Shadows of the Empire

The Shadows of the Empire toys are all now available. The figures in this line are Dash Rendar, Luke Coruscant Guard, Chewbacca Snoova Disguise, Leia Boushh, and Prince Xizor. There are also 2-Packs. The 2-Packs include 2 figures and a Shadows of the Empire comic. There are 2 2-packs available now, a Boba Fett/ IG-88 2-Pack, and a Darth Vader/ Prince Xizor 2-Pack. There are also three vehicles that are available now too. These vehicles are Boba Fett-s Slave I, Dash Rendarís Outrider, and the Swoop Bike. There is also another vehicle that Kenner is delaying or may not even release, Xizorís Virago. There is a variation that I know of in this line, Prince Xizor's weapons comes in two colors. One figure has blue colored weapons and the other one has red weapons, the red weaponed figure being the rarer one. Kenner has confirmed that there will be a second line of Shadows of the Empire figures. Rumor for awhile was that some of those figures are Leebo, Guri, Jix, and ASP Droid were going to be made but that doesn't look like those are going to make it. Maybe not any figure. Yes you heard right. Kenner doesn't plan on making another line of Shadows figures.


Luke Coruscant Guard IG-88
Chewbacca Snoova Prince Xizor
Dash Rendar Slave I

Shadows of the Empire 2-Packs

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