Mail Away Figures

The first mail away figure available was Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise. This offer was available from Kelloggs with 2 proofs of purchase.

(Han Stormtrooper Scan was done by ANDREW SCHMIDT)

The latest mail away figure is the Cantina Band Member that will be available from Star Wars Insider Magazine. It is now confirmed that there is going to be a Star Wars Insider Figure! Like a lot of you guys/gals though it is going to be a cantina member *yeah!* The limit for the figure is 5 per person. The Star Wars Insider says that the Subscribers will be taken care of first. The offer will began in the Spring with the Spring Issue of the Star Wars Insider. Each figure will come with five diffrent instruments. You can now PRE-ORDER the Figure. Its $9 + S&H. Call 1-800-TRUE-FAN

The newest offer is for the Ghost of Obi-Wan Figure which is now available from Lays. The offer comes on a new product called Pizza Lays. The offer can also be found on the Lays Original Potato Chips. Click here for pictures and more info. Pictures are courtesy of Gary Weaver II.

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