBEN FINNELL; b.1 May 1815, Culpeper Co, VA; d.4 Mar 1891, Granville, WV; m. 30 Jan 1845 to Lydia Anne Bodley (she b. 1820) CHILDREN (See page 23 Issue Number 2) ELIAS C. FINNELL; b.1816, Culpeper Co, VA; d.16 Jan 1900, Princeton, Bureau Co, IL; bur. Oakland Cemetery; m. 7 Jul 1841 to Julia Ursula Thorn (she b. 1822) A Captain in Co I 14th West Virginia Infantry Union Army Civil War CHILDREN: CATHERINE [Kate] FINNELL; b.1844; possibly m. 15 Oct 1867 to James C. Jolliff, Monongalia Co, WV ALEXANDER MORTIMER FINNELL; b.1849; m. to Mary Ann BEVAN CHILD: MORTIMER BEVAN FINNELL; b.27 Jun 1877 Tooele, UT; d.9 May 1949; m. 19 Jun 1897 to Caroline Shields OLLA FINNELL MARY MARTHA FINNELL; b.1823; m. 24 Jan 1851 to Richard P. Davis, Monongaila Co, VA [WV] SARAH MARGARET FINNELL; b.1824; d.1902; m. 1850 to George Weaver, Monongalia Co, VA [WV] BUSHROD WEBSTER FINNELL; b.1826, Monongalia Co, VW ; 23 Feb 1892; m. 22 Apr 1844 to Elvira Massie Morgantown, WV (she b. 1825) CHILDREN: MARTHA A. FINNELL, b.1844 ADELIA FINNELL; b.1846 CELANIA C. FINNELL; b. 1846 ELIZA FINNELL; b.1828, Monongalia Co, VA [WV]; n. to ____ Barrickman JULIA ANN FINNELL; m.6 Feb 1843 to Jacob Basnett, Monongalia Co, VA [WV] HENRIETTA [Henny] FINNELL; m. to William Simpson REF: See also "The Finnell Family Finnell - Salmon" by Charles Ry Salmon. X O X O X O X Shot Down from Ambush Ex-Deputy Sheriff Benjamin F. Finnell of Kenton County was found murdered in the road near Morning View, KY at noon Sunday. There were four pistol wounds in his body. The police in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport were notified to look out for Austin Stephens, Finnell's son-in-law, who is suspected of having done the shooting and is missing. For some years Finnell and his son-in-law have been unable to agree. It was alleged that Stephens abused his wife, and she went to her father's house. At that time Finnell and Stephens met and had a fight during which Finnell shot Stephens in the arm. Mrs Stephens moved back to her home. Sunday Boss Finnell, B. F. Finnell's son and James Lowder were passing the Stephen's home, when he came to the window and shouted to them. Mrs Stephen and her children were not at home. The men got into a arguement during which Stephens pulled a revolver on young Finnell, Stephens was disarmed and he went back into the house, swearing that he would get even. He was not seen again. Sunday at noon one of the deputy Sheriff's sons went to an outhouse half a mile from the Finnell house and near the road saw his Father lying prostrate. Investigation disclosed the fact that the old man was dead, but the body was still warm. There were four pistol wounds in the body, two in the head and two in the back, between the shoulders. Footprints were seen leaving the scene of the killing Monday and began an investigation. There is no positive evidence that Stephens is Finnell's slayer. Stephens is about 34 years old and a farmer. He lived nearly all his life in Atwood and comes from a good family. People living in Morning View say that Stephens has repeatedly made declaration that he would kill some of the "Finnell Tribe" for their alleged percecution. Finnell's horse was found saddled in the road near the scene of the shooting and it is believed that the former deputy was mounted when he got his death wounds. There were no signs of a struggle and it is believed the old man was shot down in cold blood from ambush. B. F. Finnell, Jr who had the altercation with Stephens earlier in the day swears he will shoot Stephens on sight and a desperate family feud may be