~A poem written to my soulsister, Erin..~

Forgive me

Forgive me
for my faults that seem to follow me
though my life
Forgive me
for me insecurity and for the pain and hurt
it has caused you
Forgive me
for my dependence in you I know
it must be hard to bear sometimes
Forgive me
for not living up to your expectations
at all times
Forgive me
for not always wanting to understand
that what I am doing is wrong
Forgive me
for not expressing how much I value
your friendship
Forgive me
for not telling you that I love you when
I know you need to hear it

I want you to know that my soul needs
your friendship and love
even though I might have a hard time saying it
to you.
~Ingvild Gregersen

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Copyright 1996 Ingvild Gregersen