The names that appear below, are classmates and their guests who have purchased Reunion Tickets and will be attending on August 17th, 2002.

Ed and Susan Cook

Lisa Kellogg (Fischer) and Jeffrey Kellogg

Irene Kaelin and Rick VanHorn

Michael and Jennifer Gottlieb

Judith Hildinger

Kevin Retherford

Cherisse Hollingsworth and Dieter Bulin

Robert and Paige Kingman

David and Dru Cunningham

Cezi Hollay-De Tarr and Dawson De Tarr

Charyl Rico (McMurray)

Carol Daum (Walters) and Greg Daum

Jackie McCosker (Williams) and Brian McCosker

Jenee Nanzig (LaBossiere) and Paul Nanzig

Brooke Olivares (Laine) and Guest

Rob Robinson and Denise Helsley

Ron and Jennifer Westphal

Steven Albright

Rob and Tammy Anthony

Robert and Valerie Boyajan

David Milbrodt and Millie Fong

Monique Moultrie

Debbie Teachen (Leafdale) and Timothy Teachen

Michelle Craig

Jim and Karen Defranchi

Tom Roberts and Michelle Goodman

David and Mary DeLallo

Kevin and Denise Szotkowski

Dina King (Dawley) and Robert King

Cy and Sabrina Ball

Marc Baumann

Roger and Diane Knowlton

Gretchen Anderson (Crist) and Gale Anderson

Ellen Miller (Maas) and Robert Miller

April Hull (Day) and Richard Hull

Tammy Hassett (Della-Russo) and Bob Hassett

Karin Casey (DeMinico) and Michael Casey

Cathy Giardina (Dobson) and Frank Giardina

John and Erin Wolf

Anthony Noonis and Guest

Terry Donovan and Guest

Dorothy Cobb (Roche) and Mark Cobb

Rick and Marcia Decarli

Larry Ronhovdee

Heidi Kolb (Stoll) and guest

Kathi Rutherdale

James Kochendorfer and Denise Luisi

Jim Meron and Spring Bourn

Marjorie Rispin (Ball) and Jeff Rispin

Gregg and Barbara Colbert

Heather Lightfoot (Benedict) and Gregory Lightfoot

Jim Carpenter and Darcy Roe

Tahnie Weiser and Art Howard

Pat and Debbie Martin

Milissa Martin

Leslie Ames

Linda Woons and Ron Dawson

Angela Ancheta and Larry Simkins Jr.

Debra Garza (Jones) and Ken Garza

Silke Anderson (Kraemer) and Ledon Sacksteder

Alan and Michele Seeber

Tom and Monica Jory Adams

Shaun Machen

Jeff and Diane Alsey

Danny Massellones

Nick and Sabrina Ferris

Vic and Keri Ulrich

Janine Adcock and Guest

Wendy Gann (Alcott)

Tiffany Francisco (Fields) and George Francisco

Norman Dancer and Shanyn Vieira

Stephanie Taylor (Rogers)

Shauna Ruthenbeck (Carter)

Hollis Foltz

Bill and Dana Higginbotham

Chris Stoeri

Natalie Burbach (Moreno) and Jim Burbach

David Milligan

The following names are classmates who have RSVP'd:

Pia Friederici

Robin Twining

Teresa Denzler (Lacroix) and Shane Peterson

Annie Ochoa (Gebo)

Rhonda Felzmann (Huffman)

Mindy Badgley

Monique Johnson-Criss and Bill Criss

Toni Pinto (Sullivan) and Jay Pinto

Paul McNamara

Mark Bottini

Darren and Elizabeth Johnson

Dawn Morgan (Munger) and Peter Morgan

Robert Fullerton

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