the results. Austin Stephens who is charged with the murder of ex-deputy Benjamin Finnell is still at large and his were abouts is as much a mystery as ever. The country around Morning View has been pretty well searched by a posse of Finnell friends but no trace of missing man had been found. The true story of the killing which probably never been known unless the assasssin discloses how it was done. From all the facts gleaned by Cornor Tarvin and a Post representative who were on the ground shortly after the murder, there is much about the shooting yet to be solved. Every circumstances point to Austin Stephen as the slayer of Finnell yet no one saw him commit the dead. A strange thing in connection with the shooting is where did Stephens get the revlover with which the deed was done. He was disarmed about a half-hour before by Van Buren Finnell, better known as "Boss" with whom he had an encounter near the spot where the elder Finnell's body was found. Why Stephen should carry two revolvers which must have been the case is puzzling Cornor Tarvin. The wounds received by Finnell show that he was shot from behind, and that the bullets were fired upward. The bullet in the left arm indicates that the murderer fired from the left side. The other two wounds were in the right side of the back, one through the left lung and one through the left kidney, either of which was fatal. The spot chosen by the assassian is well fitted for such an act. A stable fronting on the pike hid the shooter from view as Finnell rode past. There was no fence at this point, and it was a easy matter for a person to take a step or two which would bring the person directly behind Finnell. The point where Finnell was killed is not visible from any of the farmhouses in the neighborhood, and the rumbling of a fraight train, which was passing about the time of the killing, prevented those in the neighborhood from hearing the shots. One witness told the Cornor that he heard shots fired about the time Finnell was supposed to have been killed, but he thought they were caused by torpedoes on the railroad track. The country around Morning View is so formed as to make escape from the vicinity very easy. No one has yet been found who has seen Stephens since the shooting. Finnell's friends two days before the shooting warned him that Stephens was in the neighborhood, armed and making treats that he intendsd to get even with Finnell. He arrived from Ohio Thursdy and went at once to his ___ House, which is about two miles from the scene of the murder. Friday Stephens rode into Walton on horse back, where he meet "Squire" Mann, Brute Willis and several friends of Finnell. He told them that he was back to square matters with Finnell. He was advised to return to Ohio, but he laughed at those who sought to advise him. Stephens carries a bullet in his right thigh, which was placed there by Finnell nearly two years ago when the latter was Deputy Sheriff. The shooting was the result of the ________ THE ABOVE: a article in The Kentucky Post newspaper Covington, Boone Co,KY July 1899 for the events The newspaper not named and the end results not disclosed. