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Welcome to the "What's New?" Section of the Diablo Labs Web site. Tune in to this page to see the latest developments in the (Un)Official Space:Above and Beyond Holiday Gift Catalog, Proclamations from El Sparko Diablo, future site upgrades, and all sorts of other Corporate nonsense.

NEWEST ADDITION: Your favorite A.I. Feliciti interviewed (Ashlyn Gere)

Some things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

Diablo Labs Job Application Form Due to all of the recent expansion that Diablo Labs has done in the recent months, we find that we still have vacancies in several needed positions. Soon there will be a Diablo Labs Job Application Form that you may submit, via the World Wide Web, to Diablo Labs for processing and review. If you feel that you are up to meeting the El Sparko Diablo Standards, Work Ethic and Levels of Commitment, we may have a job for YOU! Visit the site today! (Note: Yes we are lazy bastards. Yes, the form STILL isn't done. No, El Sparko Diablo Doesn't know shit about CGI and what makes forms work. Oh well, why don't you make one?)

We've Added Eye Candy! Since, for some reason that we can't understand, people just can't seem to be satisfied with content, we decided to glam up the place here. Our tireless researchers learned about the joys of Photoshop and Alien Skin Eye Candy, resulting in all sorts of new logos and backgrounds. As you can tell, we have added all sorts of Glitzy Graphics and will be adding other little doodads soon, since you folks keep whining about the lack of Java and Porn pictures.

New Additions to the Catalog! We decided to give you all a sneak peek at what is coming out soon, so here are the latest additions to the (un)Official Space: Above and Beyond Holiday Gift Catalog!

What happened to the Frames? It's simple really: FRAMES SUCK!!!! Why? Because El Sparko Diablo Says So. If that isn't good enough for you, then you can read the rest of the reasons in El Sparko Diablo's Upcomining HTML Tips and Tricks Page.

For those who didn't know yet, Space: Above and Beyond was cancelled by Fox because of internal politics. It is currently in re-runs on the Sci Fi Channel.

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