The Singer of the Autumn Lullaby

As a sweet tone fills the air,
in this warm and alive summer atmosphere,
the green shade on the leafs is getting weak,
the leafs are left in warm colours before they fall
down and into eternal sleep.
Each flower hides its beautiful face,
touched by the song of sleep's embrace.
The little creatures seek their nests,
as the singing wind cuddles them to rest.
The warm summer-air begins to feel cold,
by the chilling tune it is betrolled.
The night gets clearer, the North-star bright,
as the song of sleep breaks through the light.
With the silhouette of a creature of pure elegance,
She walks with song and leaves the world in a trance.
They know, every valley deep and mountain high,
She is the Singer of The Autumn Lullaby...

~Ingvild Gregersen (2nDhOrSeLaDy)

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