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(13) Emma Blais
Born 4/1880
Married Joseph Morin (12) 2/6/1913 in Duluth, MN
Died approx 1969
PARENTS: Francois Blais (24) and Salome Dubois (25)
Emma lived on her family farm with her Salome after the death of her father, before moving with Salome to Duluth Minn. where she started a small grocery and confectionary store. She met and married Joseph Morin. Emma continued to take care of her mother until Salome died in August of 1918.
Children of Emma Blais and Joseph Morin
Francis Morin
Louis Morin
Anges Morin
Alice Morin
Josephine Morin
George Morin (6) born 9/27/1921
Mary Morin

Emma Blais with her mother Salome Dubois (25)

(24) Francois Blais
Born May, 1833
Married 8/18/1857 to Salome Dubois (25) at Princeville, Quebec
Died 1902
PARENTS: Jean Blais (36) and Elizabeth Gosselin (37)
In 1851 Francois left home in Canada and came to the United States. In worked in Pennslyvania then went to Eagle Harbor, Michigan. He moved on to Superior, Wisconsin then took a claim across the bay, in what is now the middle of Duluth, Minnesota. Duluth at that time was all woods, and he build a cabin on the land according to the homesteading laws. He would walk several miles across the iced over bay to attend mass on November first (All Saints Day). Later Francois was told that a big Irishman was planning on killing him to get his land, he was not a fighter, so he gave it up.
When he was 24 years old he bought 40 acres of land in Superior, Wisconsin, the deed was dated 6/18/1857. He returned home in 1857 and married Salome Dubois on 8/18/1857. In 1869 Francois and Salome moved back to the United States. Francois suffered a stroke and died in 1902 at the age of 69

Children of Francois Blais and Salome Dubois
Felix Blais born 1858
Philip Blais born 2/20/1860
Archie Blais born 1862
Alphonse Blais born 4/24/1864
Alfred Blais born 1866
Leon Blais born 1/1868
Theopholis Blais born 1871
Josephine Blais born 1876
Marie Blais born 1878
Emma Blais (13) born 4/1880

(36) Jean Blais
Born 1800 in Canada
Married 2/23/1824 to Elizabeth Gosselin (37) at St. Gervais De'Bellechasse, Quebec
PARENTS: Michel Blais (52) and Victoire Lemieux (53)
Jean and Elizabeth Blais lived in a home Jean built on a farm near Ste. Henedine, Quebec. He was a good Christian, and often in winter he would give half a cow or a pig to a poor family or give them sacks of flour. He owned much land, plus two saw mills, and a flour mill. According to his great granddaughter, he and his boys worked in the woods, drove the logs to the saw mills, worked the farm, and flour mill.
Children of Jean Blais and Elizabeth Gosselin
John Baptista Blais born 6/29/1825
Elizabeth Blais born 1828
Jean Blais born unknown
Simeon Blais born 1832
Francois Blais (24) born 5/1833
Nazaire Blais born 3/6/1835
Eloise Blais born 1836
Andre Blais born 1837
Joseph Blais born unknown
Philomene Blais born unknown

The 1871 census for St Henedine, Dorchester County, Quebec, shows Jean Blais is 71 years old, Elizabeth Gosselin is 63. Their date of death is unknown.

(52) Michel Blais
Married 11/20/1798 to Victoire Lemieux (53) in Berthier, Quebec
PARENTS: Joseph-Marie Blais (78) and Louis Goulet (79)
Very little infomation was found on Michel Blais. The marriage certificate states Michel Blais is the oldest child and that he can't sign is name. Wittness's to this wedding were Michel's brother Francois and Victoire's brother.
Children of Michel Blais and Victoire Lemieux
Jean Blais (36) born 1800

(78) Joseph Marie Blais
Born 3/19/1735 at St. Valier, Quebec
Married 11/15/1762 to Louise Goulet (79) at St. Charles, Quebec
PARENTS: Pierre Blais (99) and Elizabeth Mercier (100)
Children of Joseph Marie Blais and Louise Goulet (birthdates unknown)
Michel Blais (52)
Joseph Blais
Jean Blais
Francois Blais
Louis Blais

This was the second marriage for Louise Goulet (79). She was formerly married to Jean Baptiste Leuissieur.

(99) Pierre Blais
Born 6/30/1709
Married 5/18/1734 to Elizabeth Mercier (100) at Berthier, Quebec
Died 12/6/1752
PARENTS: Antoine Blais (113) and Jeanne Lamy (114)
Children of Pierre Blais and Elizabeth Mercier
Joseph Marie Blais (78) born 3/19/1735
Marie Joseph Blais born 8/8/1736
Marie Elisabeth Blais born 1/24/1739
Michel Blais born 5/25/1740
Marie Anne Blais born 7/18/1742
Elisabeth Blais born 9/27/1743
Marie Angelique Blais born 8/14/1750

(113) Antoine Blais
Born 2/25/1677 at St. Thomas, Quebec, Canada
Married 11/9/1705 to Jeanne Lamy (114) at St. Michel, Quebec
Died 2/5/1734 at Berthier, Quebec
Children of Antoine Blais and Jeanne Lamy
Antoine Blais born 10/21/1706
Pierre Blais (99) born 6/30/1709
Marie Jeanne Blais born 8/1711
Joseph Blais born 3/25/1713
Jeanne Lamy died, and Antoine got remarried to Ambroise Fournier on 2/10/1716, with her he had seven more children.

(131) Pierre Blais
Born 1640 in Parish of Henc, near Melleran, in Angouleme, France
Married October 12, 1669 to Anne Perrot(132)
Married at the church of Sainte-Famille on the Ile of d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada
PARENTS: Mathurin Blais (230) and Francoise Penigaud (231)
In 1664 Pierre left France and traveled to New France, Canada.
He left from the port of La Rochelle in the Province of Aunis.
He crossed the ocean on the Dutch ship NOIR, who's captain was Pierre Filly of Dieppe.
The ship had 50 men aboard.
Pierre Blais (age 24) is listed on the crew manifest as coming from
Chef-Boutonne, Captial of the Canton of Deux-Sevres, France.
On June 22, 1667 Pierre Blais received a concession of land for his farm with the limits of the future parish of Saint-Jean (Canada). The 1681 census shows Pierre owned 4 head of cattle and 15 arpents of cleared land.
October 12, 1669 Pierre married Anne Perrot(132) daughter of Jean Perrot/Perrault(232) and Jeanne Valta(233)
Children of Pierre Blaise and Anne Perrot
Martin Blais born 8/28/1670
Pierre Blais born 3/16/1672 died same day
Pierre Blais born 2/18/1673
Marie Anne Blais born 6/9/1675
Antoine Blais (113) born 2/25/1677
Joseph Blais born 1678
Jacques born 4/8/1682
Anonyme Blais 3/26/1684
Jean Blais 11/2/1685
Marguerite Blais 6/30/1688
Anne Perrot died in childbirth with Marguerite and was buried the next day in the cemetery at Saint Jean. She was 41 years old.
June 5, 1689 Pierre remarried. He married Elizabeth Royer and had five more children. Pierre died suddenly on February 16, 1700. He was about 60 years old. He left behind 15 children, of whom 11 were alive at the time of his death.
An interesting side note, Alexis Blais born 4/8/1693 (step brother to our ancestor Antoine (113)) became an explorer. He explored down the Mississippi River. Alexis was killed, along with his companion Laurent Bransard, by the Chicahas Indians and was buried on March 3, 1722 at Kaskaskia. This is where Pere Marquette had founded a mission and where the French build a fort in 1736. Alexis was the sencond child of Pierre Blais and Elizabeth Royer.

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