Taco Bell Toys!

Star Wars Toys arrive at Taco Bell! They are included in the Kids Meal and also available seperate. There are 8 diffrent ones. To get Yoda you have to be under 3. Argh! Here is what is going to be available over the next few weeks: R2-D2, Death STar, Cloud City, Vader/Yoda Cube, SW Trilogy Cube, Yoda, and Balancing Boba Fett. The price for a a toy seperate are 1.50, but prices may vary depending on where you are Scans will be added as new toys become available.

Millenium Falcon Gyro

Floating Cloud City

Exploding Death Star

Puzzle Cube

Darth Vader/Yoda Magic Cube

R2-D2/Leia Toy

Yoda Toy

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