Across the barricades

Day by day
he sits alone
staring out through a window
watching the winds
of ancient times
blowing through the trees
The clouds reach
out for him
Stops at his wall
of loneliness
He does not belong, he thinks
in this world
and his sighs
escapes the silence
swifting on his thoughts
of tomorrow
At night
he hears her calling
across the barricades
and he lifts his head
to see her face
Those pale, soothing eyes
shine not
in the reflection of
the streetlights
And his look falls
to the windowsill
and rests with the
shadowdoves of hope
Day by day
he waits for the feeling
of belonging, but he
knows it does not
live in this existence
Day by day
watching the winds of
ancient times
blow through the trees,
across the barricades.

1997 © Ingvild Gregersen - Dochas

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