My Webchat Nexus Characters.
Many of you will know me as Niac. That is my main character handle that I use in the Nexus. If you don't know what the Nexus is, then there's some catching up to do. I will in time advise you of some links to sites that explain the Nexus to some detail (what it is, who's there, what is done there, etc).

I have about four or so active handles that are Nexus Characters, other handles I no longer use.
Here they are. The more important ones will have their own page(s).
Captain Niac. My Primary handle/character. I have used this handle since I joined in Early 1996. (And yes, he started out a Lt. back then...) Niac is for role playing and for OOC chatting. Niac's Bio here. (Needs some updating, but you'll get the picture)
 (Pic soon.)
Cadet Alex Harbaugh. My newest character, for role playing only. In the Nexus-established Starfleet Academy.
Lieutenant Melet. Another regular character of mine. He started out a traveller of the quadrant, and now calls Starfleet his home. I am usually in-character with Melet, but if a few friends are in the Nexus, I'll slip OOC for a chat. Melet's Bio here. (Sub-pages still to be uploaded)
(Pic soon.)
Captain Mark Greene. A character I no longer use. Greene was an attempt at making a small crossover between ER and Trek. He was a Captain, not a Doctor (*g*), and his character was IC of a Rescue/Medical ship. Again, this character was always in-character, I never chatted OOC with him.
Doctor Gruffy Gummy. This was a fun character to use, he was always in-character, but it was a light-hearted character in the Nexus, based on the TV show Gummy Bears. He was a distant generation relation of the TV Gruffy Gummy. Come on, you liked them when you were kids too...
To contact me, drop an email to me right here.[Inserting usual copyright jargon here] You know the way it works. Don't plagarise. If you're copying, link it back to here and email me to say you're doing it, and where. That's not too much to ask, you know. I'd do the same if I was using your cool html or pics or written stuff, honestly..

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