Inspired by the painting.
Dance with Red

She invites the winds
when she is alone
She invites the light 
from the stars that never shone
She whispers to Gaea
thought she never speaks
she whispers to Marina’s softness, 
and tears run down her marble cheeks

She has a soothing rythm 
like the waves against the reeves
She does not move her lips
but her song never leaves
With a clasp of pure respect
the winds catch her dark, glimmering hair
The earth beneath her bless her touch
when they feel her caress - so clear

Silence falls like rain
when she stops in her dance
and stands there, distant from the world
with time, lying in her hands
The air is filled with tension
from the walk of beauty she lead
and as she moves again time floats
in her dance with Red.

1997 © Ingvild Gregersen

©Jonathon Earl Bowser

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