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Old FINNEY CEMETERY / Old Mt Zion Cemetery This cemetery located in section 2, Callao Township, Macon Co, Missouri. The following listing was provided by a Finnell cousin Marilyn Freeman from materials gathered from several sources and a physical search of the Cemetery. The cemetery has been neglected for many years, and there are many other stones broken and / or missing. Cook, Leander; d.18 Dec 1884, age 50 [b. Russell Co, KY] Drinkard, Nancy Jane FINNELL; b.1805; d.8 Apr 1878 , Nancy Jane "footstone"; b.1827; d.10 Feb 1897 , Samantha 'footstone'; b.1825; d.24 Aug 1896 Dowell, Elizabeth FINNELL; d.11 Sep 1904; aged 78yrs 1mo FINNELL, Archilles; b. 1779; d.28 Aug 1868 Hullett, Albert Stone; d.18 Feb 1897; d.age 13yrs , Christopher Stone; b.3 Oct 1811; d.18 May 1911 , Marietta [Stone] no dates , Infant [Stone] no dates , Infant [Stone] no dates , Rebecca; b.10 Apr 1850; d.18 May 1911 , Terra [Stone] no dates Montgomery, Edna; d.16 Feb 1917; d.aged 86yrs 6dys , Frank; son of S.; d.29 Dec 1896; aged 17yrs , Joseph [Stone] b.10 Oct 1821; d.11 Nov 1888; aged 67yrs 1mo 1dy , ____; Son of J. & E.; d. age 12 Thank you Marilyn for kindly sharing this record with us V V V V V V FAMILY of ABSALOM GRAVES FINNELL ABSALOM GRAVES FINNELL; b.2 Aug 1825, Boone Co, KY; d.26 Nov 1896; bur. Maple Hill Cemetery, Langdon, Reno Co, KS; m. 27 Nov 1848, Boone Co, KY to Nancy Jane Johnson (dau of Samuel and Elizabeth (Muffett) Johnson;b.16 Dec 1826, Boone Co, KY; d.2 Oct 1911; bur Maple Hill Cemetery, Langdon, Reno Co, KS) A Farmer in the 1860 Federal Census Center Twp, Hancock Co, IN CHILDREN: LUCY ANN FINNELL; b.22 Apr 1847, Boone Co, KY; d.15 Jan 1927, Ringwood, OK; bur Maple Hill Cemetery, Langdon, Reno Co, KS JOHN WILLIAM FINNELL; b.21 Feb 1849, Boone Co, KY; d.18 Mar 1853 ELIZABETH FINNELL; b.7 May 1853, Hancock Co, IN; d.12 Sep 1934, Penalosa, KS; bur. Lekado Cemetery, Reno Co, KS; m.29 Jul 1868 in Greenfield Hancock Co, IN to William Squire Pratt BENJAMIN WILLIS FINNELL; b.13 Sep 1854, Hancock Co, IN; d.4 Oct 1884; bur Maple Hill Cemetery, Langdon, Reno Co, KS; m.21 Dec 1873 to Elizabeth D. Hayes THOMAS JEFFERSON FINNELL; b.2 Apr 1857, Hancock Co, IN; d.21 Oct 1938; bur Arlington Cemetery, Hutchinson, KS NOTE: We need to know where this one fits into the Tree documentation or suggestions always welcomed Z Z Z Z Z In Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck's book Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants Awarded by State Governments published a couple years ago is the following: REUBEN FINNELL Virginia Private on 18 Nov 1783 received a Bounty Land Grant for 100 acres for his Revolutionary War Service. No other Finnell surnames were listed. NOTE: It would be interesting to know what became of this Bounty Land Grant. Could this have been what Thomas Finnell used when he came to settle in Coshocton Co, OH. The land he settled on was in the middle of the Virginia Military Land District in Ohio. X O X O X O X FINNELL - BURTON CEMETERY Located near Walton, Boone County, KY this abandoned Cemetery reveals full scale vandalisn. All the stones are broken, and there are at least nine stone bases with jagged peices of stone sticking out. FINNELL, Mary Ann / wife of W. S./ d.24 Aug 1847/ aged 35yrs 4mos 2dys FINNELL, Milton M. / son of W. S. & M. A. FINNELL/ d.23 Aug 1847/ aged 1mo 2dys Burton, Williamson/ d.4 Oct 1845/ aged 60yrs 2mos 6dys Burton, Nathaniel O. / d.2 Apr 1854/ aged 24yrs 10mos 2dys ___________/ d.20 Dec 1851/ aged 28yrs 11mos 11dys Burton, William F. /son of John W. & Driscilla A. / d.30 Nov 1852/ aged _____ Roberts, Edwin M. / son of W. L. & J. A. Roberts/ d.15 May 1850 / aged 7mos 26dys Burton, Robert M. / son of Williamson & Susan Burton/ d.25 Apr 1842/ aged 24yrs 11mos 24dys Roberts, Mary / dau of W. L. & J. A. Roberts / d.21 Dec 1843/ aged 4yrs 5mos 25dys Roberts, William H. H. / son of W. L. & J. Roberts/ d.21 Nov 1867/ aged 26yrs 5mos 8dys [stone broken] ___ / d.10 