~Written for Erin, my soulsister and for Lene, my best real life friend~

The Price of Our Friendship

If someone should ask for a price
of our friendship
then the answer would be there ready and clear
Just count every hug, every tear
every kind word on a bad day,
and the quarrels and discussions
that made our every-day life seem more alive,
and you will find that our friendship is invaluable
What would our friendship mean
to anybody but us?
The pleasure and happiness, but also
the losses and the uncomfy that have to come
every once in a while
are the necessary ingrediences in our friendship
They make us understand how important
friendship is
and they give us a reason
to stay together as friends
The price of our friendship
is only known by you and me

~Ingvild Gregersen

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"The price of Our Friendship" Copyright 1996 Ingvild Gregersen