Wednesday, 09/16/98

Well I guess this is it. The last update for The Major's site. (I will keep up with the mail box though). Man I was just sitting here thinking of when I started writing for The Major and I guess it's been a good year now. And what a ride it's been. I've dealt with the evil The Only One. (And I swear I'm not the same person!) I've posted stuff for games and I've told you what's on my mind. I have no clue what you people think of me or my writing but I want to thank The Major personally for giving me a chance to some thing that I really like doing. Which is writing articles. Something that I should have pursued but I won't bitch about the situation right now. Any ways I guess I should talk about wrestling a little bit.

Do you smell what Vince is cookin? I DON'T! The Rock and Mankind?!?! What the...? I guess it was inevitable for The Rock to turn face. The fans really give him a big pop when he does the Peoples elbow. And to team him up with Mankind....well that should be interesting. I guess we'll see the Nation break up. My guess is Mark Henry will go back to being a face soon. D-Lo still sux and I'm sure he'll stay a heel. As far as the Godfather goes...actually where the hell is he and his Hoes? Haven't seen much of him since The Brawl. Then of course there is the Rock who will turn face in all likelyhood. (Unless this whole thing is a setup....hmmmmmmmm). But either way I don't know if I could like him as much as I like his old man.

How ever I do like Newcomers The Edge and Droz. Who I don't think is getting a fair push right now. Get him the hell away from OLD! Edge has been real impressive. He could use a little more experience obviously. But this guy is a nutbag! He's doing some new things which is what wrestling needs MORE NEW MOVES! I see him getting either the Light Weight or IC belt within a year. Then there is Gangrel. I'll tell you what I do like about him. His entrance music is cool as hell! He's a hell of a wrestler and his finishing move makes Jake the Snake look like a preacher! (Wait a sec....ahhhhh skip it). But the one and ONLY thing I don't like about him is his gimmick! I don't thing the Vampire thing could last too long with WWF fans. Gimmicks like this don't last long. (Thanx to SCSA) It seems that wrestlers are just plain old wrestlers any more. The gimmick thing is out. I mean all wrestlers have a gimmick but I'm talking about things like The Goon and The Repo Man. I don't know hopefully some thing will come up and he'll be around for a long time.

Speaking of being around for a long time. Boy Bart Gunn's push didn't seem to last long now did it? I have when they do that! The have a very potential wrestler and they push him aside to deal with the bigger and better storylines. Please Vince for the love of god don't run the WWF like Bitchoff! Hmmmmmmm ok I gotta stop bitchin here. Actually I could type forever here so that the site never ends but hey what can we do?

I just wanna end this by saying thank you to all of you that read my article the past year, and of course, thanking the Major again for the 500th time for the chance to do this. It's been a great match!


See u kids in the Mailbox


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