Jul 1860 / aged 29yrs 4mos 20dys [stone broken] ___ / d.20 Dec 1851 / aged 28yrs 11mos 11dys [stone broken]____/ [___] 1812/ aged [___]11mos 21dys [a guess] Information shared by Robert Finnell Lockbaum from California O X O X O X OLD SALEM CEMETERY Walton Boone Co, KY Issue #4 does contain a listing of some of the Finnell stones found here. The Keller papers also contained a annotated list of all the burials found in this cemetery. As many of the other burials have some connection to the Finnell Family, it was felt that it would be of some use to publish the whole extant list. The annotated notes will be contained in brackets. The original source of the list could be Boone County Cemeteries. Stephenson, William/ Sacred/ To the Memory of/ son of/ John & Margaret/ Stephenson/ who departed this life/ 29 July 1852/ aged 48yrs 1mo 18dys Rogers, Elizabeth W./ born/ 11 Dec 1819/ died/ 20 Jun 1898 Rogers, Bethshaba/ wife of/ John W. Rogers/ born/ 5 Jan 1798/ died/ 12 Feb 1887/ aged 89yrs 1mo 7dys Rogers, John W. / died/ 3 Apr 1876/ aged/ 78yrs & 24dys Clarkson, Emily H. /Daughter of/ John W. & Bathsheba/ Rogers/ born/ 23 Sep 1823/ died/ 8 Apr 1854/ aged 30yrs 6mos 15dys [stone on the ground] Sleet, Robert E. / died 25 Mar 1867/ aged 60yrs 5mos 6dys [married 15 Jan 1828] Sleet, Artemecia [FINNELL]/ b.28 Feb 1808/ died/ 8 May 1876 Infant Daughter /_______ FINNELL, Frankie/ wife of / Robert FINNELL/ died/ 22 Apr 1845/ aged 64yrs 1mo 5dys Roberts, Thomas/ Our Father/ born/ 16 April 1808/ died/ 4 Mar 1880 Roberts, Margaret/ Mother/ 1817 - 1899 Mary E. Thomas E. / Robert / 1845-1924 1850- J. F. Peek / 1873 - 1931 Peek, Julia F. [FINNELL]/ 1842 - 1914/ Mother [married 4 Apr 1860 to Thomas J. Peek] Peek, Mary E. / 1866 - 1929 / Daughter) Oneal/ Susan E./ Mother/ 1854 - 1923 Oneal/ John T./ Father/ 1853 - 1940 [Stones piled in the corner] Clore, Lizzie L. [FINNELL]/ Sacred to the Memory/ Concort of W. H. Clore/ who departed this life/ 20 Apr 1870/ aged/ 20 Years 20mos 10dys [married 20 May 1869] FINNELL, James Thomas/ son of J. H. [Jamison] & E. FINNELL/ died 1 Aug 1862/ d.15yrs 1mos FINNELL, Martha A./ Daughter of / J. H. [Jamison] & H. E. FINNELL/ died 9 Apr 1855/aged 3yrs 27dys FINNELL, William L./ son of/ J. H. & Elizabeth [Roberts] FINNELL 10 Nov 1845/ aged 2mos 10dys FINNELL, Lizzie L./ 1850 -1870 FINNELL, James T. / 1847 - 1862 FINNELL, Willian A./ 1845 - 1845 FINNELL, Martha A./ 1852 - 1855 FINNELL, Jameson / 1809 - 1886 [married 19 0ct 1838) FINNELL, Elizabeth Roberts/ 1814 - 1894 Rogers, Sally C./ 1865 - 19-- Rogers, Elizabeth / 1867 - 1943 Rogers, W. R. / 1872 - 1934 Rogers, J. H. / 1861 - 1910 Rogers, Shaba F. / daughter of / Wm M. & Mary R. [FINNELL] Rogers / born 19 Nov 1863; d.12 Sep 1872 Rogers, W. M. / 1829 - 1911 [married 12 Jan 1859 to] Rogers, Mary R. / 1838 - 1906 [ Daughter of Jamison FINNELL and Elizabeth Roberts] Johnson, Wm Walter/ son of / J.R. & F.E. Johnson / born / 4 Dec 1879 / died/ 29 Sept 1881 Johnson, Dora Lee / Dau of / J. R. & F. E. Johnson / born 26 Sep 1881/ died/ 21 Aug 1882 Johnson, J. R. / Father / 1852 - 1906 Johnson, F. E. / Mother/ 1858 - 1899 Johnson, B. S. / born 5 Jan 1816/ died 24 May 1900 Johnson, Susannah H. / wife of / B. S. Johnson/ born 16 Oct 1816/ died 31 Aug 1894 Cooper, H. L. / born 28 Feb 1838 / died 30 Oct 1881 Cooper, Mary A. / wife of/ H. L. Cooper & O. P. Hastings / born 14 Mar 1842/ died 4 Apr 1917 Lestina, Juliet Cooper/ dau of / H.L. & M.A./ Cooper/ died/ 2 Nov 1878/ aged/ 17yrs 7mos/ 5dys Gooding, Berrilla Cooper/ 30 Oct 1866/ 9 May 1899 Pursifull, Matilda/ Daughter of/ L.F. & Martha J. / Pursifull/ born 27 Oct 1879/ died 11 Mar 1881 [two other unmarked stones on this lot] Fisher, Everet B. / 1877 - 1890 Fisher, Virgell K. / 1888 - 1890 Fisher, Mary L. / 1884 - 1890 Fisher, Duncan F. / 1886 - 1890 Ellington, Elbert H. / adopted son of / Josiah & Lizzie/ Florence/ born 15 Mar 1882 / died 5 Sep 1886 Florence, Lucy/ wife of/ Jos Florence/ born / 1 Jan 1841 / died / 19 Feb 1871 Florence, Lizzie / wife of Jos Florence / born / 16 Feb 1852 / died / 22 Sep 1892 Bass, Nathan R. / In Memory of / born/ 4 Nov 1775/ departed this life/ 7 Sep 1849 / aged / 73yrs 10mos 3dys [father of Elizabeth Hind] FINNELL, Nancy / daughter of / Jas & Rachel [Aldridge]/ FINNELL/ died / 30 Jul 1848/ aged 21yrs 1dy [born 19 Jul 1827] FINNELL, Elder James / died/ 28 Mar 1850 / aged 61yrs 6dys [born 22 Mar 1789 Franks, Rachel Ann / daughter of/ A. [Abraham] & Sarah [FINNELL]/ Franks/ died 4 Dec 1845' age 5mos 14dys [born 20 Jun 1845] [must have been the first child] Hind, Infant/ son of N.W.B. & Arrelds J. / Hind / born & Died / 21 Nov 1848 Hind, Edward E. / son of / Nat & A. J. Hind/ died/16 Jul 1863/ aged/ 7 mos & 19dys Hind, Willie/ son of / Nat & A. J. Hind/ died/ 9 Jan 1861/ aged 8mos & 24dys Brown, Regena/ wife of / Jacob N. Brown/ died/ 21 Jan 1853/ aged 64yrs 9mos 27dys Brown, Jacob N. / died/ 30 May 1870/ aged/ 77yrs 8dys Johnson, Andrew / died / 27 Mar 1861/ aged/ 91yrs 8mos 17dys Florence, James / born 5 May 1796/ died 28 Aug 1884/aged 88yrs 3mos 23dys Florence, Eliza / wife of/ J. Florence/died 21 Dec 1876/ aged/68yrs 9mos 26dys Schittenhelm, H. Georg/ Goh 28 Aug / 1854/ Gest 3 Mai 1864 Schuler, Joseph / born/10 Aug 1827/ died/ 5 Oct 1863 Sleet, Infant Daughter of/ R. [Robert] & Artemecia [FINNELL] Sleet/died/19 Aug 1834 Ransom, Mary M./daughter of/John & Juliet Ransom/died/15 Jun 1851/aged 1yr 8mos 28dys Ranson, Tabitha A./daugher of/ John & Juliet/ Ranson/ died/ 8 Mar 1849/age 7yrs 1mo 15dys Ranson, Sarah E./ daughter of John S. & Juliet/ Ransom/died/8 Feb 1849/ age 6yrs 15dys Ranson, Infant Daughter of/ John S. & Juliet/Ramson/born & died/8 May 1839 Florence, Laura M./daughter of/H. & Pamelia Florence/born 23 May 1887/ died 10 Sep 1892/aged 5yrs 3mos 18dys Florence, Artamesia/daughter of/Henry & Pamelia N./Florence/born 1 Dec 1885/ died/27 Feb 1887 Florence, Earnst/ son of/Henry & Pamelia N./Florence/born 9 Apr 1877/ died 28 Feb 1886 Florence, Melvin/son of/Henry & Pamelia N./Florence/born 3 Aug 1882/ died 19 Oct 1882 Florence, Rebecca/born/2 May 1802/died/ 5 Aug 1878/aged/71yrs 3mos 2dys Florence, John/born/3 Apr 1790/died/27 Jul 1873/aged 83yrs 3mo 21 dys Florence, Henry/ 1842-------- Florence, Permelia/ his wife/1844-1927 Vest, Weedon/ Son of/W.L.& Elizabeth/Vest/ died/26 Aug 1856/aged/15yrs 9mos 6dy Vest, Elizabeth/wife of/William L. Vest/died 17 Dec 1886/aged/73yr & 11dys VEST, William L./son of W.L. & Elizabeth/Vest/died/ 13 Aug 1854/ aged 1yr 4mos 10dys FINNELL, Franky/wife of/ Robert FINNELL /died/22 Apr 1845/aged/64yrs 1mos 5dys [born 17 March 1781] Fullilove, Henry/ 1839-1904 Fullilove, Kirby/ 1866 - 1888 Fullilove, Berrilla G./wife of/John H. Fullilove/died 6 May 1874/ aged 41yrs 4mos 18dys Fullilove, R. L./died/19 Aug 1885/aged 23yrs 10dys Ricketts, Hugh W./born in Madison Co, KY/2 Sep 1833/ died 16 Aug 1862 Carson,Sarah C./ born in Madison Co, KY/ 9 Jan 1830;d.8 Oct 1882 Hind, William/ born in/ Garrod Co, Ky/ 19 Dec 1791/died Boone Co, KY/21 Oct 1885/ aged 93yrs 10mos & 2dys Hind, Elizabeth R./wife of /Wm Hind/died/16 Feb 1862/aged 64yrs & 4mos
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