This is written to a close friend of mine...a song that so

Gone before

Do you see the air is filled with smoke
that encrusts the words tonight?
can you feel how thoughts are thickening
before they take their flight?
Don't chase them further into the past
don't think a difference could've been made
just give in and see through the dim
try to see beyond..

Don't strive with thinking you could have changed
the way the air has become so thin
Don't strive to seee the meaning in
the cruelty and blindness in something
that has gone before...

The pathway lies in front of us
just take more timid steps ahead
cause there's no way back anyhow
and no way to cut the thread
The soothing, fragile symphony
that plays inside your head
won't grow unless you let it flee
the way your thoughts have fled

So walk on by the dangerous cliffs
and try not to care
cause there's nothing else that can stop your darkness
unless you calm your fear
of what's gone before...

1998 © Ingvild Gregersen

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