As we stand here dear moon face to face
In this moonlit world honored by your grace
I am enchanted by your lighting ways
to make me understand each trace
you leave for us to learn to dream
that you send through every little gleam

The black sky's only defence is those white
soft cotton-pillows that from time to time weakens your light
I see you, dear moon, through that cloud
wielding your secret behind its shroud
Casting your spell upon each mind
to look for the dreams that can not be found

My bright friend I know you are not alone
the stars have been there as long as you have shone
Am I an intruder as I enter your world
and feel your appearance, shining Mother-of-pearl

And as I leave I have been blessed
by your light I have been caressed
A new impression in my heart
of peaceful visions of such nature's art
Until we meet again, dear moon
my longing world rests in the gloom

~Ingvild Gregersen

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"Moonlight"Copyright 1996 Ingvild Gregersen