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Welcome to the home page of the Boyle Family Tree.
The construction of this family tree was done by Keith Boyle.

My father's family are descendants of Thomas Boyle born in 1793 at Ballymodan, County Cork, Ireland. Thomas and his wife, Mary Checkley, along with their 4 older children and Thomas' brother, Henry, left Ireland in 1823 and settled in the Ottawa River valley in Ontario, Canada.

On my Mother's side I am a descendant of Benjamin Bibby born in 1827 in Muncaster, Cumberland, England. His son, Isaac Bibby, was born in 1858.  Isaac and his wife, Eliza Jane Shields, and oldest son, Benjamin Cyril, immigrated to North America in 1883.

The information on the Boyle side of the family tree is the result of years of research done my aunt, Margaret Boyle. She had help from many other people including the late Dr. Herb Storey of Calgary and Len Hunt of Darlingford, Manitoba.

The Bibby family information is based on the efforts of my mother, Aileen Boyle, who has spent much time researching her side of the family.

I am still in the process of constructing a detailed family tree which will contain links to a large number of different surnames. The surnames presently included in this family tree can be found in the
Surnames List. The links in this list go to the individual with that surname who is most closely related to me. The branch of the Family Tree with that surname can then be traced further starting from that point.

An index containing the names of all the individuals in the family tree is provided in the
Name Index. This index provides links to every individual in the family tree.

A detailed explanation of the layout of the family tree and how to navigate it is provided in the
Tree Guide.

Construction of the much of the tree is still in progress and will eventually contain over 500 names.

If you have comments, suggestions or further information about this web site I would appreciate hearing from you. You can E-Mail me at


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