Deep Space Nine

Here are a few of the Star Trek projects I have worked on here at VisionArt. VisionArt creates all of the CGI and Morphing for the character Odo. We have also built a few of the ships in 3D including The Runabout, The Defiant, The Mekong, Drednought, Jem-Hadar and a few other ships used in single episodes. Our primary 3D package is Prisms and we do most of our compositing in Ice . Both software packages are from SideFx Software.

I haven't worked on DS9 for about a year now. I have been lucky to work on some recent feature films including Star Trek First Contact and Independence Day. But some of the ships that I built along with Carl Hooper are still used in current shows. I have worked on a few Odo shots but the main Odo guy was Carl. Carl has also moved off of DS9 to feature film work and we collaborate on most of the projects we work on (including ID4 and First Contact).

Here is some of my past work on DS9:

From Episode "Star Ship Down"

Here are three scenes I worked on from DS9's "Star Ship Down". Everything in this scene is Computer Generated here at VisionArt. Carl Hooper Built the CG Jem Haddar ship and we both built the Defiant together. The probe was built by Vinh Le. All Cloud development was done by Rob Bredow. We did a total 13 shots for this episode. Other animators here created the other scenes. They are: Carl Hooper, Pete Shinners, Rob Bredow, Ben Hawkins.

Defiant Shooting Probe
Mpeg Movie Here--(184K) (Increment = 2)

Probe Destroys Jem Haddar

Jem Haddar follows Probe Decoy

From Episode "The Adversary"

Tendril Killing Crew Member
Mpeg Movie Here--(271K)

Odo Pours Out of Grating
Mpeg Movie Here--(504K)

From Episode "The Search"

Hands Joining
Mpeg Movie Here--(215K) (Increment = Every 3 Frames)

CGI Shots of The Defiant

The CG model of the Defiant was created for the Leap to Warp shot in the episode "The Defiant".
The Docking Shots shown here are all CG as well (except for the station). Most Ship Shots on DS9 are done with practical models. This CG model was built and rendered in Prisms by myself and Carl Hooper; we also jointly created the materials, lighting and animation.

Mpeg Movie Here--(235K) (Increment = Every 5 Frames)

Warp (Stock Leap To Warp Shot)
Mpeg Movie Here--(150K) (Increment = Every 2 Frames)

CGI Shots of The Mekong

The CG model of the Mekong was also created for a Leap to Warp shot. This CG model was jointly built by myself and Carl Hooper here at VisionArt.

Mpeg Movie Here--(135K)

Test Images before final materials and lighting